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  1. According to Elita Loresca, we're going to find out who'll be the successor to Tom Koch of Ch. 13's weekday morning newscasts next week. Big question is whether it'll be Jeff Ehling or Steven Romo ?
  2. I wonder how long before Elita Loresca bails from Ch. 13 KTRK-TV Houston ?
  3. I've heard that Morgan & former NBC 2 KPRC-TV Meteorologist Britta Merwin are now at Fox News.
  4. Keaton Fuchs has been named as News Director of ABC 13 KTRK-TV Houston by Wendy Granato, President & General Manager of KTRK-TV, to whom he will report. Fuchs will be responsible for leading the Eyewitness News Team for ABC 13's News & Weather leader. https://mikemcguff.blogspot.com/2021/07/keaton-fuchs-named-abc13-ktrk-news.html Any thoughts on Fuchs being named News Director for ABC 13 KTRK-TV Houston ? A.) Love It B.) Hate It C.) Wait & See Approach
  5. I figured Myers was going to stick around in Houston & wouldn't be surprised if he does the weekend weather with Fox 26 KRIV-TV Houston. Now the question is who'll take over the Traffic anchor duties on weekday mornings ?
  6. Here's more of Hecker being interviewed on why she's calling out Fox 26 KRIV-TV Houston: Ivory's official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/IvoryHecker
  7. Check this out on Hecker's interview with Project Veritas: Hecker has her own YouTube Channel, which I've subscribed last year. She's also on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
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