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  1. Mike McGuff of reporting Ch. 13 has announced Chief Meteorologist Tim Heller will be retiring the ABC O&O Station in January of 2019. 1.) Any thoughts on Heller retiring from Ch. 13 after 16 1/2 years ? 2.) Who do you see replacing Heller ? A.) Travis Herzog B.) David Tillman C.) Elita Loresca D.) The Field
  2. After 17+ years with NBC 2 KPRC-TV Houston, Morning Anchor Rachel McNeill is leaving after 17 years because her husband, Dr. Wayne Franklin has taken a job in Phoenix, AZ. She'll officially leave in January of 2019. Big question is who'll succeed her ? A.) Amy Davis B.) Jennifer Reyna C.) The Field
  3. New COH Floodplain Regulations

    When's the next Town Hall Meeting ?
  4. Houston sightings

    Remember this Weather Segment from June 9th, 1989 ?
  5. Good evening ladies & gentlemen. Who remembers this News Update from April 29th, 1985 on Ch. 13 ?
  6. Could this be the beginning of the end for CBS 11 KHOU-TV Houston's Morning TV News Show ? It appears the TEGNA Station might consider pulling a NewsFix or something similar to it when CW 39 KIAH-TV ended their newscasts in favor of NewsFix back in 2010.
  7. Adam Clanton OUT at KBME AM 790: more chaos!

    Now Clanton works part-time for KILT-AM Sports Radio 610.
  8. Who remembers the Mexican City Earthquake on September 19th, 1985, where Mexican President Miguel de la Madrid caused international outrage for blatantly refusing international aid to help, which prolonged the suffering of the victims & survivors ?
  9. I noticed that Steven Romo has been subbing in for Tom Koch in Ch. 13's Weekday Morning newscasts in the last couple of days, but where is Koch ? If anybody can tell us where he is, let us know.
  10. She was subbing for Dave Ward, who had the night off. I also noticed this was Ch. 13's 3rd Virtual Studio Set (which debuted sometime around the Fall of 1985).
  11. Anything new in terms of updated developments ?
  12. Houston sightings

    Looks like CBS 11 KHOU-TV Traffic Anchor Darby Douglas has once again left the station! Thoughts ?