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  1. Hotel Alessandra shutters..... https://houston.culturemap.com/news/city-life/01-12-21-hotel-alessandra-downtown-closed-shuttered-valencia-group/
  2. Lifetime is going into the space next door to it that used to house Books-A-Million
  3. Saw this on FB and thought what a gorgeous building....now seeing they are going to recover it, what a damn shame. Wish I was rich and could buy it...
  4. Yea I've always thought Discovery Green would be a great place for watch parties. Only issue would be if they have them at Minute Maid also and they split the crowds, so it would need to be coordinated. Either way.... GO STROS!!
  5. I went to all of the away World Series watch parties at Minute Maid Park in 2017 and the atmosphere was awesome. I’m not sure how the ALDS and ALCS watch parties were but if we goto the World Series again I’ll definitely be going back. video I took in 2017 the moment we won the title.
  6. Finn Hall is closed until further notice due to maintenance issues 😳
  7. They're moving to the corner of Rusk & Fannin.
  8. Video of Bravery tonight I saw on FB. Looks great!
  9. I like it! Nice infill that will get rid of a strip center and create a pedestrian atmosphere with the office and retail.
  10. Treebeards will start serving lunch on Saturday’s now. “NEWS FLASH HOUSTON: Treebeards Market Square is open on Saturdays!! Starting May 4th, our doors will be open for all of our Treebeards’ customers and friends from 11:00AM- 2:30PM.“ Facebook Link:
  11. Mr Nice Pie inside Finn Hall closes "Finn Hall has lost its first food vendor. Mr. Nice Pie, the downtown food hall's pizza restaurant, has closed. A spin-off of Montrose's Love Buzz pizzeria, Mr. Nice Pie served oversized pizza slices and whole pies. The owners of Mr. Nice Pie have yet to respond to CultureMap's request for comment about why the restaurant closed or what's next; we will update this article if they do. " http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/03-19-19-mr-nice-pie-finn-hall-pizza-vendor-closed-downtown-food-hall/?fbclid=IwAR2R1_0MFp4DKUQrFznV7n0o6fypq7OmKSoZZrgeT2IsXr_sy9xEQCuP9Ps
  12. I stopped by here last weekend and as the previous two posts indicated, it seems they just rushed to open. I have no idea what they are going for with this place, the sign looks like it was created using Microsoft Paint, and doubt it stays open that long.
  13. From the Hines article: https://www.hines.com/news/mendocino-farms-sandwich-market-slated-to-open-at-609-main-at-texas "Located on the corner of Main and Texas streets, the concept will serve its popular menu of responsibly raised meats atop salads and in sandwiches, including vegan and gluten-free options, along with a variety of craft beverages. Mendocino Farms is slated to open in the Fall of 2019 and will be its third location in the Houston market, following Rice Village and Uptown Park which are slated to open Summer of 2019. "
  14. Yea downtown is amazing right now. Took a date to the Nutcracker on Friday and there were tons of people walking around the theater district and then we ventured over to a few bars on Main street and it was packed as well. Downtown is definitely moving in the right direction. Exciting times.
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