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  1. Damn, that was hilarious, Red! Thanks for the Socialist laugh of the day!
  2. Funny, lockmat! Klein Oak athletics are already the best there are in this district! Plus, those multi-family residential units are slated to be zoned to Klein Collins.
  3. some updated information regarding the Grand Parkway & the usage of federal stimulus dollars Our large coalition of neighborhoods that joined together ten years ago under the banner of United to Save Our Spring still fights the battle to stop the Grand Parkway from destroying our part of NW Harris County, that which the Grand Parkway Association affectionately refers to as Segment F-2. We have shared information between neighborhoods and between other groups also fighting the Grand Parkway, and still the battle continues, ten long years later.
  4. What a great and wonderful surprise to see this news! Thank you so much for posting! We love Alicia's, but it's quite a drive for us, and now they're opening five minutes from mi casa! It will be interesting to see what happens with the Mi Rancho restaurant located across the street. They always pack 'em in just about every night of the night, but Alicia's is so much better.
  5. Yes, I totally understand where you're coming from here, Crunch. "Middle-class white person guilt", a real problem right now, that's been drummed into so many liberal Dems heads that they actually believe this crap. However, until I see Obama and his Democratic Congress start pulling their kids out of $30K/yr. private schools and enrolling them into the local P.S. 100, dumping the private car & driver and hopping on Metro, and selling their gated community homes and signing up for public housing, quit giving themselves raises and join the rest of America in the new RIF and loss of bonuses, 401K's, health benefits and jobs, I really can't join you in this "we shall have to adjust" garbage." Let our leaders be real leaders in this matter and walk the walk they're asking us to walk. And, as the liberal Dems love to mindlessly screech, "Don't be a hater, just cuz I'm a middle-class white person!"
  6. I went there with my husband and daughter after you first mentioned it and how much you liked it. We were all very impressed with everything about this place: the look, the atmosphere, the service, the food, the drinks, everything. We tried several different appetizers and shared entrees and we gave them all thumbs up; count us as fans, too!
  7. Interesting story, to be sure, I'm thinking there is more to it than we're being told. United Arab Emirates came up with the big win this time. They forced WTA to back down to their demands. WTA came out the big loser this time. They let their basic principles slide, and instead focused only on the money. Innocent Victim here: Shahar Peer, just a kid who wanted to compete in a tennis tournament. I hope this serves as an example to the international community in the future, if UAE/Dubai offers you a whole bunch of money to hold a tournament of any kind, it comes with some serious strings attached and if you're not willing to capitulate to their racist demands, then you will have to turn down their offer and look elsewhere to host your tournament. This international incident has seriously tarnished the reputation of the WTA. UAE's, however, was already tarnished.
  8. Thank you for this, from a Westbury 1978 grad! Man, the rivalry back then between Westbury & Bellaire, legendary!
  9. Here's where all the Westbury High School KiKKer's hung out on the weekends!
  10. interesting follow-up piece in the Houston Chronicle
  11. go here, pick 'Campus Name' and type in any school name and on the right-hand side towards the bottom of the report, you will find the Annual Percentage Drop-out Rate and a whole lot more
  12. Niche- Thank you so much for sharing your story! You are a very good writer and I hope if you do another trip like this, that you'll again post an account of it here, or at least sell your story to one of those publications and let even more folks enjoy it. Now, if only you could get Kevin Vandivier, the photographer who worked for Texas Highways magazine until recently, to ride along with you and take photos, that would be a dream come true!
  13. Here's an interesting take on the whole public interest vs. individual interest dilemma. speech given by former English Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1991 Three Illusions The practical advantages of freedom and free enterprise over socialism and the command economy are almost indisputable. And certainly in the former communist countries of Eastern Europe few have any wish to pursue some kind of "third way" between the two. They know full well that the "third way" leads only to the Third World. But freedom and free enterprise are attacked as well on other grounds. Our system is said to be only interested in individuals, as opposed to society; it is said to promote selfishness; and it is said
  14. I'm sure you're right and you make some valid points, however, I own a home and have children. If I lived in an apartment and had no children, I don't think I would be so concerned about crime statistics, academic standards or whether another apartment or low-income housing project was built next door. When my kids are finally out of high school, I'd like to sell my house and move into something smaller. And, unfortunately, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, potential buyers in this area also care about crime statistics, academic standards and whether apartments or low-income housing projects are built next door. I'm not out to change the world, I accept it the way it is, and I'll leave all the big CHANGE and HOPE to Obama.
  15. Are you sure about that? Cuz it sounds like you don't want anyone to mention those things.
  16. Houston Agent- You need to subscribe to their e-mail list (it's free) to be notified by e-mail when projects in the zip codes you request pop up. Thanks for the heads-up, Mr. Football.
  17. I view Rush Limbaugh as an entertainer, not a person I look to for news. Just as others view Keith Olbermann. They're both interesting characters, and I'm sure they ham it up to get ratings, but I wouldn't take either of them seriously. My question is this: If Rush is filled with hate and therefore behaving in an un-American fashion, what would you say about the latest youtube clip of Jay-Z on the night of Obama's election? Is he filled with hate and therefore by your definition un-American also?
  18. Hey, I actually saw that interview tonight, too. And, I guess that's all you took away from the piece. What I heard him say was that if Obama sticks to a sound financial plan to help out America, he hopes he succeeds. If Obama instead wants to try a "New Deal" form of Socialism, he wants him to fail, as Socialism doesn't work. I thought the funnier part came later when Fran Drescher announced that she wants Hillary Clinton's Senate seat.
  19. "prayer" given today by Rev. Lowery "We ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to give back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man, and when white will embrace what is right," Lowery said. Was this an appropriate type of "prayer" to be given at a presidential inauguration? I'm thinking, um, nope.
  20. chron.com's lame commentary on the inauguration
  21. Mrs. O website And now for something completely different! The blog articles and comments are hilarious!
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