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  1. https://houston.eater.com/2019/4/23/18513166/squable-bobby-heugel-justin-yu-heights-opens?fbclid=IwAR1OhVByRnL7a9DXmrUHQDPLoz7l9hPKbqKneu_LECDYpiVnLtH3JjUCt18 Squable is officially open.
  2. Broadstone Heights Waterworks 309 units Broadstone Tortilla Factory 337 units Greystar apartments on Chase Bank property on 19th St. 400+ units? Uban Genesis 6 1/2 and Oxford 66 units (pending resolution of parking minimums) Slate Heights 281 units That is around 1,400 multifamily units coming in the next 2-3 years for Houston Heights proper. That would just about double the number of units in big multifamily buildings in the Heights.
  3. A lot of the exterior work is complete. It really looks nice. Mercader antiques moved out. It looks like from the brochure that Gen's antiques is also going to leave.
  4. Houston requires development fees for larger developments that do not dedicate sufficient greenspace. Those development fees are supposed to go to HPARD to acquire land for new parks. Under Mayor Parker, HPARD was using the funds for maintaining existing parks. Mayor Parker generally would do what ever she wanted until someone made her stop doing it that way. i do agree with the OP that most of the city is pretty awful when it comes to greenery. The worst offenders are the clear cut housing developments. They are just acres of roofs, concrete, St. Augustine and the occasional shrub or tiny live oak transplant.
  5. Squable (one "b") had some sort of preview or soft opening last night. Haven't seen a website or social media page, but Justin Yu's instagram has a few hints that it is opening very soon.
  6. Verdine is now open. Very snappy decor for a casual vegan restaurant. Nice to see as so many vegan places are little holes in the wall. Balls Out Burger has closed. Never went there. So, cannot tell whether it was just lame or whether we are getting to saturation on certain offerings.
  7. When motorists go flying down the bridge, they kill people. When cyclists fail to obey traffic laws, they get killed. Arguing against much needed pedestrian and cyclist safety infrastructure on the grounds that cyclists need to obey the law first just shows the pro car/anti pedestrian bias that has been endemic in Houston and has given us a city that is rapidly adding density without any options for transportation other than motor vehicles and infinite traffic jams (and smog).
  8. Right here. IH is right about where I thought it would be about five years later. Some momentum gaining in the townhome/patio home market with most units selling in the $250-325k range. Some supply and demand pulling against each other as property owners are cashing out and clearing lots to sell. 4k sq ft lots that were going for $40-60k are now going for $60-80k. Larger lots that can be divided up are getting a bit more per sq ft. IH is about where Cottage Grove was about 15-20 years ago. A fair amount of cheap townhomes going up and not much else. i do know someone who bought a townhome in IH. She could only afford @$275k and wanted to stay near downtown and GOOF. IH is a good value because you get new construction about as cheap as anywhere in the area. But the neighborhood still has a long way to go. The tear down activity has definitely helped clear out a lot of the crackheads, but flurf still goes down in the neighborhood every now and then. And there are still lots of stray dogs running around. I expect that development will continue on about the same pace for the next five years. People have a lot of choices for close in gentrifying neighborhoods. 3rd and 5th wards are about in the same position as IH. Industrial areas of GOOF are getting converted to multifamily and higher end townhomes. So, the fact that Cottage Grove, Shady Acres and other Greater Heights favorites for townhome development are filling up doesn't mean that IH is going to get any better than it currently is. Near northside is much farther along with renovated bungalows getting $400k+. Your dollar would have gone further had you bought in the near northside 5 years ago.
  9. https://www.click2houston.com/news/it-was-very-hard-witness-family-member-recall-victims-in-deadly-heights-crash
  10. So, it is tough luck for the guy in the wheel chair and the good Samaritan who both got mowed over trying to cross the street because there are a few cyclists who run stop signs? And what is the harm to drivers when cyclists do not obey the law? You have to pay attention when you are driving in a residential neighborhood and anticipate what other people might do? You may have to press on the brake suddenly? Oh, wait. I know. You have to go slower and can't plow through residential neighborhoods as fast as you want.
  11. Apparently, the victim was trying to help someone in a wheelchair who was struggling to get across the street at W 10th and North Shepherd. There actually is a painted crosswalk at 10th and Shepherd because there is a bus stop at the SE corner of Shepherd and 10th. There should be a light at that crosswalk as it is insane to expect people to cross 4 lanes of Shepherd with people flying down the bridge over the bayou going 45-50 mph. But I would assume that the same reason the city won't put a light at the bike path at 11th and Nicholson would prevent a light at the crossing at 10th and Shep. I believe it is something to do with traffic control design and the transportation code. Houston and the State of Texas need to seriously update the laws and infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. We keep pouring more and more people into urban areas with street grids that were designed for a city about a fourth of the size of Houston and with inner loop density closer to that of the suburbs.
  12. You are a troll. You cannot swap out the prairie habitat for various ponds and waterways in a forest environment. The main reason so many ducks, geese, waders, etc. flock to the prairie is for food. Prairie pot holes and wetlands are full of food for these birds. Bugs, seeds, plant tubers, grains, berries, insects, earthworms, mice, snakes, lizards, frogs and crayfish are in abundance in prairie habitats but do not exist in woodland environments, even when there are ponds, streams, etc. Just go to the Katy Prairie or Brazoria NWR in the spring and then go to a wooded area and compare the number of ducks, geese, etc. that you see. Passerines do not need the prairies. They generally will stop to rest north of I-10 in wooded areas when migrating when wind currents are favorable. The coastal "migrant traps" are critical when there are fall out conditions. But, again, you will do way more harm getting rid of prairie habitat than any benefit gained from adding wooded habitat when it comes to birds. Forests and prairies are both great for water quality. But you want a prairie up against your coastal estuary environment because it is much better at withstanding floods/droughts than forested land. That is why you see wooded areas further inland and closer to waterways with prairies filling up the rest of the land mass in natural areas like Brazoria, San Bernard and McFaddin NWR. If you rip out prairie and replace it with a forest that dies off in a drought, you will have a big ecological mess on your hands.
  13. You are almost trolling at this point, but I will bite. Native prairie grasses have very deep and dense root systems that are very spongy. When you get heavy rains, the prairie grasses are very good at soaking up the rain and the density of the grasses and their root systems keeps the soil from eroding in runoff. Also, the dense root systems are very good at filtering out pollutants. The filtering capacity of prairies is far superior to forests as the roots are less dense and there is more runoff and erosion. Ducks, geese, sandhill cranes, whooping cranes, and other wading birds need wetlands. Prairies are full of wetland environments that are critical habitat for these birds. Warblers, sparrows, finches, flycatchers, etc. do need forests, but there is no benefit to these birds in expanding forests by eliminating prairies.
  14. The coastal prairies south of I-10 help set up the water quality and the environment for the coastal estuaries. The coastal estuaries are responsible for about half of the seafood production for the Gulf of Mexico fisheries. If you replace these prairies with forests, the estuaries will suffer. That is why so much work has been done to try to fight off Chinese Tallow trees. The prairies north of I-10 are critical habitat for migratory waterfowl. Houston is a choke point on the North American Migratory Flyway. Significant habitat loss in our area has national implications.
  15. I have always wondered whether we could solve or at least significantly mitigate our flooding problems if we converted everyone's lawns to mini bioswales planted with prairie grasses and other long rooted/spongy plants. The runoff rate from St. Augustine is pretty dismal. I also wish people would do more with natives and xeriscaping and stop making every yard and greenspace look the same. I had monkey grass and creeping jasmine in a shady spot in my backyard. I pulled it out and replaced it with inland sea oats and Cherokee sedge. It looks great. It is lush and green. The inland sea oats are deciduous but grow back in spectacular fashion every spring. I have never had to fertilize and only had to water them the first few weeks after transplanting. Yet, it is almost impossible to find Cherokee sedge and very rare to find inland sea oats at even the garden shops that hold themselves out as selling natives.
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