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  1. That's also the plan (as I understand it) for the transit corridor ordinance, which has been finalized and will have a few more public meetings on the final ordinance before being voted on (hopefully? maybe?) at the end of the year.
  2. There are a few businesses along Westheimer that were grandfathered in and have limited or no parking, but that's true in other parts of the city as well. I've never had any trouble finding parking in Montrose, but I also have no problem with walking a couple blocks.
  3. Well, maybe. As implied by the new name, that's in the market's hands now.
  4. All kinds* of white people are welcome! *not even
  5. Basically that determination is made any time there's a federal "undertaking." That could include federal funds, but in this case it probably happened when the property was tranferred out of federal ownership. I *believe* that selling a property (in particular a post office) to a private entity also includes a covenant which requires the new owner to adhere to federal guidelines for the treatment of historic properties. Most of the time, a National Register-listed property *doesn't* have a covenant, so restrictions would only come in to play if the owner was applying for grants or tax credits. If he used private funds he could do whatever. Otherwise a private entity can always submit a nomination to THC, which could result in listing but typically not a covenant.
  6. I disagree that that makes sense - parking requirements for residential properties are also a problem. That said this is definitely a great start.
  7. Wasn't up to the city. This is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so it's historic-ness was determined by the Texas Historical Commission (and the feds agreed.)
  8. part of me thinks is a brilliant play on words...
  9. Woo! Except not all of Midtown, correct? Not east of San Jac for some reason?
  10. Woo! Finally! Choose wisely City Council! (as in, please approve expansion)
  11. We're good on highways. Definitely could the rest though.
  12. boo, thats a cute little apartment building.
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