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  1. Do we know what the ceiling heights are? Could changing the mechanical/HVAC systems effectively increase them?
  2. Wait, why am I just the assistant? At least give me the dignity of being someone on the board!
  3. and out of that we get what might be the most important infrastructure project in the country.
  4. I actually like the original building. It's subtle, but there are some nice details with the frame around the second story windows and the shape of the ground floor awning. They should have played off those midcentury details, rather than stripping anything unique off the buildings.
  5. Honestly it's narrow even for that, especially since it backs up on a wall. You need circulation/loading space, and all of that would have to be from the neighboring lot.
  6. I don't see it in the COA tracker.
  7. It's cool to see this project alongside other international rail projects on Webuild's website: https://www.webuildgroup.com/en/projects/sustainable-mobility/webuild-s-railways It's very refreshing to see the kinds of partners Texas Central is working with - partners that operate at international standards.
  8. Mildly disappointing rendering: https://www.wolf-cp.com/properties/742-e-20th-street
  9. For what it's worth, I don't see any Certificate of Appropriateness applications (from the last couple of years) for the building pending, denied, or approved. So it's not a question of what they're "allowed" to do, at least in terms of the historic ordinance. Given that they want to extend the storefront where the damage was anyway, I wonder if they're intentionally not repairing it while they finalize plans and permitting. Of course they will *definitely* need a COA for that.
  10. It's ok. But in this neighborhood, that's disappointing! More people is absolutely good, but each mediocre building that goes up is a missed opportunity to do something really special. This is fine, but it aint special.
  11. I get my Maggi's at H Mart, as God intended.
  12. I guess for me the balance is with Whole Foods and Phoenicia (spices!) not to mention 99 Ranch, H Mart, etc. I also just dont like the layout of Central Market, so I generally find the experience less pleasant.
  13. I can't be the only person who prefers the hybrid style HEBs to Central Market, can I? I can't think of any reason to go to Central Market rather than the HEBs on Washington or West Alabama.
  14. Hopefully they don't turn out like 850 McKee at least. Filled with confidence in these people I am not.
  15. Disagree. Two towers gained a few floors and the tallest tower became a little less funky. And the pedestrian bridge *which was always a bit gimmicky* went away. As value engineering goes, this is not bad at all.
  16. yeah this has really taken a nosedive in ambition and quality.
  17. ...did you look at the PDF? There are multiple confirmed and pending tenants: Salon Lofts Golf Academy (pending) General Dentist (pending) Tin Drum Asia Cafe Maldives Nails? (pending)
  18. It looks they want to do Washington at least in 2 phases. They can add protected bike lanes, nicer bus stops, curb bulb-outs, etc relatively quickly. Expanding the sidewalks along the whole street would require a complete rebuild of the street and take quite a bit of time and money. I would rather see them do something better than what's there now sooner and plan to upgrade it in the future than wait who knows how long for a full rebuild.
  19. It looks like Woodhead frontage will work too. It will be very interesting to see if the developer opts in. My head says they won't, but my heart says they will.
  20. East End Management District would be a good option I would think. Not for the whole trail, but at least their portion.
  21. Who's they? The City? I don't think they have before, but this would be a great opportunity to do something more interesting. I just don't know what else "higher density" could mean if they're planning all single family, unless only the market rate stuff is single family and the affordable stuff is condos. Even then, I would think the single family stuff would at least be semi-detached (twins) rather than all detached.
  22. A fully built out rowhouse neighborhood would be great, and pretty easy to integrate multiple affordability levels into.
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