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  1. It looks like this property changed hands recently and someone has demoed the Quonset hut on the front part of the property. No clue who the new owners are (just an LLC) or what the plans are for this property.
  2. Bugging CMs and maybe even Shelia Jackson Lee's office. I know many are triggered by the mention of SJL. But if there are federal funds available in a new stimulus bill, SJL is pretty good at bringing home the bacon. If this goes through the usual capital improvement process, it could be a decade before it gets replaced.
  3. I really do not care about this restaurant and this is more Heights adjacent than I usually like to post. I just want to vent at how old this makes me feel. The music and culture I grew up with has now become restaurant kitsch. Not that Duran Duran was great art (Devo was), but I never thought that the 80s were so iconic that we would be doing stuff like this. https://www.chron.com/food/article/80s-themed-Hungry-Like-the-Wolf-diner-heading-to-15650378.php
  4. Possible serial arsonist in the Heights and Lazybrook. The other day I was walking my dog up Ashland and on Ashland between 17th and 18th and saw a vehicle with the gas tank open and the tire below it was flat. There was something burnt in the street. I thought it looked like someone tried to torch the car, but it also looked like it just had a tire blowout badly. Other than the blown out tire, the vehicle wasn't damaged. Well, it looks like someone definitely tried to torch it as this was just a few blocks from a vehicle arson on Harvard and 18th St. on the same day. Someone
  5. The steel truss in the middle of the bridge was just completed a few months ago. They were able to keep the bridge open while they worked on it. Hopefully once they figure out what needs to be done to repair the fire damage they will be able to keep the bridge open while they work on it.
  6. Seems like they were able to put it out quickly once they were able to get hoses down there. The wood is over 100 years old. Hopefully, some fire damage won't affect the structural integrity. They already replaced one of the trestles in the middle of the bridge and did not have to close it down during the work. Fingers crossed. https://theleadernews.com/fire-department-battles-blaze-under-heights-bridge/ https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Fire-erupts-under-White-Oak-Bayou-bridge-15495693.php#photo-19830950
  7. The hike and bike bridge over White Oak Bayou near Studemont is on fire. The fire is on the north side of the bayou. Homeless people have been camping out under the bridge on that side. It looks like that may be where the fire started. I really hope they do not have to close the bridge down. The hike and bike trail is one of the few things we have left to do during the pandemic.
  8. Killen's is opening this week. It will be interesting to see how many restaurants in the pipeline before the virus will be able to open and stay afloat until there is a vaccine. I can see Killen having the resources to book some losses in order to hold on to a prime location. But other one off and smaller ventures may not be able to hang on for very long. I have family in the PNW that owns a restaurant in Seattle. They have only reopened for take out and are basically down to the chef, manager and one sous chef. They are just trying to keep up enough cash flow to keep their lease and hav
  9. I am a card carrying historic preservationist with a yellow yard sign in my closet ready for immediate deployment. I do appreciate keeping the original architecture, but not as passionate about a fairly pedestrian mid century HoJos next to the highway. Whether you demo and build new or lovingly restore a historic building at great expense, when you go from a $35 a night flop house and murder scene to a boutique hotel with a hip restaurant and bar, you are doing some big time gentrification.
  10. https://www.chron.com/entertainment/restaurants-bars/article/Monkey-s-Tail-open-new-bar-Petrol-Station-Houston-15454856.php?cmpid=hpctp New life for Petrol Station location. I would presume that they will be permitted as a restaurant so they do not have to worry about getting shut down due to the virus. I would generally think that opening a new bar or restaurant right now would be insane unless you are prepared to go take out until their is a vaccine. But the Petrol Station property is huge and has lots of room for outdoor dining/drinking, which seems to be significantly safer
  11. The Astro Inn has been gentrified with a capital "G". www.heightshousehotel.com
  12. If you are looking at schools in the Heights, you need to remember that they are all part of HISD and all have to some degree their curriculum affected by STAAR testing. For elementary kids, that means a fair amount of reading random passages and having to answer trick questions and doing lots of math word problems that are poorly worded and difficult to understand. Generally speaking, I do not think that private schools are that much better than HISD, but if I had the money I would seriously think about private school to get away from the garbage that is the STAAR testing curriculum. That
  13. Yes and no. It is all local fruits and veggies, but Central City Coop is the vendor instead of having a bunch of individual farm stands. They also have coffee and other treats. Haven't been in yet, but it looks nice.
  14. Central City Coop took over the space that used to be Steel City Pops on E. 20th.
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