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  1. I don't think the Afton Oaks whiners are the only consideration here. Using Metro ROW has to make things *much* simpler and cheaper, and I can understand why they'd want to switch to it as soon as possible. I wish they had taken it all the way to the utility ROW though.
  2. I was there on Sunday and it was pretty full with a surprising (to me at least - it was very windy) number of people just hanging out on the roof. All the food I tried was excellent, and apparently the vendors are having issues with having under-ordered for the demand they've been getting.
  3. Weird to me that the station in segment 3 just east of the Wheeler transit center isn't further east at Almeda/ closer to Young Womens' College
  4. This is not an upgrade. This is replacing a mediocre (but ok) late midcentury building with a trash building I can only describe as "chaotically boring". It's not even any bigger!
  5. But why is that a problem? Do you have your own off-street parking?
  6. https://ridemetro.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?view_id=5&clip_id=2216&meta_id=57023
  7. Would it be possible to spin this discussion off into its own thread at this point?
  8. Huh. Not much out there now, but this cannot possibly be a healthy place to live.
  9. I have spent a lot of time on the road in hotels. I would typically be the most likely of my colleagues to want to check out local places - most of them just wanted to get whatever was easiest and go back to their hotel. If it was an extended stay we might plan something once or twice a week. Traveling for work can be weirdly exhausting, and the novelty can very quickly get old. My wife lived at the Rice when we met. Places downtown quickly became regular haunts. Public Services (RIP). The sushi place on the ground floor of the Rice. Honeymoon/Boomtown. Pastry War. La Carafe. I was 100% in favor of more hotels downtown, but we have them now. And if that's all we get from now on, downtown will just get more touristy, generic, and boring. We need people who live there and have a stake in it. People who are willing to try a place twice or go somewhere they don't recognize.
  10. I think you're overestimating how much hotel guests go out and underestimating how much permanent residents do. But either way, permanent residents support a much broader array of businesses than hotel goers can. And it would be a different conversation if we were lacking in hotel rooms, but we really aren't. And that's not even counting the planned hotel conversion at the post office or the W or whatever.
  11. Except do we really need more hotels downtown at this point? What downtown still needs is full-time residents. Progress has been made, but ultimately downtown needs thousands more residents.
  12. Either way - that's too far to seriously argue that it has light rail access.
  13. Now we are getting some real details on the building itself. This is going to be beautiful.
  14. It was fine. Maybe tone down the pessimism for a little while.
  15. I think the ground level looks better/more contemporary, and it's definitely more pedestrian friendly than a 15 year old building would likely be. And I like the shape - it will never be the crown jewel of the skyline, and in fact is seriously overshadowed by its residential neighbor, but it's pretty solid.
  16. Philadelphia is in much better shape than St. Louis and Detroit, and has been gaining back population for the last decade or so. I don't think it's fair to say that it looks like somebody "nuked" it. It's no Baltimore.
  17. The Royalton is a block away. 3331 D'amico is a block away. AIG is a block away. The Sovereign is a 5 minute walk. I agree that the podium is a disappointment, but I don't think the argument that the building is too tall is very convincing.
  18. Eh, except for high speed rail. Look at the stations in Spanish cities - they are *not* terribly close to the center of town. Zaragoza is particularly inconveniently located, but even Barcelona's station is in Sants rather than a central neighborhood. It's a practical result of the kinds of geometry and dedicated ROW you need for high speeds.
  19. I'm not sure "neighborhoods where there are lower rise buildings with active pedestrian activity" really applies to this location. Close to 400 residential units will do a lot to help with making the area more walkable though, especially if Waugh can get some much-needed work. That said, I agree that parking podiums with zero retail are a pretty bad compromise. But this project is still overall very positive.
  20. Nicollet Mall, like Columbia Heights in DC , is a full-size Target in an urban format. Which would be great of course. I still want an urban Ikea. also a Muji.
  21. "a cloud-based system for delivering hot water to buildings without water heaters" ...what...
  22. Do more than hope! Make sure the Planning Commission knows a neighbor supports this project. The loudest voices are typically from people complaining about parking.
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