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  1. Still hate that teaser parking, but this looks great.
  2. I don't think we have any reason to believe that rendering reflects current plans in any way, do we?
  3. Hey I'm not the one who brought up "a six lane road with 20 acre lots on each side". That specific development pattern of purely residential neighborhoods arrayed along relatively few, giant roads with oversized shopping "plazas" is absolutely descriptive of Spring, Cypress, and Katy. I didn't pick those places randomly. I had FM 1960 in particular in mind. FM 1960 is, to me, the perfect example of everything wrong with how we have developed our communities since the 60s or so. Cypress and Katy are sort of not as bad, but that's because their equivalent corridors are mostly feeder roads w
  4. Yep, you've figured me out; I just love cholera. What a good, well reasoned response to what I was actually saying.
  5. If Washington ever gets BRT or LRT it would be separate. Think of this as an express line between Downtown and the Northwest Transit Center with only two stations in between. Anything on Washington would have way more stations and would be much more about serving people who live along the Washington Corridor.
  6. Yeah that seems like a problem. 4 lines in the same ROW= potential bottleneck and limits increasing frequency long term. The IAH BRT should definitely get its own ROW or share with the Red Line if possible.
  7. It sounds like s3mh actually wants to live in Spring. Or Cypress. Or Katy. A subdivision where all the noise and retail is on "a six lane road with 20 acre lots on each side" and the houses are on their little dead end cul-de-sacs and you have to drive everywhere. Too bad for them. That's not what the Heights has ever been. It's not a subdivision. It's a real, old-fashioned neighborhood, where you can walk or bike to most things. And that absolutely includes bars and entertainment and anywhere that serves alcohol. Putting bars on 6 lane roads is basically asking people to drive drunk.
  8. This is a commercial corridor. It has been for a long time. Fitzgerald's, before it was torn down? a 5 minute walk down the street. Before it was Fitzgerald's? It was a dance hall. There's been live music on White Oak longer than anyone currently in the neighborhood has been alive. And you can't possibly believe that a bar would lose business if you put up a 7' penis on your property. If anything, the opposite would be true. Everyone would want to go to the bar next to the giant penis!
  9. *rolls eyes* Yes, something on someone else's property is "literally in peoples backyards". Sure. White Oak has been a retail/restaurant/entertainment corridor for a long time. If you live within a block of that, there are certain benefits and compromises that come with that. Benefit: lots of stuff within walking distance Compromise: Additional noise and busier street parking. This is how cities work.
  10. Franklin itself could really stand to be redone. There's no reason for it to be anywhere near as wide as it is. It's not on the Bike Plan, but throwing some protected bike lanes on there would really help with circulation between the trails and the surface streets. Some street trees would also be nice.
  11. They could make a deal where Rice buys the property and, as part of redeveloping it, allows the church to use the parking garage. Gives the church a short term infusion of cash, which most churches need these days.
  12. Wait... if Skanska is working with BIG... then maybe final design at the old Tower Shopping Center... ...maybe...
  13. Rice should do some kind of parking sharing arrangement with the church so its giant parking lots can be redeveloped.
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