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  1. TABC notice for "Peony and Crane" at 626 W 19th (previously a barber shop for a short time, one door to the east of Squabble).
  2. Levcor still has the same rendering. Not sure where the Levy project is supposed to go or why the above poster thinks that it is a replacement for the Levcor project. https://levcor.com/projects/1903-yale-street
  3. Jon Deal is renovating the warehouses to the southeast of the Standard apartments. It is currently listed as industrial, but all the neighboring development might prompt some more retail friendly leasing. https://www.dealco.net/listings/detail/55194480-b046-4dda-be8c-06c63886fc3d
  4. Down House closed. All faults aside, Treadsack did lead the restaurant boom in the Heights before imploding. Down House was one of the first to make the Heights a restaurant destination. Many peaks and valleys along the way, but I will miss it.
  5. Galveston Historical Society's Warehouse might have some. You can give them a call to see what they have.
  6. I would poke fun at "Omaha based sushi restaurant" had I never been to Omaha. But there is a very nice little restaurant scene in Omaha. Anyway, MKT is adding a sushi restaurant. Now, no one can complain about not having sushi in the Heights. https://www.theleadernews.com/food_drink/food-briefs-new-sushi-spot-coming-to-heights-this-summer/article_6d7dd9d8-72ee-11eb-9181-afc380bd173a.html
  7. Berg Hospitality is putting in an Italian concept where Presidio used to be. Thought I saw workers poking around recently. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/02-23-21-berg-hospitality-two-new-restaurants-the-heights-trattoria-sofia-docks-at-timbergrove-ancorian-benjamin-berg/?fbclid=IwAR01mxCUdpmxO1bY3L7TIsSJwLNIrazimISUsGJzif1YU373Asur42gl4T4
  8. I live in Cleveland, OH for a few years. -18 was the coldest I had to endure. Friends in the energy biz are saying that CenterPoint is going to have to have widespread blackouts starting at 6 pm today. All the power for sale has been bought today and the grid in TX is running out. Lots of frozen windmills (although the ones that didn't freeze are cranking out lots of power). Get your phones charged and download some movies before 6 pm.
  9. I wonder how much Admiral Linen is making on flipping the old recycling center. They just parked a few trucks on that lot over the past few years since they bought it from the city. That always seemed like an odd deal as it was pretty clear that it was just a matter of time until Admiral Linen relocated with property taxes soaring.
  10. Wolf Capital Partners is redeveloping 742 E 20th St. Looks like they are keeping the existing structure, but only the barber shop will stay. No renderings. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/real-estate/article/Wolf-Capital-launches-redevelopment-of-Heights-15897352.php#photo-20533790 https://www.dropbox.com/s/somfmaw7qqn152x/Wolf Capital Partners - 742 E 20th.pdf?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR0N-a1zOkoxkj7B-GdSzShSy-9QYl69jRotk8qBWuAo2-4h-IhJ9pV_Czk
  11. Of course, this won't go anywhere and the stupid storage place will get built. But it is a positive sign that Heights residents have not given up and still have some fight left in them. https://www.stopbigtexstorage.org/
  12. Fitz put a lot of money into that venue to sound proof. My understanding is that the new bar will have some music on a patio. White Oak is commercial, but it is not a six lane road with 20 acre lots on each side. It has a limited capacity for cars, bars and so on. It is already overrun with cars and people and adding more and more bars and restaurants is just going to make it impossible. And that 7' penis is very anatomically accurate. Not the kind of décor you will want if you are trying to sell $12 cocktails in the Heights.
  13. But if I put up my giant 7 foot erect penis on my property, causing the neighboring bar to lose business, is that ok? That would be one of those "benefits/burdens" of opening a bar that abuts single family residential buildings. You have the benefit of a quiet location instead of being on the feeder road or a strip mall. But you have to deal with whatever the neighbors are doing. I know this is a city with no zoning in a capitalist economy where the person with the biggest bag of money gets to do what they want. But that doesn't make it right. And that doesn't mean that peopl
  14. Touche' The complaints from the neighborhood are valid. This area is going to be even more of a hot mess cramming two bars on top of Coltivare. Having live music at a bar that is literally in people's backyards is just a big f u to the neighborhood. If I lived in one of those houses, I would go with the giant erect penis in the backyard to protest. Unfortunately, this all could be seen coming from miles away. When they went after the dry zone, it was obvious that parts of the Heights were going to get packed with bars. When these two bars open, there will be 18 bars and restau
  15. Two different developments. Both will be bars. https://www.theleadernews.com/real_estate/two-upcoming-bars-have-heights-neighbors-on-edge/article_d1a17fe8-5b45-11eb-9290-bbe2bad038f8.html
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