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  1. I drive it everyday and it's 5 minutes from access road to my door, and vice versa. I'm back in Stonebridge. If you go out the main entrance on Greatwood Pkwy in the morning, that is backed up, but you can drive one minute further north and get out of Greatwood via the Riverbrook entrance with no wait and be further down 59 anyway. Simply, 15 minutes is no longer applicable to the area. Just saying.
  2. Exaggerate much? I live in the back of Greatwood and it takes me 5 minutes to get out of my garage on to the access road of 59. Just thought I'd clear that up because I believe Greatwood would be a great place for the original poster to look at homes. There are nice homes in the price range they talked about, and Greatwood is a fully completed, 25-year old established community with big trees and great people.
  3. You think Grimaldi's is VERY small? I bet there are 30 tables in there!
  4. Grimaldi's officially opens at 4:30pm this Thursday, the 29th!
  5. I called Grimaldi's Corporate Office. They said it should be open the week of January 28th!
  6. The Southwest Freeway has been brutal. Main-lane traffic now consistently backs up to Williams Trace in Sugar Land. However, the worst part is the HOV. Today, the HOV completely stopped as soon as it went behind the barrier (right before the Beltway). I don't know if it's the sun in peoples eyes right after Westpark, or if it's just massive increase in HOV riders, but the HOV does not save ANY time anymore. It is stop-an-go the entire way. So frustrating.
  7. Greatwood is Lamar ISD. Greatwood has two exemplary elementary schools within the subdivision. A new middle and high school is on the drawing board that will primarily serve GW, but I'm not sure of the timing. Since addition of more 59 lanes, morning traffic is not an issue anymore. Evening traffic is non-existent. You "heard" wrong. Check it out for yourself - I think you'll be pleased. One more exit down 59 gets you a comparable home to Telfair for $100k less!
  8. You can very easily get more for your money in Greatwood. It's only 2 miles further down 59.
  9. Greatwood (Sugar Land) to Riverway (Woodway/I-610) - via 59 North to 610 North 23 Miles Leave Before 7:15am - 35 minutes Leave Between 7:15am and 8:00am - 45 minutes Leave After 8:00am - 30 minutes Leave Before 5:00pm - 35 minutes Leave Between 5:00 and 6:00 - 40 minutes Leave After 6:00 - 30 minutes The recent completion of construction on 59 has reduced my commute by at least 10 minutes each way!
  10. Via Chron.com's Fort Bend Blog: Here is additional information I received from Jim Hunt at TxDOT re: construction work on 59. Hope it helps! US 59/Grand Parkway Signalized Intersection: The new 59 and Grand Parkway frontage road intersection is expected to open by the end of this month. The new frontage roads will parallel the 59 main lanes. Grand Parkway frontage roads will be divided as they intersect 59, similar to the Grand Parkway signal intersections north of the 59 interchange This is expected to significantly enhance mobility. As for the Brazos River, construction is tentatively planned to be complete by next May so you were right in estimating a year. In two weeks (April 18-20), TxDOT will open two additional 59 northbound mainlanes and two additional 59 southbound mainlanes crossing the river. At that point, existing bridges crossing the river will operate as frontage road bridges. Some ramps will need to be closed and adjusted but officials will try to minimize closures by making these switches during the late night hours. By April 21, Greatwood residents leaving their neighborhood via Riverbrook will be able to access the 59 northbound frontage road and cross over the Brazos River or take the Brazos River Turn-A-Round. Motorists coming from 99, FM 2759, Greatwood, etc. who desire to proceed north onto the 59 mainlanes, will travel the northbound frontage road, crossing the river, and access a new entrance ramp onto 59 prior to University Boulevard. As construction continues, the state will construct a permanent 59 northbound entrance ramp just south of the Brazos River, which will serve motorists coming from Grand Parkway and Greatwood. When this ramp opens, motorists on the 59 northbound frontage road coming from Grand Parkway or Greatwood can enter the freeway prior to the river, or stay on the frontage road and enter prior to University Boulevard. This ramp is estimated to be open to the public by the end of 2008. I'll plan to post brief updates when these dates come up or the work is complete.
  11. To correct a previous poster - 59 construction is NOT behind schedule. They plan to open two new lanes in each direction in March; that will alleviate a lot of the traffic until completion of the entire project in the 3rd quarter of 2008. Ahead of projected finish of 4th quarter 2008.
  12. Whole Foods set to open December 5th! http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/sto...mp;surround=etf
  13. Seriously - you really believe this? My commute is 10 minutes shorter! That's a fact!!
  14. I agree that it is bad. But it is absolutely better than it was before they finished the lanes out to University (contrary to what the original poster said). As I said earlier, my commute from the Galleria to Greatwood has been reduced by an average of 10 minutes in the evenings, from about 50 minutes total to 40 minutes.
  15. I couldn't disagree more with your post. My evening commute from the Galleria to Greatwood has been reduced by 10 minutes because we have 4 lanes for an extra 2 miles now. I'm not sure how you could say traffic is worse.
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