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  1. Its becoming more and more difficult for one off concepts due to the investments needed to open. Rent has escalated at an astonishing rate over the last 2 years. Just 2 years ago you could get into a space at around $25 - $29 sq ft. Today those same spaces are now at $50 - $70 sq ft and that's the gross rent not including the NNN's. The larger restaurant groups/chains that have scale have also contributed to the rise in rent rates. This is why you're for the most part only seeing restaurants from out of the city i.e hopdoddy, shake shack, etc. These are huge players with deep deep pockets. If you look around you'll find smaller local restaurants struggling to keep pace with rent and labor increases. A lot of these restaurants arent advertised as struggling publicly but many are up for sale or attempting to have their spaces subleased out. Today's restaurant landscape is a day and night comparison from only a couple of years ago. Expect food prices to keep going up to combat the cost of doing business. Its a perfect storm; buyer habits have changed, cheaper groceries, a down economy combined with what I say is an over saturation of restaurants.
  2. Its not even a sticky situation. We actually like David..he just stopped coming to work. Its strange that we are even having a conversation about him but alas we are. Yes, when he stated that we should be feeding our employees for free every day I was perplexed on how he came up with this. Then he stated he should be eating free because he worked here. I know of no restaurant who does this. Not even really quite sure why somebody would post this totally false information. Its really sad to be honest with you. David came to us about a drug addiction, received his check and we never heard from him again. That was months ago.
  3. You're obviously a friend of David. And now I know for certain its him that is the basis of this conversation. David didnt report to work for two weeks straight..no phone call and no call from any of his family members. We have a business to run and that includes having employees to do certain tasks. It isnt our responsibility to monitor our employees after they leave Jus' Mac. At some point you have to be held accountable for the actions you take and understand those actions can and will affect your place of employment. We attempted to contact David but the phone number we had on file was no longer a working number. At some point you have to fill the position and that's what we did. David then came into our establishment 2 weeks later stating we was arrested and placed in jail for having drugs on him. Then proceeded to tell us he is going to rehab for his drug addiction. End of story... There are no repercussions...he never returned to work. He received his paycheck for the time he worked. He was an hourly employee and thus was paid for the time he worked. When you're in jail (according to him) you kinda don't make money at that point. And the food situation...he wanted us to provide him with free food daily. That isn't our policy and never has been. We offer all our employees discounts if they choose to eat at the restaurant.
  4. OutfieldDan, I would suggest you tread carefully with the statements you just provided. These accusations are ENTIRELY FALSE. We have NEVER paid anyone below minimum wage and in fact ALL employees make well above minimum wage. We know exactly which employee you are referring to because for one all our employees are very well compensated and we've had very little turnover. By the way...he didnt quit, he was in jail for 2 weeks due to a drug possession felony. Of those 2 weeks we had no clue as to where he was. That is called job abandonment. Again, if you chose to provide false information then we can solve this in the appropriate manner. Jus' Mac
  5. Ready or not...here we come!!! We anticipate November opening at the old Cupcake Cafe location behind the mall.
  6. We'd like to thank all those that have supported us over the last 10 months because without you we wouldn't have been able to expand into Sugar Land. Here's to spreading the cheese!!!
  7. Here is our list in no particular order: 1. Chilosos (We eat here every Sunday) 2. Someburger 3. Big Mamou 4. Freebirds 5. Berry Hill Place i am really looking forward to is: Jus Mac
  8. You'll get pumped over what we will be serving I was pumped eating it over the weekend. Shoes and lamps??? Dang...let me dig out some old things I've been trying to get rid of...lol...j/k. You are truly a die hard mac and cheese lover. We hope to see you often!
  9. Its always been cool...we just didnt know it.
  10. LOL...I think this forum is what attributed to all the recent buzz. Should I give you guys one dish???? Hmmmmmmmmm....
  11. Thanks for the concern! Thats funny but no hamburger helper here. I never enjoyed hamburger helper as a kid nor do I as an adult. Its oh so tempting to just blurb out the menu. I wont though...
  12. No foofoo...we are youngsters here so expect a trendy and hip atmosphere. No valet either...we have the vacant lot next door so you can park your own car, truck, van, light SUV, moped or whatever gets you to us. The menu price range will run the gamut. If you want to eat high end mac and cheese you can but if you dont...you have many other choices. And this is why we are actively engaging through Facebook and any other forum where we are discussed. The whole point is to touch base with what people are wanting while still upholding the integrity of the concept. Its not too often you see restaurants or any business for that matter posting pics and documenting the entire process. We're just two regular people who enjoy great food and great company. No feedback is bad feedback in our minds...its just one step closer to giving what you want. As long as Jus Mac is in business we will always be right here for questions, concerns and ideas. To be close minded would only lead to our demise.
  13. Thank you for the confidence in the concept and we feel the timing is perfect as well. We have visited all the restaurants known for their mac and cheese in the Houston area and are confident that our mac and cheese will be the best in Houston hands down. All the homework has been done and we cant wait to roll out the menu which will have some higher end versions.
  14. Projected opening is late June early July given we do not run into any major obstacles with the City. Facebook us and if you are a facebook friend send a message...we would love to show appreciation to our supporters.
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