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  1. I don't live in the suburbs. I don't live in Houston either currently but I lived on Stanford (among other places) for a while. I have immediate family and close friends in Montrose and Rice Military so I'm in town quite frequently. The details definitely matter here, but there basically are none in that article. Is your opposition to this specific person, or to the general idea of short term rentals?
  2. To be fair, I hate that they tore down the existing triplex/fourplex. Hopefully it will be replaced with something bigger at least, but now they have to add off-street parking somewhere.
  3. Um, based on the information above I'm inclined to support this project. Dedicated short-term rental/ quasi-hotel options are super useful in Montrose.
  4. Luckily Metro is planning to fix at least that problem - the green/purple tracks will become transit only as part of the Inner Katy BRT project.
  5. They should replace one of the parking lots with a fenced dog park.
  6. Unless they plan on using those houses as additional businesses... I hate them. Stop tearing things down for parking!
  7. Elevators - ooh la la. Fancy. I don't mind the aesthetic though.
  8. It was a huge missed opportunity when they tore down half of the original campus to replace it with... low density garden apartments, but uglier.
  9. They really did a great job on the windows.
  10. Not really. Is it all of them or any specific ones that are confusing? I will say I think a second lane always makes a roundabout a bit more confusing and stressful. This one isn't too bad, but I do think the inside westbound lane when turning right from Washington is a little confusing. Can you continue into the turn or do you have to continue through the roundabout from that lane?
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