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  1. The quote above, from 2009, shows how much things have changed in four years. Back then, that number of apartments coming on the market was considered by some people to be a glut, but compared to what is coming on the market now, it feels like it was just a trickle.
  2. Don't get too excited. I believe it isn't funded yet.
  3. This reminds me that when the Galleria first went up 'experts' said it would fail because Houstonians would never park in a garage to go shopping.
  4. I'm just glad to see that thing torn down. I guess it was considered modernistic at the time it was constructed, but it's a style of architecture I have never cared for.
  5. The writing is on the wall. The land values between Buffalo Bayou and 59 South, all the way from downtown to the loop, are going to go up. They have already gone up in the past year. This will cause rents to rise and will cause more older structures to be torn down. There is nothing special about Westcreek and if it is a good business decision then it should come down. I know it sucks if you're a renter, but if I were the owners I would be trying to do everything possible to maximize my profits. Whatever you decide to do, I hope things work out for you.
  6. I have nothing to add, except to say that this is one of my all-time favorite HAIF threads. I hope it keeps on going.
  7. I've never tried them, but I love their radio commercials, and I generally hate most radio commercials. The guy that does them has a very hypnotic voice IMO.
  8. Wow, I remember when this project was first announced almost 5 years ago. Hard to believe it isn't fully up and running yet. It looks beautiful, though. Definately worth the wait.
  9. I just went browsing over to Dallasmetropolis.com and I wasn't there for five minutes before I came across a condo project that was advertising itself as "the place to see and be seen". To me, that ad is a metaphor for what is wrong with Dallas. Far too many people up there seem to be into "image". In my opinion, you don't see near as much of that fakery in Houston. It will be interesting to see whether the younger generation in Dallas move away from that attitude.
  10. Maybe they're desperate for money and they are selling the trees for firewood.
  11. A lot of the Washington corridor is so close to Memorial that it could just as easily be called the Memorial corridor. Ten years ago this area had seen almost no development in years. Now it is booming. I think that it may be generating its own momentum at this point. In other words, each new development is creating more beauty and utility in the area. In the next ten years, we should see more high rises and mid rises, as well as more commercial development. The only question is whether it is more correct to call it Washington or call it Memorial. I think it needs a snappy new moniker. Since it includes Washington Ave and starts at the Municipal Courts, maybe we should call it WaMu. I hear the name is available. Off topic, I have thouroughly enjoyed reading ALL the comments on this thread and am glad the mods haven't moved them. Great thread.
  12. If the area along the Gulf freeway between downtown and Loop 610 ever starts developing more than it is now, I predict this will be one of the last places developed. Mainly because the trains that come along there seem to be having a contest with each other over who can blow their whistles the longest and the loudest. Not conducive to gentrification IMO. However, if the city made an agreement with the RR's like they made for the tracks on the westside, and if the trailer park owners ever decided to sell, that could be some valuable property: a large patch of land near the freeway and just ten minutes from downtown.
  13. I got the following from Swamplot. It's from a previous Chron story.There's a lot more over there if you care to look. Like I said, the Chronicle's reporting on this has not been stellar. I believe commisioner's court is being less than frank about the situation, and the Chron needs to point it out in every article they do. The issue is not the hotel. In the latest installment of the Chronicle
  14. In my opinion there is a lot of confusion about this convention hotel project. The Rodeo and the Texans are not against it. What they are against is the attempt to sneak an amusement park in along with the hotel. I have been unable to determine whether the original proposal to the county was intended to be for a hotel only, or whether the poposal got changed. But at this point there doesn't seem to be a proposal on the table for a CONVENTION HOTEL ONLY. Maybe the hotel people were trying to pull a fast one from the beginning. Or maybe they got the idea for the amusement park later. But one thing is certain: the amusement park would impact the revenues of the Rodeo and because of traffic issues probably the Texans too. Every time the Chron does an article on the Dome, this CENTRAL amusement park issue just seems to get pushed into the background. I partly blame the politicians for this. The more they can confuse the casual followers of this matter, the more pressure they think they can put on the Rodeo and Texans to cave in. But I also blame the Chron. This has always been the central issue and the Chron shouldn't allow it to be fuzzed over.
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