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  1. While Houston has no zoning, the Chicken Districting is very specific. Shep/Durhan is a chicken sandwich district. Ella is a chicken finger district. This is why Layne's is going in across the street from Raising Cane's.
  2. This is the website: https://thehighlighthouston.com/ There was a guy in the tunnel putting up a sign for The Highlight today. Only the adult putt putt place and the gaming place have been announced as new tenants.
  3. Centerpoint now owns the land. I guess the Heights needs more power.
  4. I think people in Harris County aren't as partisan when it comes to County Judge. Hidalgo just snuck by Ed Emmett in 2018 (may have lost bust for a libertarian candidate siphoning votes from Emmett). Also, I noticed that the total votes for County Judge were about 20k fewer than for Governor. Another factor might be the removal of straight ticket voting and people who were lazy and did not vote the entire ballot. I am still surprised that Cagle lost. He won fairly handily in 2018. Lesley Briones threw darts at Cagle over abortion and birth control. But who pays attention to county commissioner attack ads. I remember Cagle when he was a county court at law judge. He was terrible. On his motions docket, he would tell stories and crack jokes the whole time. Any actual substantive legal discussions seemed like an afterthought. Or maybe the shift in precinct lines in 2021 made a difference.
  5. This was a lot closer than I though it would be. Not sure whether there is a shift back to the right in Harris County or turnout for Dems was lackluster because of little enthusiasm (or hope) for Beto. On the other hand, Briones over Cagle is a pretty big deal. That leaves only one Republican and no more quorum busting no show tactics.
  6. I miss Honker the Goose.
  7. N. Shep is becoming the next Champs Elysees. A major thoroughfare lined with shops and cafes. And an HEB. But in all seriousness, the Radoms and the Brauns set higher standards in the Heights and you can no longer Ainbinder up a strip mall and get the kind of tenants who are going to be able to pay Heights rents.
  8. This franchise comes from Minnesota. I would put the health habits of the residents of the Twin Cities on a different plane from Cleveland or Indianapolis. And holy rapid expansion Batman. On their website, they are showing a crap ton of new locations across the US. It is a franchise, so probably some big money backing the major expansion.
  9. I would not hold them to that date. Interior of the building has not had much buildout done and is mostly bare studs. Not impossible to knock out an interior build out in a month and be up and running. But I would be surprised to see the doors open on Dec. 1.
  10. Your interpretation of the law would basically mean that no one could ever cross a busy street in a pedestrian friendly shopping area like the two examples I gave. With a steady stream of vehicle, the pedestrian in your interpretation of the law cannot enter the crosswalk as long as another vehicle is approaching and the motorist doesn't have to yield until the pedestrian has taken a step in front of their vehicle. That kind of stupidity may rule in Texas where the motor vehicle is king but it is definitely not the rule in many other states where people actually value pedestrian access.
  11. What strange world do you live in where a sign posted in the street saying "stop" for "pedestrians" would be interpreted to allow a motorist to drive past the crosswalk when pedestrians are waiting to cross? Stop means stop. Pedestrians are people who are on foot not exclusively defined as people who are walking in a crosswalk, but not people waiting to use a crosswalk. I have been to both locations I posted and can verify that police will write you a ticket if you fail to stop when pedestrians are waiting to cross.
  12. How cute. You actually think that police in Houston issue citations for failing to yield to pedestrians and having more police would help pedestrian access. It has been documented that the police are not even enforcing the bike ordinance. And this is just a stupid line of argument when a protected crossing is clearly what we need but the idiots Austin and our city engineering department are stuck with the idea that a protected pedestrian crossing can't go in unless someone has been killed trying to cross the street. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/Houston-safe-passing-bicyclists-ordinance-law-17451596.php
  13. It is how the statutes are put into practice. I have seen signs in CO, VT, MA, WA at crosswalks stating that drivers must stop to allow waiting pedestrians to cross.
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