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  1. I looked this morning. Yes, there are grates. No, there aren't 36" pipes leading out of the grates. Maybe 10" at best. Someone screwed up big time on the drainage. Building a parking lot is not hard. Not at all. And you have not stated anything substantive about why Burger Joint could not have been permitted for permeable parking. You are just making guesses and know nothing about it. And I would bet a dollar to a doughnut that Burger Joint didn't even consider it. So, they can swim in their drainage and parking mess. And yes, people on anonymous message boards will revel in their despair all day long.
  2. s3mh

    628 E 11th St

    Looks like Frost Bank bought the property. I would assume they are putting in a bank branch.
  3. https://m.chron.com/entertainment/restaurants-bars/article/Austin-culinary-superpowers-to-open-Loro-an-14884919.php?ipid=mobbreaking chron reporting it too. Huge win for Re-vive.
  4. I have family that is in the restaurant business. They are intimately familiar with the construction business and know everything from ADA compliance to gas pipe sizing. Anyone in the restaurant business who thinks that they can just turn their build out over to a bunch of contractors is going to end up with a parking lot that doesn't drain. I never saw a single drainage grate on that parking lot. It was solid concrete. And it absolutely is permissible per CoH. Hughies did their remote lot with permeable paving. I have no sympathy for anyone coming into the Heights to do business who is not prepared to handle the two biggest issues in our neighborhood--parking and drainage.
  5. I drive by the Burger Joint every day. I watched them put in the parking lot. As soon as it was finished, there was a heavy rain. The parking lot filled with water that did not drain at all. They could have put in a permeable parking pad but chose to add more concrete to our city. They are grown ups and run a store in Montrose that makes a lot of money. If they cannot figure out how to put in a parking lot with proper drainage, I have little sympathy for them.
  6. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/12-04-19-common-bond-bakery-cafe-new-location-the-heights-waterworks/#slide=0 Dec 5 for Common Bond. Interesting that they are moving towards more of a full day services with a brasserie style dinner service.
  7. 277 units. Multifamily madness in the Heights. Adding in the recently announced Domain Heights thing on the old Flame and Forge site, I get about 2000+ units of multifamily in development in the Heights. Just eyeballing it, I think that is about a 100% increase in mid to high rise multifamily units in the Heights.
  8. https://houston.eater.com/2019/11/21/20976150/handies-douzo-houston-heights-opening-handrolls-december-2019 Handies Douzo will open December 1. Common Bond at the Waterworks as seen almost no progress for months but just recently went into overdrive and looks like it could be open in December. Burger Joint built a parking lot with no drainage (or drainage to be added soon). It would make for a nice duck pond at this point.
  9. https://tritenre.com/projects/swift That is a different property. MKT's "Phase 2" is the old Freedman Distributor building. The only info on it is that it will be multifamily. Triten Real Estate is just calling it "Swift" for now. I found the deed for the property on the county clerk's records. The owner of Presto sold the property to FF Realty IV, LLC. This looks to be an entity controlled by Fairfield Residential, which makes sense given the name "Fairfield Shepherd" on the variance sign. They do not have any info on the project on their website yet.
  10. https://www.har.com/homedetail/1642-arlington-st-houston-tx-77008/2971763 Long time Heights residents will recall that there was an Italian restaurant called La Bella Cucina in this house 20+ years ago. La Bella Cucina later moved to the building that currently houses Better Luck Tomorrow. This building has been stucco-ed up on the outside as long as I can remember. The interior design is about what you would expect and is pretty over the top. But there are some amazingly well preserved original woodwork all over the house. That is a nice surprise.
  11. Variance sign is up for a 10' setback for a multifamily project at 580 N. Shepherd. Presto Maintenance Supply sold their company and moved out recently. Keep your eyes peeled for the next planning commission agenda for more details.
  12. https://www.houstontx.gov/mayor/press/public-private-park-improvements.html Love park is on the Mayor's list of 50/50 park partners. No word yet on plans or funding, but hopefully something really big will happen. Love Park has so much potential and could be a big amenity for the Heights if the pool and community center are fixed up.
  13. I think the kind of money that is currently flowing into Houston to build these projects is not at all concerned about short term occupancy rates and whether the oil and gas market is up or down or in between. We are getting big money following into Houston from national and international equity funds. They are more concerned with the movement of interest rates, stock market valuations and national and international real estate trends. Over building in Houston in a low interest rate environment may very well be a better bet than an overvalued stock market or other real estate markets that are overvalued. And gone are the days when local guys would live or die by whether the development leased up within a few years.
  14. Bumping this thread. Please support the Wilde Collection. They met their goal of $50k for donations, but they really need more than that to be able to rebuild quickly and stay in business.
  15. TABC notice in the window for a second location of Shandy's Cafe. That is the hole in the wall place over on Memorial Dr. across the street from Bayou Bend. Not what I was expecting in Houston's hyper foodie driven restaurant market. But it might do well with those who just want something simple and good.
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