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  1. No I get it. I don't think "cheese and wine" is exactly the issue though - Light Years is a good example of a place that still feels like Montrose. 

    Montrose Cheese and Wine is borderline for me - it doesn't have *quite* enough personality. 

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  2. One of the issues with tracking population change inside the loop is that the NE quarter has had huge amounts of population loss. The complete destruction of the Lyons Ave commercial corridor and hollowing out of Fifth Ward is still being felt, even as the west side densifies, the near east transforms from industrial to residential, Magnolia Park has remained stable, and Riverside/Riverside Terrace/Washington Terrace remain stable. Plus the core of Third Ward hasn't been *that* much better off than Fifth Ward.

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  3. No such thing as too much Mexican food, but this is specifically described as Tex-Mex. That could go either way. Could be a good sign they're going for something specific and local... or could be a very bad sign.

    Or could just be decent Tex-Mex I suppose, which... seems fine? "So much more than" a Mexican restaurant kinda gets my hackles up.

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  4. It might be because it will be easier to make the turn onto Ennis from Blodgett than Wheeler:

    Blodgett is already widened at that point and the lot at the NW corner is vacant. They can acquire vacant land to build the curve rather than encroaching onto (and probably acquiring outright) someone's house.

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