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  1. So it was actually a statue, not a big sign like the one AtticaFlinch recalled? That sounds like it. Do you remember anything else about it?
  2. Does Summit Flooring ring a bell, AtticaFlinch? It's on the eastbound Beltway 8 feeder just east of the Hardy Toll Road and has a big arrow-like freestanding sign at the parking lot's entrance.
  3. Excellent info, AtticaFlinch. Thanks! So this sign with the 2-D giantess in question -- is it a standalone sign in the parking lot, like a billboard, or is it set up like I heard (i.e., so that patrons at one time could have entered/exited between legs)? I tried nosing around that part of the Beltway on Google Maps, but I couldn't find a furniture or carpet store. Do you maybe know the cross street? Is it right on the feeder?
  4. Does anyone recall a north Houston men’s club in the '70s that had a statue of a giant woman oriented so that patrons entering or leaving had to walk between her legs? The tale may be apocryphal. Here's what I've been told about it: It was in the vicinity of IAH. The statue measured 50 feet or more. And it chagrined critics because of a loophole the club found to circumvent the city's building codes: being a self-supporting structure unattached to the club itself, the statue wasn't subject to the codes. The city and club were at loggerheads, so the story goes, the former stymied in finding a way to force removal, and her reign ended only when the club closed sometime later that decade. A name or even general location would be really helpful! Thanks!
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