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  1. The red line is extremely convenient, as is the 82 bus. That, in combination with the planned University and Inner Katy BRT lines, along with easy bike access to the Heights, makes this a pretty convenient place to be without a car. 

    But this is somewhat subjective. I don't enjoy having to drive everywhere, so if there are halfway decent alternatives I will usually take them. 

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  2. I would love to see the old public housing buildings clustered around Valentine Way retained (so 12 buildings). If you havent seen them in person (which would not be surprising because the complex is gated), they are genuinely very cool, and that core set gives you the community buildings, reasonably dense housing, and an allee of old growth oaks. 

    I'd also like to see the bakery building south of that razed so Valentine Way can be extended to Dallas/reconnected. Half the land to the immediate east is part of the public housing complex; the half facing Dalla is not. Consolidate those lots and build an 18 story mixed use building with a small grocer on the ground floor. That will provide enough new housing to provide places to live while you start redeveloping the rest of the complex, re-establishing a real street grid, and removing the fencing and gates.

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  3. I mean, I'm not making this up. It was actually listed in the National Register as the San Felipe Courts historic district in the 80s. 

    Here's the listing: San Felipe Courts Historic District_02/16/1988 (archives.gov)

    Now, since it was listed close to half of the contributing buildings were torn down and replaced with the other lower quality stuff that's there now, so the integrity of the district has definitely been compromised. But, as I said, 18 buildings remain.

    Their relationship to Freedmen's Town is... complicated, since they were pretty explicitly built as housing for *white* families, but of course their occupancy has changed significantly over time. 

  4. Ok don't forget that "the City" is not a single entity, even though it has been functioning much more like one over the last 5 years or so. You can have a plan created by the Planning Department that's at odds with what has been in development at Public Works (for example). 

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  5. I'm not just talking about the hardiboard (although the original siding is a basic beveled lap that's easy to find). They replaced original windows with decorative lite patterns with cheap flange-mount vinyl. 

    It's not just that I think the new materials look worse. They went super cheap. Not a great sign. 

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