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  1. On 5/18/2023 at 2:41 PM, Amlaham said:

    Idk if this has already been posted/discussed before, but Midtown TIRZ created funding for a cap park over i69 between Midtown and the Museum District. The dates are obviously off, but the important thing is that they plan on funding the park! 

    Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 1.04.39 PM


    Good to see confirmation, but this one was always going to happen. Midtown is well funded and good at planning. 


    My big concern is the N Main cap.

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  2. Are you talking about the detached garages facing the alley between Waverly and Ashland? 

    Or do you mean the proposed houses?

    Given the alley I'm hoping that sign is just showing a generic development. Having the garages facing Waverly rather than the alley would be an atrocity.

  3. Yep. And technically alumni actually only refers to men. Multiple Judies Cook would be alumnae.

    But I'm fine with removing that distinction. It's a dumb thing to gender and just makes life harder.

    Singular vs. plural is a meaningful distinction though. 

  4. I'm not talking about the FBI building. I'm talking about X Houston, the building this thread is about.

    The original design was better, but the planning commission did not grant them a variance for it.

    In other words, this design is an explicit response to development regulations as applied by the City.

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  5. Eh, in some ways it's a convenient shorthand for knowing what a person's context/perspective is, especially if they give you a blank look when you try to be more specific (Rice Village, Montrose, "Downtown" Downtown).

    I do think there's value in talking about the city proper/inside the loop + uptown/the historic city/whatever as a distinct thing, and Downtown is easier for people than even "inside the loop" (which is maybe too restrictive anyway).

    It's annoying, but I understand why it happens and I'm not sure what the best alternative would be. 


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  6. Lots of people who travel regularly (especially for business) end up with a preferred hotel chain for points reasons. That translates to Marriott, IHG, Hilton, Hyatt, etc. 

    That can end up being a surprisingly strong influence in hotel choice.

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