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  1. Why are you being so stingey about this? It's not a substantial difference in cost, so why are you so bent out of shape about an extra foot or two of sidewalk? Besides, even if it's true that not many people walk on Walnut Bend, did it occur to you that part of the reason might be because ...the sidewalks aren't very good?
  2. I used to live on Stanford. Parking in the area is fine. I never had to park more than a couple blocks away, and that was only when I was foolish enough to come home on a Friday at 8. People will argue with me on this. People will always argue that there's not enough parking. But parking just takes the place of actual buildings where people live and work and eat and drink and talk and live. Occasionally having to walk a few blocks to your car is a more than reasonable trade-off.
  3. I'm not sure I agree that the Atlanta design is better. I actually like how the "Bowen River Oaks" design is more broken up. Giant superblock buildings like the Atlanta design are not generally my favorite. And as to ARCs - I think the form-based regulations to be (hopefully) associated with the Walkable Places and Transit Corridor ordinances are a better, more predictable, consistent, and speedy approach than individual architectural reviews for every new building.
  4. Yeah the location is actually great. The neighbors, not so much.
  5. Midtown has a very long way to go before it's "lacking" parking. All of the new and new-ish development has plentiful, if not excessive, parking. There is plenty of street parking and, since all of the new townhouses have off-street parking, it's pretty widely available. Even if every new development had zero parking moving forward (which is implausible to say the least), it would take a while to tilt that balance. Of course, MarathonMan and I may very well also disagree on what constitutes enough parking.
  6. I mean, it's on the light rail. It's easy to bike to. There's plenty of street parking within a few blocks. But if developers use it as a reason *not* to provide dedicated parking at their own projects? That would be pretty fantastic, and a good prototype for public and quasi-public garages in other neighborhoods.
  7. And look at that; the market working as it should. Midtown gets less parking than would have previously been required, while the Cannon way out past the Beltway gets plenty of parking regardless of requirements.
  8. I'm not sure I'd call it a back street, and it's half a block from both Westheimer and Montrose. All it needs is a sign on both streets. Besides, there would be lots of stuff around it if this project moves forward as planned. I actually think this is about as close as ideal of a location for a library as possible.
  9. Depends on what you mean. I'd argue Washington and Westheimer are continuing to mature. If you mean the club scene, then it's pretty universal that that's going to move around, especially in a city that's pretty unsettled and still developing.
  10. Reading the article it actually sounds pretty minor, especially considering Metro wasn't managing this project, Uptown (which has less if any experience in big transit projects) was.
  11. Looking at the renderings, the back portion of the back building on the main property appears to be a 6 story parking garage. It's also always possible they do a couple of levels underground.
  12. I actually agree that Speck's analysis is a bit... rushed, if nothing else, but I think your last point misses his. Congestion can absolutely get worse while crashed also become more dangerous - just at different times of day. A road designed to hold hundreds of thousands of cars will naturally become a speedway whenever it's not packed, and even with the worst congestion in the country there will still be times of day when the road is clear. Like 3am, for example, when it will be half full of drunk drivers.
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