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  1. My money is on the Dome being TORN DOWN once voters overwhelmingly reject this so-called tax hike in order to "save the Dome".
  2. Haven't seen any new TV ads lately between Parker and Hall since their little tit for tat. Parker had recently refuted Hall's claims of crime rates in the city from what I heard. Parker's going to CRUSH Hall so bad (around 57-39 or 64ish-34), that I do NOT see another African American mayor in Houston anytime soon. But a Latino mayor in Houston is likely next down the road.
  3. Considering that the victim was a black student and the suspects were Latino, it's likely the older, more affluent whites will leave Spring ISD and head towards either Katy ISD or somewhere like Waller ISD.
  4. Musicman, Bomke is one of the morning weekday anchors for Fox 26, who is leaving to take a new job at WFLD-TV Fox 32 in Chicago. http://www.myfoxhouston.com/ http://www.myfoxchicago.com/ Fox 26 has been a revolving door lately for Chicago Anna Davlantes left in 1999 to WFLD, followed by Jan Jeffocat in 2007 and now Natalie Bomke this year.
  5. After 3 years at Fox 26, morning news anchor Natalie Bomke is leaving KRIV-TV and heading back home to Illinois and co-anchoring the weekday morning newscast at WFLD-TV Fox 32 Chicago with Dawn Hasbrouck, according to the Houston Chronicle. She'll also be reuniting with former Fox 26 news director Tom Doerr. Doerr moved to Chicago earlier this year and is the current news director of WFLD. Her departure was initially reported by Mike McGuff of http://www.mikemcguff.com/ Any reaction or thoughts ?
  6. ChannelTwoNews, I stumbled upon this video on Rendezvous Houston concert news clips package and discovered that Shara Fryer was doing the 6pm newscasts with Dave Ward for KTRK 13 in 1986 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db6dRG0jgHQ KTRK's section is at the 0:0132 part of the video. So I assume that Fryer began doing 6pm weekday newscasts in 1986 or earlier in 1985
  7. Ch. 13's old logo with the long 3 hanging out of the Circle 13 logo in the Helvetica font was BETTER. Here is one video with the 1983 downtown skyline news set: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=986rYU3Nwt8 July 21, 1985 weekend newscast with Van Hackett & Melanie Lawson. Does anyone else have other videos of KTRK weekend newscasts from 1984 to 1987 with Hackett & Lawson co-anchoring the weekends ?
  8. I found some clips from Fox 26 and their news package called, "Fox O&O News Package", I believed they used a different version of this music theme during their 7pm newscast back in 1986. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ4wELLM8ww Here's another from Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x82q8o_kriv-houston-25-yrs-of-news-on-fox_news In the early seconds of this clip, you'll see the first newscasts from 1983 and I believe 1986 or 1987. Does anyone have the full newscast of Fox 26 from November 1992 ?
  9. Isn't there some rumors about Houston changing the terms of city elected officials from 6 years to 12 (3 four-year terms as Bill King suggested) ? I know the 1991 term limits is very strict and rough, but they gotta at least consider 12 years to give the Mayor, Controller and City Council more time to push their initiatives (see NYC and Bloomberg getting 3rd term).
  10. Mike McGuff of the McGuff blog is reporting that Disney is facing some job cuts including hitting several ABC O&O stations, especially KTRK-TV Ch. 13 here in Houston. http://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2013/08/could-ktrk-abc13-have-job-cuts.html Any thoughts from favorite KTRK 13 viewers ?
  11. Drjage, isn't Sonia Azad either Asian American or Middle Eastern American ? On the Spanish stations, Andrea Gomez, who recently left KXLN is still in Houston.
  12. Crunchtastic, KTRK 13 is likely keeping their 6pm full-hour newscast for a long time. I have a solution though: 1. Get rid of those stupid infomercials and replace it with the Million Dollar Movie for Sunday afternoons. 2. Bring back the old Circle 13 logo from 1973 3. Whenever they do those "Eyewitness News Updates, have the background of the enlarged Texas state flag with the Circle 13 logo and the ABC logo as the ground, with the 13 logo going towards you as they turn to one of the news anchors delivering an update. 4. Bring back the News Series 2000 music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tL86KEJJCCE
  13. Chris, I saw some of that yesterday and was wondering, "Are they pushing Dave out or just giving a break from the 6pm hour-long newscast?" considering back in the day, Ward used to do the 6pm newscast the full hour.
  14. Here are some predictions on how city elections will turn out in November: Mayor-Parker (incumbent) wins re-election to a 3rd and final term over Ben Hall: 57-39 or a bigger blowout so bad that Hall won't run for the Mayor's gig again in 2015. City Controller: will embattled Controller Ron Green (D) survive in his bid for reelection ? Unless there some candidates who are interested in running, they'll may have to wait until 2015 when the seat comes open regardless of Green's troubles concerning financial inconsistencies. Houston City Council: At-Large Position 1-Costello ® wins reelection At-Large Position 2-Burks Jr., (D) gets reelection to 2nd term At-Large Position 3-OPEN: Melissa Noriega term-limited, so will her husband, former State Rep. Rick Noriega run for the seat ? At-Large Position 4-C.O. Bradford (D-former HPD police chief) wins reelection, but the bigger question is will he go for the Mayor's job in 2015 ? At-Large Position 5-Jack Christie ® wins reelection District A-Tea Party favorite Helena Brown ® will get reelected, despite her Ted Cruz-like "NO" votes on the Council. District B-Jerry Davis won by 1.59 percent the last time, so will his margin of victory be bigger this time around ? District C-Ellen Cohen (D) wins reelection to 2nd term District D-OPEN: Wanda Adams term-limited from seeking 4th term District E-David Martin wins full two-year term District F-Al Hoang ® will get 2nd term District G-Oliver Pennington ® will get back in for sure, unless something crazy happens (see Dewhurst 2012 US Senate race) District H-Edward Gonzalez (D) gets back in the Council for another term District I-OPEN: James Rodriguez term limited, so he's gonna have to run for another office if he wants to remain in politics: say County Commissioner in 2014 District J-Mike Laster (D) will get back in for another term District K-Larry Green (D) wins reelection
  15. Folks, I found some photos online of the Houston skyline, which was used by some news stations (KTRK 13's had the large close-up of the downtown skyline) while KPRC NBC 2 and KRIV's Fox 26 was spread out.
  16. Otto, I found similar photo of Houston's downtown skyline, which news stations such as KTRK 13 (ABC) and KRIV 26 (Fox) used during the 1980s.
  17. I think Parker is trying her best in getting suggestions and advice from everyone in the city in how to bring jobs to Houston.
  18. ChannelTwoNews, if you have the VHS tape of KTRK 13's October 8, 1986 10pm montage and have it uploaded when you do, let us know
  19. I didn't know that Jim Rosenfield is in his mid-50s, he looks like he's 60 +
  20. Parker will likely win reelection because of the historical trends here: the last incumbent mayor to get the boot was Kathy Whitmire (D) in 1991, who was the poster-child for term-limits due to her 10 years and 5 terms in office and her 6th term bid was the last straw.
  21. I believe Gina Gaston went to CNN for awhile before coming back to KTRK Ch. 13
  22. KTRK Ch. 13's weekend newscasts looked like this back in the old days: Weekend evenings: Van Hackett & Melanie Lawson, 1983-1987 Jim Rosenfield & Debbie Johnson, 1987-1989 Alan Hemberger & Debbie Johnson, 1989-1990 Bob Boudreaux & Debbie Johnson, 1990-1992 Bob Boudreaux & Minerva Perez, 1992-2001 Bob Boudreaux & Gina Gaston, 2001-2002; also with Stephanie Guadian, 2002 Tom Abrahams & Stephanie Guadian, 2002-2008 Tom Abrahams & Adela Uchida since 2008 If anyone can correct me and get the correct info, let me know.
  23. Norman's controversial tweet referring to Chita Johnson as "Blondie" all but got him fired.
  24. Parker's gonna get reelected because she's benefiting that Houston is recovering from the economic slowdown and has done better unlike other cities across the nation. I'd say Parker wins over Hall: 57-39
  25. Jan Jeffcoat is now doing a TV show in Phoenix, AZ called "The List". She left WFLD Fox 32 Chicago in 2012 after 5 years at the station. Hmmm, I think she's still eyeing NY as her number 1 goal.
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