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  1. Sports Radio 610 KILT-AM Houston's Josh Innes was also rumored to leave the station since his contract is up.
  2. Drjage, I found this video clip from Nov. 29, 1990 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGnHbdvw_xl Hey ChannelTwoNews, I also noticed in this video during the 6pm open that year, they had both Joe Diaz and Ed Brandon during the weather segments, was this the first time KTRK 13 had ever done this ?
  3. Folks, take a look at this article from the Houston Chronicle. It appears Rita Garcia will be staying in the weekday morning newscasts for Fox 26, permanently taking over the co-anchor spot leftover from the departure of Natalie Bomke, who left the station to move back to her home state of Illinois, working for Fox affiliate, WFLD-TV Fox 32. Kristine Galvan will assume the weekend evening anchor duties for Fox 26 until a permanent replacement is named. http://www.chron.com/entertainment/tv/article/Rita-Garcia-named-Channel-26-morning-co-anchor-501084.php Fox 26 has recently become a revolving door of talented folks (including some who've been there for almost 30 years) leaving for greener pastures. Ned Hibberd-now in Charlotte, NC Natalie Bomke-now at WFLD-TV, Fox 32 Chicago Jan Jeffcoat-now at WSUA-TV Washington, DC Sibilia Vargas-recently back in her home state of NY State Nancy Zambrano-lasted a few months before heading back to Austin I'm wondering who else is next to leave Fox 26, any takers ?
  4. So Innes could be leaving Sports Radio 610 ? It maybe because of his constant feuding with Rich Lord, Nick Wright (who needs a damn NOSEJOB) and Lopez making fun of him, etc., I won't be shocked if Innes not only left Houston, but left Texas altogether.
  5. Sorry about that. Norman's mysterious exit at CBS 11 will have folks scratching their heads for awhile.
  6. It looks like another one at Fox 26 is leaving for greener pastures. Reporter and fill-in anchor Ned Hibberd is leaving for Fox owned stations WJZY-WMYT in Charlotte, North Carolina reported Fox 26 KRIV reporter Isiah "The Factor" Carey aka The Insite. Hibberd will be the assistant news director for the newly purchased FOX duopoly. Hibberd follows former FOX 26 executive producer Geoffrey Roth, who became VP of local content (aka news director) there last summer. "Ned has been an integral part of our news team over the last 23 years," said Fox 26 KRIV VP & General Manager D'Artagnan Bebel in a statement released to mikemcguff.com in an email. "He is an accomplished storyteller, whose keen insight into emerging technologies and unique news style will be missed. We wish him well in his new position." His departure will be a big blow to the station since he's been at KRIV since 1988. Hibberd started at Fox Houston as an intern in 1988 and worked his way up. According to his bio, he's worked as a production crew member, assignments editor, associate producer, investigative reporter, fill-in anchor and general assignments reporter. Hibberd leaves KRIV on November 24th and begins work in Charlotte on December 2nd. Congrats to Ned and his wife, Danielle and their 3 sons. Mike McGuff and The Insite both reported this story: http://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2013/11/ned-hibberd-leaves-fox-26-wjzy-wmyt-fox-charlotte,html http://www.isiahfactor.com/2013/11/12/ned-hibberd-heads-to-charlotte/ Any reaction to Hibberd leaving Fox 26 ?
  7. Here's one video from the Nov. 5, 1989 newscast for KTRK 13 with Alan Hemberger (who replaced Rosenfeld in the summer of that year) and Debi Johnson. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmVwn7K6eGQ
  8. When was Heritage Plaza built ? Because I looked at some news clips of KTRK 13 and Fox 26 and some photos from the 1970s and early 80s, noticing it wasn't even built yet until later.
  9. What about the women at Ch. 13 ? Sonia Azad, Samica Knight, etc., are sexy women at the station. Ch. 13 is a place where folks could stay forever for 20-30 years.
  10. KTRK Ch. 13, Fox 26 and the other Houston news stations confirmed Brown's death today. I feel sad for his kids and other family members. However, this wasn't a surprise to anyone considering his downward spiral and problems at home, etc.,
  11. First off, Obamacare is a national DISGRACE to this nation & it needs to go away (I strongly support United States Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)'s fight to stop Obamacare). Second, Houston TV news still has several HOT, sexiest women in news in all of the stations, including Univision &Telemundo Houston stations.
  12. Mike McGuff and Robert Feder both reporting that Fox 26 entertainment reporter Jake Hamilton is leaving the station after 4 years and heading to WFLD-TV, Fox 32 Chicago. Hamilton, a native of Seabrook, Texas, who attended the University of Houston, began hosting the film review segment "Jake's Takes" for KHOU-TV, the CBS affiliate in Houston. He later shifted to KRIV-TV, Fox 26 in 2009. A note posted on Friday, had appeared on Hamilton's Facebook page about his hiring at Fox 32 subsequently disappeared. http://www.robertfeder.com/2013/10/27/fox-hires-two-more-out-of-town/ http://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2013/10/another-fox-26-er-to-chicago-2-tx-tv.html Any thoughts on Hamilton leaving Fox 26 for WFLD-TV, Fox 32 Chicago ?
  13. KPRC had a studio set with the downtown skyline (spread-out version) from 1988 until 1995, during the time they used the "NBC: The Place to Be" music theme in their newscasts.
  14. I'm a happily married man to the woman of my dreams, Alicia Dela Cruz & the father of 3 young sons, living in San Antonio. First, Chita is one of the most sexiest women in Houston TV News alongside Jennifer Reyna, Lisa Hernandez, Melinda Spaulding, Kristine Galvan, Mia Gradney, etc.,
  15. Fox 26 still has lots of young talent, including those who are no longer at the station. Natalie Bomke was HOT and so is Melinda Spaulding.
  16. Will these developments help Parker's reelection campaign as an advantage ?
  17. Hercules, Melinda Spaulding is TEN times better than your sorry ignorant ass.
  18. Chita is here to stay at CBS 11 for at least 5-6 years at best.
  19. Horrendous ? Natalie Bomke was a BETTER morning news anchor for Fox 26 Houston during her 3 years in the Bayou City than your bald, sweaty ASS.
  20. ChannelTwoNews, you can upload Hemberger's first newscast for KTRK 13 weekend newscast from 1989 video ? Wow. I didn't know he passed away: first Bum Phillips, then Bud Adams and now Alan Hemberger.
  21. Any new updates on the Houston Mayor's race ? Last I heard, Parker is still leading by double digits.
  22. Former KHOU-TV CBS 11 reporter Karla Barguiarena has returned to Houston TV, now working at KTRK Ch. 13 as a temporary reporter for now. She joins other temporary reporters such as Crystal Kobza & marketing expert/former cooking school/Austin TV person Foti Kallergis on the Disney/ABC TV station. The new hires are filling the upcoming voids of the great Houston baby boom of several news anchors and reporters. Mike McGuff of McGuff Blog reported this story. http://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2013/10/karla-barguiarena-ktrk-abc-13-khou-reporter-keith-connors.html Any comments or thoughts on Barguiarena's return to Houston TV news.
  23. Musicman, Bomke's last day on Fox 26 is Friday of this week I believe.
  24. Folks, it looks like KPRC-TV NBC 2 Houston has unveiled their new set in the KPRC studios (guess they got tired of the previous one) and the station also said special coverage (such as elections) will include a virtual set as well. Mike McGuff.com reported this story. http://mikemcguff.blgospot.com/2013/09/kprc-2-launches-new-set-for-2013.html Any thoughts on KRPC NBC 2's new set ?
  25. Brijmang, do you know when is Natalie's last day on the morning weekday newscasts for Fox 26 ?
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