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  1. I guess I was right My link Another one bites the dust! Don't mess with Katy!
  2. I was also there and was very impress with the turnout.....I don't think it's going to make it IMHO.
  3. I've been to it and it's very tight....this is going to be very weird.
  4. Dear friends in Grand Harbor and Falcon Point, First, I cannot express how great it was for our two neighborhoods to come together last year, and overwhelmingly crush the proposed low-income apartment complex that was slated to be built directly in our neighborhood's front yard. Unfortunately, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs awards tax credits every year, and as long as we live in a part of the city with undeveloped land, we're going to be vulnerable to this. This year, we have another problem. A similar application has been filed for tax credits to build a proposed low income multi-family dwelling at 21077 Kingsland, just west of Westgreen. (77450 zip code). While this project isn't directly adjacent to our neighborhood like the last time, this is still within five miles of our homes. Close enough to affect property values, the crime rate, increase traffic, and even further crowd our already overburdened KISD schools. This is a big deal. Apartment complexes that receive these tax credits are required to rent more than one half of their units to individuals or families that earn less than 60% of the median income for Harris County, at an incredibly reduced rate, allowing those who could not normally afford housing in the area to do so, subsidized by your tax dollars. Nottingham Country, the neighborhood directly adjacent to the proposed site for these apartments, has already begun opposing the project. They have all of the information on their HOA website. Low Income Housing The Katy Times has also run an article on this issue. The Katy Times > Archives > News > Low-income housing proposed on Kingsland The more letters our state senators and representatives receive, and the more letters we send to the TDHCA, the better the odds of this application being rejected. Just like we came together last year, we each need to do the following: 1. Send a letter to state senator Joan Huffman, and another to state representative Bill Calligeri, referencing the application for project #10601 (by Cornerbrook Development Company), and urging them to send a formal letter of opposition against this project. The Nottingham Country website provides their addresses, e-mail, and phone numbers, but I'll copy and paste the information below as well. It doesn't hurt to call and e-mail in addition to sending a letter. 2. Send a letter to the TDHCA, referencing the project by number and indicating our opposition to the project. Note that the TDHCA will give greater weight to public concerns such as traffic, overcrowded schools, lack of public transportation routes and employment in the area, and the like. They will disregard concerns relating to crime and property value as discriminatory. 3. Also, only a small handful of us are on this e-mail list, so please, tell everyone on your street and call everyone you know in the neighborhood and have them do the same. Print or forward this e-mail and have all of your neighbors contact Senator Huffman, Representative Calligeri, and the TDHCA at the addresses below. 4. Once we know when the TDHCA hearing for this year will be scheduled, we'll pass along that information as well. Those of us who are able can attend the hearing and express opposition to the project in person. If any of you have questions or need help getting the word out, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail. Best Regards, Below are the addresses and phone numbers to assist you in sending letters and/or email to voice your support for or against the below proposed, project to be built in our area. When dealing with the State of Texas, reference the application for Project #10601 October 21, 2010 INFORMATION ON 252 UNIT APARTMENT PROJECT AT 21077 KINGSLAND DEVELOPER: CORNERBROOK DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Ð MR. GEORGE KALEH 1025 DULLES AVENUE, STE. 815 STAFFORD, TX 77477 Phone: 281-261-90090 COMMENTS, E-MAILS, LETTERS TO THE FOLLOWING: Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs Reference: PROJECT #10601 Phone: 512-475-3340 E-Mail: Teresa.Morales@tdhca.state.tx.us or Misael.Arroyo@tdhca.state.tx.us Texas House of Representatives, District 132 Hon. Mr. Bill Callegari 1550 Foxlake Drive, Ste. 120 Houston, TX 77084 Phone: 281-578-8484 Fax: 281-578-1674 Austin Address: Room E-2 806 Capitol Extension Austin, TX 78701 Phone: 512-463-0528 Fax: 512-463-7820 E-Mail: Search for name at this web address: Texas House of Representatives Texas State Senator District 17 Sen. Joan Huffman P. O. Box 12068 Capitol Station Austin, TX 78711 Phone: 512-463-0117 District Office: 6217 Edloe Houston, TX 77005 Phone: 713-662-3821 E-Mail: Search for name at this web address: Stats about all US cities - real estate, relocation info, house prices, home value estimator, recent sales, cost of living, crime, race, income, photos, education, maps, weather, houses, schools, neighborhoods, and more. state.tx.us/75F/senate 252 Unit Project on Kingsland Cornerbrook Development Company is proposing to build a low- to moderate-income, multifamily residential rental community in the 21077 block of Kingsland Boulevard. The Gardens on Kingsland will be a 252-unit apartment complex on approximately 9.621 acres near Provincial Boulevard between Westgreen and Mason. George Kaleh, owner and president of Cornerbrook, said an application for housing tax credit will be submitted to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affair this week. Cornerbook is also hosting a developer informational meeting for the community next Tuesday, October 26 at 7 pm in the Taylor High School cafeteria.one
  5. Good luck, We (Falcon Point/ Grand Harbor) went through the same thing earlier this year. Get ready for a bunch of folks who don't even live in Katy to chime in their worthless .02. lol Here's our thread on it.My link btw; We fought them off, so it can be done.
  6. Knowing how things work around here, I'll bet my life savings that apartments will make it's way into one(if not all) of those parcels.
  7. Like it or not, there's a Wal-Mart coming to a block near you!
  8. We could use a new Wal-mart in that area, I'm glad we're getting a new one.
  9. I'm am very glad we are getting a wal-mart in the Heights
  10. Don't mess with Katy!

  11. Wow, I'm a little surprised to see a mod jump on a meaningless sarcastic remark....lol we're a bit sensitive around here I just don't understand why the City/State will not put stricter laws against slum lords and development ?
  12. The Grand Harbor application (#10197) has been withdrawn from consideration by the applicant. Robbye G. Meyer Director of Multifamily Finance Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs 221 East 11th Street Austin, Texas 78701 (512) 475-2213 (V) (512) 475-0764 (F) Thanks to all the supporters and Haters(AtticaFlinch and others)
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