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  1. Eh, pretty sure LA (the city itself) is double that again. LA is surprisingly dense (11,000-12,000 psm)- in line with DC and Philly.
  2. Is the school a block up still actually used? If not, another great spot for apartments. Other good spots: The rest of the block between Dart, the tracks, and the newer townhouses Block surrounded by Dart, Colorado, Edwards, and Johnson Giant parking lot east of Winter Street Studios Block between henderson, winter, white, and summer Block between Hickory, Dart, and the fire station Area north of Elder Street Lofts Area between Elder St, Dart, 45, and Ecclesia Industrial land between Houston, Spring, and I-10 Some of the other remaining industrial land north of Spring St Suburban nonsense between Crockett, Sawyer, and I-10 Chick-Fil-A
  3. Texasota

    511 Main St.

    ugh. better than vacant I guess.
  4. This seems like a really great project. Now I just want a site plan. That's like 90% of what I want, 90% of the time. Renderings are great, but show me that site plan!
  5. Wow. I want to see a site plan, but this is much better than I was expecting. And a lot better than the rendering above, which was already better than I was expecting given the neighborhood.
  6. The Gulfton circulator has relatively low frequencies, and Gulfton has vastly higher population density than the Heights.
  7. Exactly. They're just cars. And brand new VWs aren't particularly cheap and are *absurdly* expensive to maintain. Also don't think too hard about who originally qualified as "people" in the eyes of VW.
  8. Hmmm. Who would this be for exactly? Is this intended as a uni-directional loop, or a true two-way bus line? What do you imagine the headways being? I definitely think transit could be improved in the Heights, but I can't honestly imagine in what situation I would ride this loop. What I *can* imagine is riding the existing bus lines *if* they were much higher frequency. One way to help do that might be to identify legs of existing bus lines that could be combined to either create a virtual loop, or add a separate bus route that has the effect of increasing service on those specific section of existing routes. It's not perfect, but an example new loop that takes advantage of existing service might be: The 85 along Washington to Shepherd/Durham - the 27 along Shepherd/Durham to 20th - the 26th along 20th to Airline - a spur of Airline to the farmers market - the 56 down Studewood to 11th - the 30 down 11th to Heights Blvd - the 40 down Heights to Washington.
  9. The great thing about that story is that nobody got seriously hurt, so I can just revel in pure, unadulterated schadenfreude. A ship full of luxury cars on fire in the middle of the ocean feels like the only good thing to happen in 2022 so far.
  10. They post the meeting agenda the Friday before on the Plat Tracker website - it includes all the variance requests, often with drawings/renderings.
  11. That building looks like at least a fourplex, so it's less an increase in density than it is replacing naturally affordable housing with significantly larger, more expensive units.
  12. It's super dated looking. It's not hideous, and it's better than a vacant lot, but the real promise of this development is the whole plan. This first building is ...underwhelming.
  13. Yeah at least the old apartments are still occupied (right?) Redeveloping the giant vacant lot is definitely the first priority and will huge for creating a real corridor along West Dallas.
  14. What? What does that even mean? I also completely disagree with you overall - Market Square Tower benefits from not having a parking podium, but I find it genuinely oppressive because of its lack of engagement with the sidewalk and that dumb driveway. I hate parking podiums, but I kind of love this one. It's vaguely deco, massive but with interesting detailing, and generally one of the best examples of a parking podium I've ever seen. And I love the way the balconies are handled on the tower itself. Is the building perfect? Absolutely not. But I'm generally happy with how it's turned out.
  15. Wow that's fantastic. Especially nice to see some residential muscling in to the offices and parking garages part of downtown.
  16. 10? Take a look at the Bicycle Advisory Committee's most recent meeting materials: PowerPoint Presentation (houstonbikeplan.org) What's nice is that it collates *everything* currently underway, including stuff being implemented by the TIRZs, management districts, METRO, parks board, etc. City CIP: 18 projects in planning or early construction Harris County: 28 projects (incl some outside the city) in planning or early construction Parks Board: 20 projects METRO: 4 projects Westchase: 1 project Memorial Heights: 8 projects Montrose: 5 projects TIRZ 17: 1 project East End: 3 projects Old Sixth Ward/Washington: 2 projects TXDOT: 3 projects
  17. 19th st. Main St. through Midtown. South side of University in the Village. Harrisburg. Gray between Bagby and Wilson. A version of it as a short term, low-cost approach to Lower Westheimer and Washington would be nice. A complete rebuild of the street is a big project, but maybe some paint and bollards in the meantime?
  18. Yeah, turned out much better than I expected. It needs a tree though.
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