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  1. The market was founded by and has been run continuously by the Farmers Marketing Association of Houston. Canino's is just a tenant, albeit the most prominent and identifiable vendor. I have heard as many people call it the "Airline Farmer's Market" as the "Houston Farmer's Market" as "Canino's". So, I do not see this as a big name change. Canino's will still be there. I am actually not at all concerned about the upgrades. If the new venture is going to work, they are going to have to strike a balance between the existing vendors and their clientele and the more affluent customers who will be attracted to the promised foodie stuff. The more affluent clientele will not buy enough produce every week to support the produce vendors. People are too dedicated to big box grocers, which are beginning to saturate the area. And then you have people eliminating grocery shopping altogether with instacart and similar services. As good as Urban Harvest and other small local farmer's markets are, there is only enough demand for these markets to be open one day a week. Finally, it will not be a tourist trap like Pike's Place market with people moving through shoulder to shoulder all day long. Thus, the farmer's market cannot rely on upper income earners to sustain the produce market. They will have to keep the existing Spanish speaking and lower and middle income clientele if they want to have enough business to keep the produce market open daily. Hopefully, there will be enough increased demand from upper income clientele to offset the rent increases. Hopefully, it will be a win win. As lively as it is, the current market is in terrible condition. If you park anywhere other than right in front of Canino's you take your life into your own hands trying to cross through the parking lot by the security guard's post. And you buy your kids a mango flower, but there is absolutely no where to sit and eat. And without the new money coming in, odds were pretty good that they would just have to sell and not be able to reopen anywhere.
  2. Moving to the Heights Recommendation

    There are tons of kids in the Heights. Lots of kids are in private school or magnets out of the Heights. So, not going to Travis, Harvard, Field, etc. is not really a big deal. Heights Kids Group on Big Tent is a good place to start making connections with other families. You have to attend a play group or mother's night out to get access to the message board. Otherwise, just take lots of walks in the neighborhood and play out in your front yard and you will meet other families pretty quickly. When a family moves in with kids, other families take notice and try to get their kids over to play. Donovan Park is kid central. But you will also find lots of families out playing at Love, Milroy, Halbert, Proctor and Woodland park. Jaycee Park has a splash pad and a nice playground. A lot of Heights kids do sports at the Foster YMCA, Timbergrove and Norhill little leagues (Timbergrove has softball and soccer). Heights Swim Club is trying to start a membership pool and has social events every now and then for families. There is also the Heights Hammerheads swim team. Pengu is a private indoor pool that has swim lessons. On weekdays, Wonderwild on N. Shep is a great place to play (weekends are only for birthday parties). Discovery Gymnastics is next door. Claire School of Dance has ballet lessons for all ages and some other styles. The Heights Opera does a children's series of light operas for kids. HITS Theater has classes and puts on a few musicals each year with the students. The Brazilian Arts Foundation has Capoeira classes for all ages. There are piles of festivals and events that are either for kids or very kid friendly. The Heights Association hosts the fun run in the summer and bike rally in the fall. There is the Crawfish Festival with a parade down 19th st. The Heights Kids Day of Music is at Love Park in the Spring. Taste of the Heights, White Linen Nights, Lights in the Heights, and a couple of church and school festivals. There are tons of child friendly restaurants. Lots of kids will be playing in the creek at Cedar Creek in Shady Acres (not a fan of the food, but the tap list makes up for that). Crisp in Shady Acres also has an outdoor area where kids will play. Beryhill is a good place to go to watch kids turn feral as their parents get sauced on tequila. Similar scene at King's Bier Haus, but substitute beer for tequila. There are always lots of kids playing on the patio at Presidio. For a nicer meal, Field and Tides, Harolds, Coltivare, and Liberty Kitchen have children's menus (Coltivare will make a pizza or pasta off the menu for kids). As for desert, there is something for every day of the week. Red Desert Dive, Steel City Pops, Gelazzi, Cloud Ten, Fat Cat, Dolce Neve, and Da Capo's. And roll the kids out of bed early for Hugs and Donuts.
  3. It is how the new media landscape works (sort of). In the olden days, magazines and newspapers would get more for their ad space based on their circulation numbers. Now, online publications try to get more money for their ad space by tracking social media activity. So, instead of circulation numbers and numbers of subscribers, online media companies boast about the number of times their content is shared/liked on facebook, twitter, etc.
  4. Greater Mt Zion Missonary Baptist Church @ 835 W 23rd St

    Goddard school expansion, I believe.
  5. 1344 Yale

    The windows were put in about two years ago when it was rumored that a couple from Round Top were going to open some sort of cafe and antique shop. At that time, a whole bunch of junk got cleared out of the interior. The work they are doing right now looks terrible. They are just slopping on some sort of cheap stucco without adequately preparing the surface below. Hopefully, this is just preparation to put some sort of siding over it, like the corrugated metal that all the repurposed strip centers have. But so far, I am not optimistic about the progress being made.
  6. 1344 Yale

    No. Just cinder block. They are slapping on some stucco-ish stuff over it. It looks pretty slap dash. The name on the permit is the property owner, not a new lessee. An the permit is just for exterior demo and knocking out an interior wall. I really doubt the property owner would be doing this just to make the property more marketable for a prospective lessee because it has been sitting there for over a decade without any work done other than putting in new windows about two years ago. I guess we will just have to wait and see how this one plays out. At least something is happening.
  7. 1344 Yale

    Vague rumors about a new restaurant or wine bar going in to this space. There is actual exterior demo work going on right now to strip away the old exterior presumably to renovate for a new venture.
  8. NOLA in the Heights

    George Clogston (www.sashguy.com) is currently the only guy doing high quality historic window restorations in Houston. He has a very long wait list. There may very well be room in the market for someone else. I would recommend getting on nextdoor in the historic districts and keep an eye out for people looking for recommendations on window repair. Too many people will let the local handyman types start hacking away at their windows and doors. Getting to know some of the realtors who do a lot of work in the historic districts can also help. Realtors are always pushing people to do repairs before putting their homes on the market and would probably love it if someone came in and restored all the windows. The vintage furniture/custom design business sounds like it has the most potential to be a good money maker. If you can get in with the interior designers, you can get a lot of work. I am not sure that kind of work would do well as a retail business, but who knows.
  9. Demo permit for the Equipment Depo building. Property was purchased by a Lincoln Property Company entity, but I cannot find any other info. My guess is multifamily given what is happening up the street on Airline.
  10. 2805 White Oak Dr

    I would guess that they might put in additional retail sq ft in the parking lot between Christain's and Barnaby's if they have excess parking spots in the proposed parking tower.
  11. NW Corner of I-10 and Yale St.

    The owner of the nursery is on Nextdoor claiming that he is going to redevelop the property into "one of Houston's largest outdoor entertainment venues including a coffee shop, several bars, food, food trucks , sand volleyball, darts, music venues ,yoga classes, dog park all centered around working greenhouse, pottery, plants, flowers and even a floral area." Hats off to them for a bold redevelopment plan. I always expected a strip center or gas station. But I wonder whether people will want to hang out right under I-10.
  12. 1344 Yale

    This was a bakery long ago, but was being used as a warehouse up until about two years ago. The owner cleaned it out and was supposedly going to lease it to a couple from Round Top who were going to open a cafe and antique shop. Someone put in new windows, but then everything stopped and nothing happened for over a year. A few months ago a new "for lease" sign went up. People who inquired with the owner did not get much of a response. General impression was that the owner was not very motivated to do anything with the property. There has been a little activity recently, but it looks like they are just using part of the property to store stuff. So, this property and the Happy All Cafe remain enigmas of underdeveloped Heights commercial property.
  13. Having a different LLCs for each real estate development is standard and very sound practice. If one project fails, it does not affect the others. Fisher cross collateralized his projects. That effectively negates the liability protection of the different LLCs.
  14. Cause No. 2016-64847, KAVAC Holding Company, LLC v. Paull Partners, LLC et al. Look it up on the Harris County District Clerk's website. Summary: cross collateralized loans, cash crunch, foreclosure, injunction, bankruptcy removal and remand, and enough defendants to field a football team. One. Hot. Mess.
  15. Lack of Restaurant Diversity In the Heights

    Richard Knight is taking over Harold's in the Heights. I liked Chef Ware, but thought that he was phoning it in the past year or two. The menu was a bit watered down (no Beaufort stew) and a little like a high end Luby's. Richard Knight is the best and deserves a good break after the clowns running Treadsack submarined Hunky Dory. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/03-01-18-harolds-heights-new-chef-richard-knight-feast-hunky-dory-alli-jarrett/#slide=0