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  1. The Regalia at the Park: 100 Crawford

    It's almost too boring to be truly ugly, but somehow it manages it. That said, it's more people downtown, so I will keep my complaining to a minimum.
  2. Future of Downtown

    I think a lot of the issues have to do with the Randalls' - there's both a perceived and real (lots of vacant lots, homeless people, crossing under the Pierce Elevated) barrier between Downtown and Midtown, and once you've crossed that barrier, you've arrived at ...Randall's. Not sure what "inherent inconveniences" you're talking about here. Grocery store proximity would be much worse in almost any suburban setting. That said, you would absolutely find grocery stores/ bodegas more frequently than that in the "most urban" of cities, although that would mostly be due to smaller scale stuff. If Georgia's Market had bee better (and had survived), the new CVS was more of a small market, and the little market on Main Street were improved, Downtown would be in reasonable shape I think. Oh, and if the CVS on Main Street had reasonable hours.
  3. Future of Downtown

    I really think discussing the death of grocery stores is premature. Are there people who will exclusively buy groceries online to be delivered? Sure. There are also plenty of us who *like* going to grocery stores. Those of us who like to cook and prefer to pick out our own produce. Those of us who suddenly realize we're missing a specific ingredient and need to run out and get it immediately. Now, I do think there will be casualties to the online revolution. I'm always amazed that Randall's is still around. But any store that has a good selection and offers somewhat of an experience (Whole Foods, HEB/Central Market, Phoenicia, 99 Ranch, etc) will be fine. ...they should build a 99 Ranch downtown.
  4. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    Yeah I'm not sure I buy that distinction. That said, I think they can coexist just fine.
  5. Freight Rail Line on Commerce Street

    It's on the bike plan as a short-term opportunity, so I wonder if the city is planning to take a lane (like on Lamar) for bike lanes before any complete reconstruction that remove or cap the rails.
  6. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    Wait, which one are you arguing is suburban? Regent Square?
  7. Automated Parking Garage In Development @ 2912 White Oak Drive

    What does "illegal parking in residential neighborhoods" mean? How many nearby streets have residents-only parking permits?
  8. Eh, I would actually argue for the previous renderings for midtown. Much better pedestrian realm.
  9. Shepherd and Durham reconstruction

    Both streets are on the Bike Plan - hopefully this incorporates that.
  10. Shops at Arrive? Seriously? They're renaming it, and they actually thought of something worse?
  11. Central Bank on Milam in Midtown

    That would be great. No more pad sites in Midtown!
  12. Houston Press

    Ok, can we at least agree that "if you don't like it, leave" is an unacceptable statement? Everybody has multiple priorities, multiple things they care about. It is possible to love a place while also recognizing its flaws. It's possible to love a place while also wanting to improve it. Criticizing people for having an opinion that's different from yours makes people defensive, and it makes it much harder to have a productive conversation.
  13. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    Um, no. The red line *only* shares lanes in the Medical Center, and the Purple/Green *only* downtown. That's, what, roughly two miles total? Now, don't get me wrong, I would love to see the green/purple line downtown given fully dedicated lanes, and I seriously hope that happens, but that's a very long way from "60-70%."
  14. Fairview District (Fairview & Nason)

    Wait, so we lost Meteor for nothing?