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  1. Oh hey, the neighborhood with zero negative impacts and only improvements supports it. That's so weird.
  2. I'm slightly reassured by the fact that their other two projects are 3773 Richmond and 4306 Yoakum. They're both great examples of "good enough" infill - which is is to say much better than they could have been and genuinely beneficial to the Richmond corridor's (potential) developing urbanism. I'm also very happy to see that the building itself does actually appear to face Montrose, and the hulking garage faces Yoakum.
  3. St. Thomas appears to be involved, so the location makes sense. These renderings look real bad though. Not just in the "giant parking garages facing Montrose Boulevard" are bad kinda way. In a "these renderings look like they were done by first year students, and not good ones" kinda way.
  4. Eh, I'd like to know more about what exactly this group is. That banner doesn't scream "grassroots" to me. From their website, it looks like they're operational in Houston and New York so far.
  5. Ok, I know this is kinda rude, but for the sake of legibility and breaking up large blocks of text: Seems I read something about Hardy Yards getting back on track, although our study group deemed most all the "complete" and "liveable" plans on file with the city's planners, developers and assorted interested entities incomplete and unlivable. Currently we're working with LISC and greater opportunity (GO) neighborhood Northline, a project announced end of 2019 at the 10 year conclusion of GO neighborhood northside. After losing nearly 2 years with the pandemic, shutdown and eco
  6. I think that's happening already, but I also think it will always have some of the same problems as Brutalism - strongly appreciated by a few, but generally seen as tasteless and unpleasant by more. Also, just like with brutalism, bad postmodernism is really, really bad. And there's a lot of it. And just to clarify - I like brutalism, even most of the more mediocre examples, but bad brutalism can be genuinely unpleasant.
  7. The "it isn't really downtown" argument seems pretty weak to me. The area isn't really downtown currently, but that's because there isn't really anything there. It's a 7 minute walk from Market Square. That's plenty close enough to start at Post and then walk to the bars around Market Square and Main Street. Also plenty close to the new residential buildings. I think this is offering more than enough stuff to entice people to make a 7 minute walk. Replacing the drive-through bank, doing something better with the Congress bridge (elevated plaza anyone?), narrowing Franklin, and build
  8. There are two potential bills (which are designed to operate together). One is a normal bill that will require 10 Republicans - that's 1.2 trillion (sort of). The other one is a reconciliation bill for 3.5 trillion. Neither have passed yet.
  9. Poor maintenance of attached second gallery porches? It's not great, but it's not exactly shocking. It's also not a big deal from a renovation/rehabilitation perspective.
  10. Everything on that designer's website is straight trash.
  11. Well this is just about the worst possible way this could have gone.
  12. Also he was a rapist. Like, he was just a terrible person generally.
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