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  1. But hot dogs and cold cuts are still basically trash foods. This just seems like a waste of this building.
  2. I would have said it was only prohibited downtown
  3. This sort of development drives me crazy. Get back to me when the giant parking lots are replaced with apartments, townhouses, and the occasional garage. Walkability should not be a destination you have to drive to.
  4. people can be allowed some hyperbole. 900 across 50 states is not very many, especially considering they're more concentrated in some areas than others. Easy enough to go years between seeing them.
  5. Good for wherever Fulshear is. *I mean that less sarcasticly than it sounds*
  6. This is such a great project. It just needs a 39 story tower in that leftover parking lot.
  7. I'm sure I qualify as a "Regent Square apologist", but this is pretty unimpressive. It wouldn't take *that* much to make this space look a lot more inviting, but the fact that the restaurant owners didn't bother (along with the loss of the original team) really makes this look poorly managed.
  8. You're talking about these things as ors when they should clearly be ands.
  9. This is such a well thought out concept. Hopefully this is a prototype for future work too.
  10. Kids should not be allowed indoors. Indoor activities should be a privilege of adulthood; kids should play in the bayou as god intended.
  11. That would be a huge Trader Joe's and pretty much a full size Target.
  12. Westheimer doesn't need an LRT extension. It needs a subway.
  13. That's ridiculous. It's hundreds of homes in a perfectly fine building. Is it less than it should have been? Absolutely. But it's a whole hell of a lot better than a vacant block.
  14. I'm always a fan of high-end cars getting smashed, but pedestrian safety needs to be a priority here. Midtown as a whole would benefit from a light or stop signs at *every* intersection. Nearly every intersection downtown is signalized, and it really helps a lot despite massively wide streets.
  15. They do not. Those cowards at the Planning Department didn't make the 82 a transit corridor.
  16. There are other colors in addition to white, black, natural brick, brown, and beige. And this "urban farmhouse" white/black scheme is already a bit dated.
  17. Yeah it looks cheaper than would be ideal, but the scaling, site plan, and lack of parking? I love it. Give me hundreds more of these (with maybe better exterior finishes and balconies).
  18. Huh. I don't agree. I like the way they screened it and the big double height entrance area with its forest of columns. It's a still a giant parking podium, but I've seen much worse.
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