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  1. Volvo and Star Motors did go to a hearing over the termination of the franchise and Star lost. Star is a bit of an auto dealer anachronism with a relatively small store trying to hold down multiple franchises in an age where highline dealers in Houston are all fighting each other for national sales rankings (and have mostly been bought up by publicly traded dealer groups).
  2. Someone tried to get a demo permit for the print shop but HAHC denied it. So, all I know is that the print shop building has to be redeveloped.
  3. Can be yours for $4.3 mil. The Houston lore I heard years ago was that the design was a combination of a stealth bomber and Darth Vader. There is also a story that the owner was doing work on the house just after it was built and suffered a heart attack but had an AED and was able to shock himself back to life. Interior is everything you would expect. Giant face sculpture better come with the house. https://abc13.com/realestate/houstons-darth-vader-house-is-for-sale/10702918/ https://www.har.com/mapsearch/?map_tools_nwlat=29.71712786809151&map_tools_nwlng=
  4. This is now open. Hopefully, the bridge over the bayou will get fixed this summer so it will be a short ride from the Heights to this park. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/lifestyle/article/Bayou-Greenways-Park-opens-this-week-as-part-of-16204438.php#photo-21042848
  5. To live in Houston and to have trepidations about new food trends is like living in Hawaii and being afraid of the ocean.
  6. Katyville strikes again. Honestly, I think they were just too slow to the punch to make this into a nice urban mixed used development. Too many projects around town (MKT, post office, Sawyer Yards and the Allen Pkwy developments) have sucked the wind out of the kind of leasing that this would have needed.
  7. Oh, phew. I guess my Devo concept sushi bar idea is still good to go.
  8. TABC notice for "Peony and Crane" at 626 W 19th (previously a barber shop for a short time, one door to the east of Squabble).
  9. Levcor still has the same rendering. Not sure where the Levy project is supposed to go or why the above poster thinks that it is a replacement for the Levcor project. https://levcor.com/projects/1903-yale-street
  10. Jon Deal is renovating the warehouses to the southeast of the Standard apartments. It is currently listed as industrial, but all the neighboring development might prompt some more retail friendly leasing. https://www.dealco.net/listings/detail/55194480-b046-4dda-be8c-06c63886fc3d
  11. Down House closed. All faults aside, Treadsack did lead the restaurant boom in the Heights before imploding. Down House was one of the first to make the Heights a restaurant destination. Many peaks and valleys along the way, but I will miss it.
  12. Galveston Historical Society's Warehouse might have some. You can give them a call to see what they have.
  13. I would poke fun at "Omaha based sushi restaurant" had I never been to Omaha. But there is a very nice little restaurant scene in Omaha. Anyway, MKT is adding a sushi restaurant. Now, no one can complain about not having sushi in the Heights. https://www.theleadernews.com/food_drink/food-briefs-new-sushi-spot-coming-to-heights-this-summer/article_6d7dd9d8-72ee-11eb-9181-afc380bd173a.html
  14. Berg Hospitality is putting in an Italian concept where Presidio used to be. Thought I saw workers poking around recently. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/02-23-21-berg-hospitality-two-new-restaurants-the-heights-trattoria-sofia-docks-at-timbergrove-ancorian-benjamin-berg/?fbclid=IwAR01mxCUdpmxO1bY3L7TIsSJwLNIrazimISUsGJzif1YU373Asur42gl4T4
  15. I live in Cleveland, OH for a few years. -18 was the coldest I had to endure. Friends in the energy biz are saying that CenterPoint is going to have to have widespread blackouts starting at 6 pm today. All the power for sale has been bought today and the grid in TX is running out. Lots of frozen windmills (although the ones that didn't freeze are cranking out lots of power). Get your phones charged and download some movies before 6 pm.
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