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  1. According to the Houston Chronicle & other media sources, veteran HISD Trustee Diana Davila (who also served in the TX State Legislature in the 1990s), was named as the President of the much-maligned governance team & here's how it went out: HISD Board President: Diana Davila HISD Board 1st VP: Holly Maria Flynn Vilaseca HISD Board 2nd VP: Elizabeth Santos HISD Board Secretary: Sergio Lira HISD Board Assistant Secretary: Sue Deigaard Let me know your thoughts on this developments as HISD is still searching for a permanent Superintendent. I think the odds are Lathan is NOT getting the job full-time.
  2. Blue Dogs

    Tony Buzbee's bid for mayor

    Never say never Kenny.
  3. Good afternoon HAIF Maniacs. TX Governor Greg Abbott (R) & TX LG Dan Patrick (R) were both inaugurated for their respective 2nd terms this morning on the North Grounds of the TX State Capitol in downtown Austin. Following Governor Abbott's Oath of Office, the 19 Cannon Salute (which starts 1:04:19) is fired by the TX National Guard. Following the Inauguration, there was a daylong BBQ luncheon held on the TX State Capitol Grounds & there will NOT be an Inaugural Parade. Plus, several aides close to Governor Abbott believe he might be back for a 3rd term (if he does run again & is successful in 2022), he could become the 5th TX Governor to serve 3 terms following 4 of his predecessors: 1.) Allan Shivers (D): 37th Governor from July 11th, 1949 to January 15th, 1957: as LG, Shivers ascended to the Governorship upon the death of then-Governor Beauford Jester (D); elected to full 2-year term in 1950 & reelected in 1952 & 1954 before choosing not to seek reelection due to major political scandals in 1956. 2.) Price Daniel (D): 38th Governor from January 15th, 1957 to January 15th, 1963: elected in 1956; reelected in 1958 & again in 1960. 3.) John Bowden Connally (D): 39th Governor from January 15th, 1963 to January 21st, 1969: elected in 1962 & reelected in 1964 & 1966 before choosing not to seek reelection in 1968. 4.) Rick Perry (R): 47th Governor from December 21st, 2000 to January 20th, 2015: as LG, Perry ascended to the Governorship upon the resignation of then-Governor George W. Bush (R), who resigned in order to prepare for his Inauguration as the 43rd POTUS; elected to full 4-year term in 2002 & reelected in 2006 & 2010 before choosing to retire in 2014.
  4. Blue Dogs

    Day 18 of Government shut down

    They better reopen the government.
  5. Blue Dogs

    The many University of Houstons

    Are you serious ? LOL.
  6. In case you've been living under a rock during the Christmas holiday break, TX Governor Greg Abbott (R), in a scathing tweet on Twitter, put Houston ISD's failed leadership on full-blast. He also slammed the district's leaders for "self-centered ineptitude" & rallied for the State on taking over the school district's Board of Trustees. I believe that Abbott's right on this one for obvious reasons: the recent ugly racially-polarized battle over the demotion of Houston ISD Interim Superintendent Dr. Grenita Latham in favor of former Houston ISD Superintendent Abe Saavedra from a few months ago(who recently left San Antonio ISD & refused to return to his old job in Houston due to the backlash) which spiraled out of control following racial divisions between the African American & Latino Houston ISD School Board members: later the Board of Trustees voted to keep Latham as the Interim Superintendent. State Senator Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) is pushing legislation which could eliminate single-member district in favor of At-Large Districts including other measures. Like to know your thoughts on Abbott calling out Houston ISD & calling for statewide takeover of the State's largest school district ? A.) Love It B.) Hate It C.) TBD
  7. I see that Fred Davis has left the Midday Show with John Lopez & Landry Locker on Sports Radio 610 KILT-AM Houston.... he's heading into the energy industry. According to Station Program Director Ryan McCredden, there are no plans for a replacement host at this time.
  8. WOW! This is bad & how damaging was this to the Houston Chronicle ?
  9. Sad news for anybody, who watched NBC 2 KPRC-TV Houston over the years. Former NBC 2 KPRC-TV Houston Weatherman Doug Johnson, passed away on Thursday night at the age of 79. Johnson joined NBC 2 in 1962 & stayed until his retirement in 1992. He was also the co-host for "The Scene at 5" with the late Ron Stone. In case you have been living under rocks, Johnson was bitten by Wilma the Weather Chicken LOL. Give your thoughts on Johnson's passing & his long career with NBC 2.
  10. Looked everywhere. Couldn't find anything either.
  11. I'm assuming you heard about the passing of former NBC 2 KPRC-TV Houston Weather Meteorologist Doug Johnson ?

  12. With longtime Ch. 13 Chief Meteorologist Tim Heller heading towards retirement, it appears the musical chairs at the ABC O&O Station's Weather Department appear to be going crazy with changing shifts & schedules... 1.) Travis Herzog is the new Chief Meteorologist (beginning January 14th) & I'm confident he'll do a Good Job 2.) Elita Loresca leaves her sidekicks (Chanucey Glover & Mayra Moreno) again & will be moving to the Weekday Mornings according to Mike McGuff of 3.) Rachel Briers (who recently left NewsWest 9 KWES-TV Midland/Odessa) appears to be taking over Tillman's spot on the Weekend Evenings. 4.) David Tillman (who's been with Ch. 13 since 2000) will be moving to 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM & 4:00 PM on Weekday Middays. 5.) Colin Meyers (his shtick is getting old fast) should stay put on Weekend Mornings.
  13. Blue Dogs

    Tony Buzbee's bid for mayor

    Big question is who has the best chance to retire Turner in 2019 ? A.) Buzbee B.) King
  14. Blue Dogs

    HISD elementary question: Twain, Kolter

    Did y'all see the press conference where outgoing Harris County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez (R) got dosed with bottleof water ?