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  1. BTW what's happening with Gerald Treece, another one of my long time favorites? In recent years I would often tune in just to see his segment (I admit it's been a few months since I've done that. ) He may have to start working Sundays since I don't think there's time for a feature like his on a half hour show.
  2. I have long wished for another newsmagazine show like the one Steve Smith did years ago. I cannot recall the title, or if it was Sat. or Sun. morning. If memory serves, they did some longer stories on various topics that were original segments, and not just repeats from previous regular news shows. Must have taken some effort to put together. Ray Miller had a segment chatting with Steve, and then playing a video, and I believe these were new work (probably could not have gotten permission from KPRC to play Eyes of Texas footage). Anyone else remember this show? IMO the news shows that KHOU now is doing wknd morns are just going to get completely lost in the shuffle and have no chance of building an audience. Placeholders but holding for what?
  3. Find what fault you will, compared to his competition on our local airwaves, such as Hannity, Savage, and for many years the Rush re-runs thanks to Dan Patrick, Ward was a master of entertaining wit and discretion. He branded himself as libertarian (whatever that is) and that allowed him to get away with saying things that would otherwise have been unimaginable on any AM station in this state. But when Sinclair bought the station he apparently could not move over to the right far enough and a meeting of the minds was not possible. I imagine it didn’t help that he must have also been the highest paid on-air talent at the station.
  4. http://www.talkers.com/2019/10/03/thursday-october-3-2019/ A bit late and an out of town story, but their daytime signal does cover Houston. In my opinion Ward's afternoon drivetime show and the weekend gardening shows were the only worthwhile local content that KLBJ-AM had left, at least they've still got the garden shows.
  5. houblu

    Drainage tax

  6. houblu

    Drainage tax

    Supreme Court deals a blow to ReBuild Houston Jun 14th, 2015 by Charles Kuffner. http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=67780
  7. houblu

    Drainage tax

    in light of recent flooding......... http://swamplot.com/city-council-votes-to-drain-houstons-drainage-fund/2014-07-10/
  8. yes if auchan had been a locale for the famous and beloved movie Rushmore, maybe the market would still be in business. just joking.
  9. http://www.houstonpress.com/2002-11-21/music/the-wreck-of-the-record-rack/ how time flies..........
  10. http://swamplot.com/kuhl-linscomb-our-crowded-expensive-design-store-isnt-as-popular-as-others-because-we-sell-modern/2014-08-13/ http://swamplot.com/kuhl-linscomb-planning-large-add-on-to-penguin-arms-apartment-building-for-new-googie-showcase-showroom/2014-08-12/
  11. I noticed today a request for variance sign on the Penguin Arms property, for variance of parking regulations to allow adaptive reuse, or similar words. I'd love to see the Penguin Arms respectfully restored, it's one of my favorites
  12. http://swamplot.com/pasadenas-capitan-theater-is-already-coming-apart-is-demolition-next/2014-07-30/
  13. I don't think I-10 East has ever been officially renamed "Baytown-East Freeway." unofficially, the "Beast" Fwy
  14. houblu

    Drainage tax

    from today's Swamplot: http://swamplot.com/city-council-votes-to-drain-houstons-drainage-fund/2014-07-10/ I have fond memories of how it all started, with employees of an "engineering" company handing out leaflets to drum up support for this in Montrose. Then the clunky website, which did not work, but which was supposed to explain it all to you. And the mumbo jumbo about impervious surfaces blah blah. Raise your hand if you were naive enough to have ever believed that this tax money would not be diverted to whatever the city felt like spending it on.
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