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  1. The implication is that you can drink from the water feature, as long as what youre drinking isnt water.
  2. I think it's actually Bravery Chef Hall that they own. Which is... a very short walk.
  3. Hmmm, or maybe just an Alamo Drafthouse? Please?
  4. First response: Cool! What is it? After reading the pdf: *backs away slowly...*
  5. I kinda like that it looks like two completely different buildings. It helps break up the block and make it feel less like one massive thing.
  6. I was in the middle of drafting a response when you posted architeckton, and I'm glad you did. You are correct, and in particular this has nothing to do with 888 Westheimer. I do think there is plenty of pedestrian traffic already in this area - what will also help is the planned alterations to Westheimer. If the City actually has funding for east of Montrose, I'd rather they go ahead and do that than wait on funding for the western portion to start the project.
  7. I don't typically take advice from talk radio hosts, and the latte factor is a myth: https://slate.com/business/2016/05/the-latte-is-a-lie-and-buying-coffee-has-nothing-to-do-with-debt-an-excerpt-from-helaine-olens-pound-foolish.html
  8. No, you really didn't. Every generation spends money on food and entertainment. What's changed (quite dramatically) is the cost of housing, transportation, and education, and the relationship of those costs to a stagnant household income that hasn't matched inflation, much less the ballooning costs of attending college.
  9. Texasota

    Reve At Montrose

    Plus there's both kolaches and mattress pizza (some of the best pizza in the city) just across the street.
  10. A grocery store would also be nice. And one of them small format Targets.
  11. Well that at least has the potential to be positive, depending on a new buyer.
  12. I agree about the building. It's the surface parking lots I have a problem with.
  13. This I largely agree with - anywhere you start to have a lot of vacancy (either lots/surface parking or empty buildings) starts to feel a lot less comfortable. I still don't think the problem is a particularly large homeless population - the problem is that the homeless are the only people consistently in those areas and there's just not enough other people and activities.
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