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  1. After 17 years with the station, Tim Tuttle, the morning co-host on 93Q Houston KKBQ's "The Q Morning Zoo" announced on his Facebook page that he will be left the Cox Media Group-owned station. On his Facebook page, Tuttle said the following: "I just got word that 93Q will not be renewing my contract and that today was my last show."



    Any thoughts on Tuttle leaving 93Q ?

  2. On 4/29/2022 at 12:25 AM, hindesky said:

    Republicans have their knives out for Hidalgo. They can't stand an educated Latina beat a white Republican for office and are doing everything they can to slam and smear her. I like her, voted for her and will vote for her again despite their attempts to slander her.


    2022 is a GOP wave year & I think both Garcia & Hidalgo go down in flames.


    Expecting more law enforcement agencies to endorse Mealer. 

  3. 13 hours ago, august948 said:

    Sorry, been reading about the new Ministry of Truth being spun up by the Dept of Homeland Security.  Plus listening to it's new head doing her Mary Poppins rendition.



    The fact is jackasses like Ellis have been hostile toward law enforcement. Folks like him & Dora the Explorer are a disgrace to this country. 

  4. Just when you think the uppity WOKE Culture Mob has upped the ante, things continue to escalate in their deep-seated hatred towards everything public safety & law enforcement.

    The victims of this despicable attack from the WOKE Mob: Crime Stoppers Houston.

    Here's the response from Crime Stoppers Houston:


    Your thoughts on the jackassery of one uppity WELFARE QUEEN on Harris County Commissioners Court: Rodney Ellis, whose attacking Crime Stoppers Houston & Co., ?

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  5. On 4/13/2022 at 3:30 PM, Luminare said:

    Turner has certainly been one of Houston's most practical and pragmatic mayors and its why I've always thought well of him. He understands that Houston is strictly a workers/business city, and must be open to business and friendly to businesses at all times, but at the same time he clearly is an establishment Democrat. Turner is what blue cities should be running as candidates. Even though Turner knows how to cater to Progressives, I don't ever get the feeling his is very ideologically driven, and yet at the same time he is very pro/hands off in regards to business, but does take the other side when it comes to certain issues. He's been a great mayor in my opinion. While others have gone completely wacko, or run their cities to the ground, Turner has been maintained a steady hand in a world that seems like its full of clowns. He's growing the city, he's firmly behind Houston's ethos of no zoning. He is pro-development. He is pro-expanding city services in areas that are achievable with the political will he knows he has. He also seems very independently minded. I do agree with some on here, the only chance a Republican will become mayor in Houston again is if Houston takes a drastic turn for the worst like what happened to NYC decades ago which lead to Republicans running the city in the 90's, or you get a centrist/populist type who rides a wave due to some escalation of social issues. The old country club Republican is basically extinct politically and never really matched Houston very well unless you were part of the Big Oil hegemony. With that force meaning back gradually to the average as other industries expand, I've always thought Houston is a city dominated by business interests and depending on what direction the cities business interests lie is not only where the city will go politically, but where it will also find its next mayor. I wouldn't be surprised just like we had mayors connected to Big Oil, at some point we will have Big Space interests or Big Pharma/Big Biomed interests and then you will get candidates that reflect that.

    Whitmire is the early front-runner for Houston Mayor in 2023.


    If somehow the GOPers rally behind either Knox or Kubosh, although I can see Knox running with backing of HPOU, etc., I am going to laugh if the GOP somehow wins back the Houston Mayoralty next fall (see Youngkin winning the VA Executive Mansion last year).


    I should note violent crime is escalating in Houston & backlash against the WOKE Culture is rising. 

  6. 57 minutes ago, august948 said:

    I doubt this will sink her career.  She hasn't been indicted, only her aides.  Plus she's young enough to ride out whatever storm it causes (which doesn't look like much of one at the moment).  Given how much the Democrats have messed up, though, there's at least a fair chance she'll be unemployed by the coming red wave.  If so, look for her to pop up as a Democratic party operative a la Stacey Abrams while she waits for her next opportunity.

    There could be more who might get indicted if this escalates.

    I should note the Houston Police Officers Union, Houston Firefighters Union & others have backed Mealer.

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  7. On 4/13/2022 at 10:58 AM, s3mh said:

    Harris County is now pretty much a "votes blue no matter who" county, even without having a straight ticket button at the polls.  Hidalgo is very popular among Dems, with many hoping that she runs for congress or governor some day.  The fact that the Texas Rangers conducted a raid as part of this investigation pretty much shows that this is being driven by Austin.  Harris County DA has been willing to run with this because they know that it will more than likely be dismissed by a Harris County district court.  If there was really something there, the Feds would have gone after it.  

    Considering that Hidalgo had been eyeing the TX Governor's Mansion in 2026. The raid by the Texas Rangers, DPS, etc., tells me her political career is OVER & I think whoever is the GOP nominee by May 24th (Mealer or Martinez) will almost certainly be the next Harris County Judge on November 8th due to 2022 being a GOP wave year & using the playbook of VA Governor Glenn Youngkin (R), whom I see as a future President.

  8. Good afternoon HAIF Family. Just in case many of y'all didn't know: Fox 26 Chief Meteorlogist Dr. Jim Siebert announced on the 5:00 PM early evening newscast that yesterday was going to be his last day as the station's chief meteorologist after 15 years with the Fox O&O Station.

    "Today is my last day here at Fox. We love everybody here. My family has grown up and they've moved out west and my wife and I are going out west and kind of hook back up with our family again. So tonight's my last night. It's a little bittersweet. Don't like that very much at all. So we'll be moving out there to the West. You know, that's where we grew up, and that's where all of our kids have gone. And so Dr. Debbie and Dr. Jim are going to head out in that direction."



    Big question is who'll replace Siebert as Fox 26's Chief Meteorologist ?

    A.) Mike Iscovitz

    B.) John Dawson

    C.) Surprise pick we won't see coming

    D.) Casey Curry: if she's interested in making a comeback of doing the weather on TV again

    E.) TBD

  9. Whoever wins the GOP Runoff between Moral Mealer & Martinez is going to defeat Hidalgo in November due to the GOP Wave.

    I also think there's a 50-50% chance that Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia (D) loses reelection this fall as well.

  10. Biden's the WORST President in America with foreign adversaries punking his WEAKLING timid expletive at every turn (see Putin invading Ukraine, Xi, Maduro, KJU & Co.,).


    Safe to say he'll be the LAST Dem President we'll ever see in the White House for awhile.

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  11. 15 hours ago, august948 said:

    Too bad that it almost doesn't matter who gets the Republican nomination.  The way things are going for the Democrats the Republicans could nominate Elmer Fudd and take the white house in 2024.  All they have to do is bring back the Reagan's brilliant campaign question: "Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?'"

    I wonder what to what lengths the Biden admin will go to try to turn that around.  They have to be getting desperate with less than a year before he becomes a lame duck.

    It's also looking more & more likely the GOP is almost certainly going to win back control of the US House of Representatives & United States Senate in November this fall.

    Plus, I think the GOP will pick up more Governorships in 8 months as well.

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  12. WOW: Now this is what I NEVER saw coming at all, straight out of left field:  Weeknight Evening Anchor Kris Gutierrez announced his departure from his evening anchor post & left the NBC Station on February 2nd.

    For those who don't the situation of what's going on, here's a scoop:

    *Gutierrez returned to NBC 2 KPRC-TV Houston in March of 2020 to replace the legendary Bill Balleza, who retired after nearly 40 years. He co-anchored with Dominique Sachse, who herself left the station in October 2021 after 28 years to focus on her upcoming book & YouTube Channel (which I am a subscriber of by the way).

    *At the time of Gutierrez's sudden departure, he was co-anchoring only for weeks with Daniella Guzman (who previously worked with NBC 2 as a weekend morning anchor), who just returned home from NBC 4 KNBC-TV  Los Angeles.

    No word on who'll replace Gutierrez on the 6:00 PM & 10:00 PM Newscasts though, although it's possible Andy Cerota or Keith Garvin might replace him.



    Any thoughts on Gutierrez leaving NBC 2 KPRC-TV Houston ?

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  13. On 1/12/2022 at 12:38 PM, trymahjong said:

    Oh my I reached out to Sallie Acorns office and received similar reply.

    - The only speaker on the kiosk is for the Emergency Call Button, which is only activated when pressed and allows for two-way communication between the user and the local police. Otherwise, the kiosks do not emit any noise.
    - As stated above, there will not be any music played from the kiosks, or any other noise.

    I am so glad to settle this

    Now that's intriguing to find out. 

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