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  1. I noticed that Steven Romo has been subbing in for Tom Koch in Ch. 13's Weekday Morning newscasts in the last couple of days, but where is Koch ? If anybody can tell us where he is, let us know.
  2. She was subbing for Dave Ward, who had the night off. I also noticed this was Ch. 13's 3rd Virtual Studio Set (which debuted sometime around the Fall of 1985).
  3. Anything new in terms of updated developments ?
  4. Houston sightings

    Looks like CBS 11 KHOU-TV Traffic Anchor Darby Douglas has once again left the station! Thoughts ?
  5. Anybody remembered the Interurban Pharmacy protests ?
  6. Mike McGuff of reported that former Ch. 13 Reporter Gene Apodaca passed away on May 22nd, 2018 from a heart attack.
  7. Here's the full newscast of Ch. 13 Eyewitness News, "The Late Report" from May 15th, 1980. Who remembers working for Ch. 13 on this day ?
  8. New COH Floodplain Regulations

    Would this be successful in preventing future floods ?
  9. WOW. This is going to escalate into more expletive. How far would HISD go to do this ?