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  1. You might call a structural engineer. I have found they come up with solutions that are much much cheaper. Foundation companies seem to recommend more expensive solutions.
  2. We used to live in a place that was around 600 square feet. All in all that was a little to small. Now we live in 950 sq ft. That is fairly comfortable. I think as energy prices (and therefore heating and cooling costs) increase house sizes will decrease.
  3. That is pretty cool. Why is this called reverse graffiti. I like it because they are not doing it on a house and concrete slabs on the side of highways is generally pretty ugly. So this kind of spruces it up.
  4. We have what we believe is a sears house pictures here http://www.escapesomewhere.com/sears/
  5. yeah we have been seeing more developers going belly up. Its not as bad as florida. Apparently there are a ton of 100 units condos with only 10 owners and a developer that is bankrupt which is pretty much a mess for the few people that bought.
  6. Personally my issue with the flood plain has nothing to do with the water. Yeah it might flood. I am more worried about it burning down and then having to deal with the city to rebuild it. As was talked about you can try and fight the city but its alot easier to just buy the house next door.
  7. One other thing is make sure you have a sign out front. For our personal investment properties we have leased half of them by just placing a sign and picking up the phone.
  8. One thing as well in other states where sales prices are public tax values are more accurate. In Texas (where sales data is private) the government is basically guessing at values and they are often way way off.
  9. "hen even a multibillion-dollar building would be minting money inside of five years " I have seen most properties with a cap rate of around 10%. So if you bought in cash you would get a 10% return and your investment would be paid back in 10 years. Of course most people dont buy in cash.
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