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  1. Yes, it's even creeping down to Champions. As soon as we see a house that the buyer likes - I try and contact the listing agent to let them know we are interested - just to possibly slow down negotiations with another party. Then we keep looking for a back-up, just in case.
  2. I think they are worth it - if the company is a good one. My clients have all had good things to say about Old Republic - mixed on AHS and Best - bad enough on Allied that I no longer give out their brochure. Plus, Old Republic mails me a postcard everytime one of my clients utilize them, showing what the real cost of service was to Old Republic vs. the $60 service call the client paid. I personally have Allied and have not had a problem, but I don't know if I have been lucky (yes, I have used them 3 times in 4 years) or if they knew I was a realtor. The first year is usually paid by the seller (written into the contract). Subsequent years are up to you. Old Republic is $350 vs. some that are as low as $280. The second year runs about $50 more. Plus, always get the upgrade concerning the AC for $50 on that first year.
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