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  1. There is only one storage place on N. Shep and Durham. Storage facilities are clustered all around each other in Houston. It is just like car dealerships. They want to all be in the same area so you do not have to go far if you don't find what you want at your competition. No one in Woodland Heights is going to pick Big Tex over Storage West because it is barely a mile closer. And screw all the "guy with the biggest bag of money gets to ruin the neighborhood" bs. This is an incredibly stupid use of this property. It does absolutely nothing for the neighborhood.
  2. You are right. When they announced the development of 1111 Studewood almost ten years ago, everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before a seven story storage facility would pop up on 11th St because developers started building apartments almost two miles away. We were pissed about those too.
  3. This property was left out of the Historic Districts. So, the owner was free to demolish it and shame on us for not having it included in the district. But 11th is nothing like 19th and 20th. The majority of the street frontage on 11th is either single family residential or small 1-2 story retail/commercial. This section of the Heights has mostly very small lots abutting 11th and was never destined for densification. And if you think the theater was an eyesore, how in the world is a seven story storage facility an improvement? The owner of this lot could sell the land and probably
  4. This is why forcing everything into going up and off of the relevant neighborhood message board is a major mistake by HAIF. This demo and development pretty much blindsided everyone in the Heights. This is truly the worst project in the Heights since Walmart. It is almost as if this developer is doing this just to piss off people in the Heights. There are at least a half dozen different lots up and down N. Shep and Durham that would work just fine for a storage facility. But it almost seems like someone purposefully sought out a historic building in the middle of the Heights to have
  5. This is great news. Ella is crazy and people in GOOF need to be able to cross safely to get to the White Oak bayou trail and TC Jester park. But what the $^#$#% about 11th St. and Nicholson? I know the city will go on and on about the Transportation Code and the fact that no one has actually been killed (yet). But if the City can get this intersection done on an expedited basis, why not do whatever it takes to get past all the traffic engineers and transp code provisions and just get a freaking pedestrian light at 11th St. and Nicholson already? And no. That road diet thing do
  6. Looks like the bridge can be repaired and replacement is not necessary. Repairs should take 45-60 days once the parks board has permitting approval from the City, corps of engineers and HCFCD. So, the bridge will probably re-open sometime in early 2032 (kidding). Seriously, that seems like really good news. https://theleadernews.com/community/houston-parks-board-assesses-damage-to-pedestrian-bridge-seeks-approval-for-repairs/
  7. It sure looks like this property and the Agricole project at the old Blue Line Bike Lab building are being developed together. Or it could just be that the two properties are letting one another cross the property line between them to make it easier to do the demo/construction work that is going on right now.
  8. Foundation is in. Construction underway. No word on tenants.
  9. Vietnam Restaurant has closed. New venture going in under the business entity Grand Heights, LLC. Judging from the folks behind the LLC, I would guess that it will be more bar oriented, but that is just a guess.
  10. It looks like this property changed hands recently and someone has demoed the Quonset hut on the front part of the property. No clue who the new owners are (just an LLC) or what the plans are for this property.
  11. Bugging CMs and maybe even Shelia Jackson Lee's office. I know many are triggered by the mention of SJL. But if there are federal funds available in a new stimulus bill, SJL is pretty good at bringing home the bacon. If this goes through the usual capital improvement process, it could be a decade before it gets replaced.
  12. I really do not care about this restaurant and this is more Heights adjacent than I usually like to post. I just want to vent at how old this makes me feel. The music and culture I grew up with has now become restaurant kitsch. Not that Duran Duran was great art (Devo was), but I never thought that the 80s were so iconic that we would be doing stuff like this. https://www.chron.com/food/article/80s-themed-Hungry-Like-the-Wolf-diner-heading-to-15650378.php
  13. Possible serial arsonist in the Heights and Lazybrook. The other day I was walking my dog up Ashland and on Ashland between 17th and 18th and saw a vehicle with the gas tank open and the tire below it was flat. There was something burnt in the street. I thought it looked like someone tried to torch the car, but it also looked like it just had a tire blowout badly. Other than the blown out tire, the vehicle wasn't damaged. Well, it looks like someone definitely tried to torch it as this was just a few blocks from a vehicle arson on Harvard and 18th St. on the same day. Someone
  14. The steel truss in the middle of the bridge was just completed a few months ago. They were able to keep the bridge open while they worked on it. Hopefully once they figure out what needs to be done to repair the fire damage they will be able to keep the bridge open while they work on it.
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