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  1. I'm assuming you heard about the passing of former NBC 2 KPRC-TV Houston Weather Meteorologist Doug Johnson ?

  2. Good afternoon ChannelTwoNews: what happened to your YouTube Channel ? Because I went over to YouTube in order to watch old archived videos of Ch. 13 & FOX 26 & it's not there. What happened ?

  3. Ch. 13, KTRK-TV Houston, Number 1 in Texas (1986)

  4. I found some old news opens from Fox stations

  5. Ricco67, did KTRK unveil the virtual news set everyone is familiar with in the spring or fall of 1986 ?

    Because I know they had three different versions of the virtual news set with the downtown skyline:

    First virtual set from 1982-1983

    Second virtual set (see 1985 video) from 1983-1986

  6. What's up Porchman ?

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