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  1. Tom Koch is retiring from Ch. 13 KTRK-TV Houston after 39 years with the ABC O&O Station he announced at the end of yesterday's weekday morning newscast. His final newscast will be on May 28th. "For nearly 40 years, I've been honored & humbled that so many people welcomed me into their homes every day," Koch said in a statement emailed to mikemcguff.com. "It's been a dream come true for a small-town Wisconsin kid to be part of this incredible station & truly great city of Houston. But I've decided it's time to step aside, turn off that early morning alarm & wake up to a ne
  2. Which explains why Rich Lord (formerly of Sports Radio 610 KILT-AM Houston) never liked Innes from the get-go.
  3. I like the Circle 13 logo from 1971 with the long 3 hanging out of the circle.
  4. Unless all of y'all have been living under rocks, there has been increase of violent crime impacting the Lone Star State's largest city including a rising murder rate inside the City of Houston due to what Houston Crime Stopper's victim advocate Andy Kahn calls "bond pandemic". https://abc13.com/houston-murder-rate-homicide-hpd-update-8121534/ https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/southcentral/2020/12/09/593466.htm https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/texas-news/houston-authorities-target-rise-in-road-rage-amid-pandemic/2500231/ https://www.theblaze
  5. When can we expect it to be finished ?
  6. In other words: you don't think Lathan will get the job on a permanent basis ? Now the animosity between Latinos & African Americans inside HISD: this isn't the first time we've seen deep-seated hostility, it's been going on for decades (some cases, Latinos aligned with arch-segregationists).
  7. Several African American elected officeholders in Houston & many civil rights activists have blasted HISD's decision in not giving Lathan the position of HISD Superintendent on a permanent basis, calling the decision "grossly misguided" & "ill-motivated": https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/education-news/2020/11/18/386318/naacp-leaders-call-vote-against-interim-hisd-superintendent-racially-polarized/ https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/education/article/Grossly-misguided-and-ill-motivated-15734253.php The racially
  8. CBS 11 KHOU-TV Houston Station ID from May 1986: Commercial breaks from the CBS Sunday Night Movie "Stagecoach" of CBS 11 KHOU-TV Houston from May 18th, 1986:
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