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  1. What is the point of a Costco that doesn't sell liquor?
  2. Well, most of Midtown. They carved out the east side because townhouse owners complained or something. Also the transit corridors (Red line, Green line, Purple line, Uptown BRT) - somewhat complicated, but within 1/4 mile of a station is exempt, 1/2 mile is exempt or cut in half depending on use. Although 1/2 mile is opt-in for some reason. And the planned University line has a kind of preliminary partial transit corridor status with the 1/2 mile opt-in standards. Also protected historic buildings and contributing buildings in historic districts half their parking requirements c
  3. I know this sounds crazy, but even in Houston, some of those units won't need *any* parking. Yes, some weirdos will rent an apartment downtown with multiple vehicles per household, but they'll be at least somewhat balanced out by those with no car. Even in a market rate building. Even in Houston.
  4. The vast majority of this property is parking and unremarkable small buildings. Ideally, a potential developer would come in, keep the two buildings facing Dallas and the two nice brick bungalows at the south end of the property, and still have plenty of space to put in a large apartment building on the rest of the apartment.
  5. Which is not a bad thing. hopefully the Main st side has some gfr
  6. Is it little known though? It's in the middle of Montrose, and I think of it as being a pretty well-known staple of the community at this point.
  7. They are one of my favorite cafes in the world. I completely agree about their migas. They're also the friendliest people you can imagine.
  8. I doubt they're planning this, but they could do a low curb that trucks could drive over that cars would still need to go around. It would be interesting to find out how many trucks actually make this turn though. I genuinely have no idea, but planning for truck routing is one of those less sexy things that never gets enough attention.
  9. Again, the other picture is meant to be broadly representative of what's planned. It's not necessarily showing the exact angles of the final project or anything. But even if it were, do you really think that people would avoid it because its a somewhat tighter right turn than normal? Just to have to then jog right back to Westheimer on Helena? I find that hard to believe. But then it doesn't look like a particularly difficult turn to me.
  10. Also, for what it's worth, the planned Lower Westheimer rebuild (http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/transportation/CMP/LowerWestheimer/docs_pdfs/intersections.pdf), which includes this project, has Bagby as 2 southbound lanes and a dedicated turn lane.
  11. I like the structure just fine, but that's clearly not the focus of this document, so hopefully we'll get more details soon. What I like even better is that they're showing commercial buildings facing Dallas.
  12. They're removing the little slip lane that currently serves as the means by which you turn right onto Westheimer. That *could* mean they are also eliminating right turn lanes completely, but they definitely don't have to. I'm also not sure why they would. All we've seen is this rough illustration, so we don't actually know what the final configuration will look like. But eliminating right turns would be a choice they would make that is not required by eliminating the little chunk of lane they're talking about.
  13. This looks great. I wish there were retail space included as well, but I'm glad they're not messing with those two midcentury commercial buildings. I've always liked those.
  14. Why would this eliminate turning right? It just turns it into a normal 3 way intersection.
  15. I'm rarely in favor of turning a two-way street into a one-way, but I think I'd argue for it with Fairview. One-way, one lane. Use the rest of the space for bike lanes and rebuilding the sidewalks.
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