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  1. This looks genuinely great. Trees are shown on both sides of the (sidewalk-level!) bike lanes which will create a neat allee effect, clear separation from the sidewalk, and a much safer separated feel from traffic. I'm just curious to see how phasing is going to work on this. In the mediumish term there's going to be big gap between Phase 1 here and the City-funded portion, which will be ...interesting.
  2. Eh, I'm not sure that a subway under Westheimer is terribly plausible, but those reasons are not very unusual. They build subway tunnels in cities a lot older than Houston where all sorts of stuff is underground. You do as much due diligence as you can and prepare to be surprised. As for the width of the street - it's true that the road bed is as narrow as 35', but the public right of way never gets that narrow. In fact, it looks like it's 60' at its narrowest. For comparison, it looks like the Seattle subway uses a pair of 18' tunnels.
  3. My only concern with the full district plan is building D - that's the current location of the International Day School and a genuinely gorgeous house. I would hate to see that lost.
  4. I tend to agree with Luminare - it also lines up nicely with 102IAHexpress's expressed opinions on transit in Houston.
  5. BRT, if done to a decent standard, *cannot* be easily moved. Look at the Gold Line. Bus lines can be easily moved, but what distinguishes BRT from a normal bus line is the addition of infrastructure that makes it function more like rail *and* gives it more permanence.
  6. Seriously. What was the point of this? Every single choice they made was awful. Again - this was owned by the city. This should not have happened.
  7. If they made the decision to provide intentionally subsidized housing for postdocs, that would be amazing. Not saying that's what they're doing, but it would be a great idea.
  8. by "odd" do you mean "very convenient for the people doing research who can afford to live in said highrise"?
  9. If this and Hanover actually deliver around the same time... transformational is an understatement.
  10. How much parking is in the parking garage MST inherited?
  11. Just like the Alabama, the Tower's old floor was leveled with a new slab so it's basically just a big 2story space. You could put anything in there, though it would be difficult to return it to use as a movie theater because of the new floor. Montrose doesn't have a food hall yet...
  12. Disappointing. Do we know who uses the building - more specifically than "the City"?
  13. LBJ can stay where he is. It's the landscape architecture shown here that's disappointing.
  14. Yeah, fake stone would be completely at odds with what they're trying to accomplish here. Let the road be a road - clean concrete, steel, maybe COR-TEN?
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