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  1. The 12 Accordians are available !! Always a BIG hit!
  2. back in Houston!

  3. Ahh, Yes...goblet, or tankard?
  4. ( Kingston Trio, begin song ): "Green, green, it's green they say - on the far side of the hill......green, green, I'm goin' away where the grass is ______________( Stop song, delete video ). GUMBY!!!!
  5. How to cook an entire cow's head Posted by sheeats, May 11, 2009 at 12:20 PM Read more: http://www.seriouseats.com/talk/2009/05/how-to-cook-an-entire-cows-head.html#ixzz0nIqHj2gZ See you at dinner!!!
  6. VERY nice Marmer! Looks as if someone is keeping the grounds nicely. The lake appears to be an old series of sandpits. If it was the house of the century, I wonder why they didn't think about flooding, and simply elevate it? I'm sure the owners have enough money already, but it would be really cool if they cut a road, and small parking area around it, and charged admission to see it, and give the history, etc. I would pay to see it, and get the scoop on it. Always great posts!
  7. Wonder what they brokered to get him to go away? HHMMM.....
  8. Yes, excellent. Please check to see if they are going to have cloggers with accordians as well....Thank you.
  9. Without balance, there is nothing, PTTTHHH !!!. Perverted standards? Like preservation of humankind. Identify your group please: Earth Liberation Front, or Animal Liberation Front? Have you signed up for the Human Extinction Project? Admission: I buy energy from a supplier. I have no idea where they develop it from. My nephew is a power broker. They don't discuss where it comes from, they sell energy packages. Maybe marketing can ... ferret ... that out.
  10. I was on the way to surfside beach, and saw a huge area by the Port of Freeport, where they had large stores of parts for the wind turbines. I asked a truck driver at the Buccees close by, and he stated that some of them are going inland, however some, he was told, are for the Texas, Gulf Coast wind farms.... ...which would supply power to an oil and gas platform offshore. ( BTW: I read the article !! ) LTAWACS: UGHH!!
  11. Enough on the food already! Let's talk about favorite wines... ah yes...chilled, or not - white, or red ... a blush perhaps? What are your favorites? O.K. Throw in cheese as well....
  12. This is exciting. We need a real Glen McCarthy to jump in here and wildcat the wind! Where's, "Silver Dollar" Jim West when Texas needs him???
  13. A point well taken Red, and so appreciated. I am so proud to be an American, and more importantly, to be free of opression. Sometimes I forget the point of my father & mother, who sacrificed everything to bring us here as children. They knew the great test of this nation, and, you are absolutely right, my father would have called me down just as you have. I suppose we all are like spoiled children, who want it their way. Thank you for your courtesy to the United States law itself, by presenting such in it's idealism.
  14. We have historically replaced politicians, with politicians. We not only don't vote, but we continue to fall for the magic acts of slick suited blabberers. Well ... used cars still sell, and people still buy them that can't afford them.
  15. You wouldn't last 5 seconds doing the job that they do. Let's live in a community where the cops are known as limp wrist tartars. There's not a one of them - "Bad" or good that would hesitate one second to give their life for you in a burning car, or the middle of a ghetto. It's evident you wouldn't help them if they pleaded. I had two police officers from HPD muscle some punk gang bangers that had threatenned my family ( my father was 87 years old at the time ). I would have paid money to watch them kick the stinkin' teeth out of those animals.
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