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  1. I found this brick near the corner of Reinerman and Nett (north of Washington Ave. & Rice Military) after they had torn down a house to build townhomes. I presume it is part of the original brick streets that are underneath the concrete paving. A bit of googling tells me that it was from the "Houston Brick & Tile Co." which ceased to exist around 1988. I was curious as to when the streets in this area were bricked. The closest I can find is that the Sixth Ward (a couple miles down Washington Ave.) bricked in the 1890s. I know the blue & white "Reinermann" curb tiles on the cor
  2. I see this post is from last year, but it's always a good idea to trim your trees prior to hurricane season, so I'll go ahead and throw on the small, locally-owned landscaping company I work for, Four Seasons Outdoor Living. We have a website, too, but we are about to redo it. You can also call the owner, Jeff @ 713-261-3049. He's a really nice guy.
  3. And the plot thickens with conflicting statements from Angelika and Bayou Place... Also, there's a facebook group to bring a theater back to downtown: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-Film-Theater-to-Downtown-Houston/131082840271750?v=wall
  4. From Swamplot: "Hmmmm. Something sure looks funny about the demo permit taken out by HHN Homes and listed below for the city’s code enforcement and plan review offices at 3300 Main St. Maybe the address is just a stand-in for next week’s mystery-site Extreme Makeover: Home Edition demo and rebuild. Ya think?"
  5. Also, between the Counter & Les Givrals is "TQLA Restaurant & Bar" and "360 Sports Bar & Grille." Looks like there's another 360 in Columbia, SC - not sure if it's related or not? I also heard (from one of the guys that owns Sugarcane) that there is an 80s dance place opening somewhere on Washington Ave. He says they are trying to attract the "older" patrons of Washington Ave. Interesting.
  6. Correction, then: "I heard from a neighbor this weekend that the former MILAM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is indeed going to be a private school, and they are renovating most of the school right now, but will rent out the un-reonvated part of the building to HISD offices during the renovations."
  7. I heard from a neighbor this weekend that it is indeed going to be a private school, and they are renovating most of the school right now, but will rent out the un-reonvated part of the building to HISD offices during the renovations.
  8. A few months back, I posted that I had heard rumors from my neighbor that this school was being bought by a private school. As of the past couple weeks, the "For Sale" sign has come down, and the school is seemingly being remodeled. There were workers in there over the weekend, and new fences and (young kids) playground equipment is being installed. Does anyone know what school this may become? Private? Public?
  9. Shade (mac & cheese)... probably my favorite restaurant in Houston Berryhill (chicken tacos on flour tortillas, queso) Chatter's (everything) Max's Wine Dive (bread pudding)
  10. Marshall's Home Goods, Ikea, even framing cool pages from magazines or just colored paper in cheap (ikea) frames....
  11. Another pair at West Gray & Shepherd. Weird.
  12. I heard from one of my neighbors that the former Milam Elementary School at 1100 Roy Street is in talks to be bought by a private school. Not sure how or if that will affect the bars along Washington Ave... but it would be interesting. My grand idea was to buy it and convert it into a boutique hotel & restaurant kinda like McMenamins has done in Portland with some old elementary schools.
  13. Becca @ Spice Paper Designs did my wedding invitations - she does very simple custom invitations, and she's great to work with! http://www.spicepaperdesigns.com/
  14. Rebels Honky Tonk is having their "soft opening" tonight - August 13.
  15. Looks like "Canvas" at 5002 Washington is actually going to be "Rebel's Honky Tonk." They have a sign out front that says so, and I also found this. It's apparently from the same people as Saint Dane's in Midtown. We peeked inside last night... there is a GIANT mural of a bunch of country people on the wall. It looks like they still have some work to do, but it'll probably be open in a month-ish. Also, this week, it looks like they are leveling the lot at Durham and Center Street - maybe for more parking? It still has a for sale sign, though.
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