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  1. The site plan at the link is about as good as it could be - buildings up against Durham, which is even showed as 3 lanes with the bike lane as planned. If only those cowards at the City would make Shepherd/Durham a transit corridor (or at least part of a Walkable Places district), this kind of development wouldn't just depend on the good will of particular developers.
  2. They have to stop using "early winter" as a description for when something will be finished. Once again, from context, it's clear this means early spring of 2023.
  3. Texasota

    1223 W 11th

    I cannot abide that name.
  4. I would like to hear more about these potential tacos.
  5. I think it's just a marker - the building itself has no sort of protected status (and in fact was basically rebuilt when it became Uchi)
  6. Uh, as much as I like this development I really hate the idea of the old Felix building being torn down.
  7. Right now you can add one garage apartment (and only one) and you have to provide parking for it. They're talking about allowing multiple units and relaxing or eliminating some parking requirements.
  8. HCC is a public entity on publicly owned land. Of course they want to minimize their risk, but picking and choosing who is able to access their campus is not a reasonable expectation. Also, I don't see how someone on a bike is any more likely to litter or vandalize than anyone else.
  9. Also would be a good move. I actually lived in a 3 unit garage apartment (built in the 30s) when I first moved to Montrose. Affordable, great location, good neighbors. More please.
  10. removing parking requirements from garage apartments would be a great (albeit small) step. I hope the ADU updates go a lot farther than that though.
  11. Never mind. it looks like that block of Holman will just be a shared street at first. whomp whomp
  12. I believe the bike plan had it running along Austin until Alabama, which, through HCC, has plenty of space for bikes and pedestrians. If the signage currently has it moving to that one block of (what used to be) Winbern to Alabama, my guess is that was always intended to be temporary. Because that is definitely just a sidewalk. Interestingly, the bike plan GIS page appears to have been updated with the new route: Houston Bike Plan Network (arcgis.com) It shows it turning at Holman then going down La Branch. Which is fine, but it also shows them initially putting in bike lanes on exactly one block of Holman. Which will be weird.
  13. not sure we need a thread for every strip center in town unless there's a serious redevelopment planned. Otherwise that's pretty much all this forum would be. Thread after thread about one mediocre strip mall or another.
  14. Appreciate that the site plan has no driveways onto mcgowen
  15. I think the Heights/Yale station is another to voice strong support for - the Walmart and Sprouts parcels are trash but surrounding development is really starting to get rolling and I could see them being redeveloped in the foreseeable future.
  16. Ooooh, renderings of all the potential station locations: METRORapid-Inner-Katy-Station-Workshop-Presentation-080321.pdf (ridemetro.org) I would really like to see more stations than previously proposed.
  17. The full block seems too big for 71 rooms. I could see them keeping all the houses facing W Main and using the rest of the block though. Or maybe that's just what I'd prefer they do. Or maybe they even keep some of the existing buildings and convert them for use by the hotel. Somebody get me a site plan!
  18. Oh hey, the neighborhood with zero negative impacts and only improvements supports it. That's so weird.
  19. I'm slightly reassured by the fact that their other two projects are 3773 Richmond and 4306 Yoakum. They're both great examples of "good enough" infill - which is is to say much better than they could have been and genuinely beneficial to the Richmond corridor's (potential) developing urbanism. I'm also very happy to see that the building itself does actually appear to face Montrose, and the hulking garage faces Yoakum.
  20. St. Thomas appears to be involved, so the location makes sense. These renderings look real bad though. Not just in the "giant parking garages facing Montrose Boulevard" are bad kinda way. In a "these renderings look like they were done by first year students, and not good ones" kinda way.
  21. Eh, I'd like to know more about what exactly this group is. That banner doesn't scream "grassroots" to me. From their website, it looks like they're operational in Houston and New York so far.
  22. Ok, I know this is kinda rude, but for the sake of legibility and breaking up large blocks of text: Seems I read something about Hardy Yards getting back on track, although our study group deemed most all the "complete" and "liveable" plans on file with the city's planners, developers and assorted interested entities incomplete and unlivable. Currently we're working with LISC and greater opportunity (GO) neighborhood Northline, a project announced end of 2019 at the 10 year conclusion of GO neighborhood northside. After losing nearly 2 years with the pandemic, shutdown and economic downturn, just as things started to resume we began experiencing big problems with northside's cdc- playing catch up commingling northside/northline - and to save a few bucks, trying to import northside plans/initiatives- some which run counter to our own preferences and priorities. Seems we solved it through the city's dept of neighborhood, though with the city's once prominent "super" neighborhood program broken and outdated (37 of 88 defunct and about half of the remaining 51 inactive) it's going to get messy again. We launched "proposed super neighborhood #45 northline/northside" this year, just in time to learn the alliance hired kindred/rice to split us up like spring branch into several smaller communities and without our input or approval (because we're defunct). About half the working group wants to fight and remain a huge territory, while our "micro to macro" community building team suggests dividing it by zip code (77076, 77022, 77091) would be fair. Anyway, not much can happen until the census data's out and redistricting takes place. No coincidence, northline being the biggest, poorest and last to be gentrified- with 60k residents stakeholders to engage. you'd think GO neighborhood would feature more prominently into the picture but oddly, many businesses and developers seem oblivious to what's going on until construction starts outside their door. Doesn't help that metro keeps going back and forth with their rail plans- when we'd settle for benches and covered shelters for our #56 bus. Hang in there with northside- things took off quickly and the sloppy cdc is being reformed. As for marketing hype and stupid nicknames, branding is going to be a nightmare. It's "greater" northside on some maps and northside on others- our map extending down I45 all the way to hidden valley and over to acres homes (shepherd/tidwell) refers to our massive territory as "northline/northside", while large parts of airline business district and greenspoint refer to their neighborhood's as traditional "northside". Hopefully your area sticks with "greater" northside:)
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