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  1. Hi Mary, Oregon is now Colgate California is now Erie Park Place has always been Park Place as far as I know. others: 1st was changed to Newburn and is now Dixie 2nd is now Moline 3rd is now Kingsley Oklahoma is now Gulf Alabama is now Hastings Georgia is now Jennings Webster is now the Southbound Gulf Freeway Stone is now the Northbound Gulf Freeway (Stone and Webster built the Interurban - It was also Winkler before the Freeway was built) I think that's all the streets in Park Place proper. Hope this helps.
  2. The I-45/Bay Area Blvd land was originally a dead zone (and park and ride on the se corner) from when the feeder connected to the old cloverleaf arrangement from before the freeway was rebuilt OVER Bay Area Blvd. Now TxDot has repurposed it as detention. This is the case at all the reconfigured intersections along I-45 in the area. I might think some of those other intersections you mention may also be for detention purposes.
  3. Not that this is the least bit interesting but.... When I visited my uncle in Rice Military, as a kid, I would usually walk to the Lucky 7 Birdsall Supermarket at 231 Birdsall (now multiple townhomes since about 2003) to pass the time, get candy, etc BTW. His house was also replaced with 2 townhomes in 1998-ish.
  4. gnu


    SE corner of Holcombe and Almeda Google Map link
  5. I don't know why i didn't notice the angled street intersection before. That makes it almost obvious to me that it is the corner of Telephone and Dumble. https://goo.gl/maps/sYPg1NR1GogPrueQ7 There is still a liquor store at the same spot today.
  6. I don't know if this helps anything but here are the businesses that were on that corner in 1976. Note that the Hillcroft numbering seems slightly different now. Southside Westheimer @Hillcroft eastbound 6535 Westhill Gulf Car Care Center 6525 Taco Bell No. 238 6511 Poor Devils Club 6507 Apartments 6505 Apartments 6503 Apartments 6501 Apartments Eastside Hillcroft @ Westheimer southbound 2711 Pino's 2715 Midas Muffler 2719 Westside Animal Hospital 2721 Jeneal Studios 2727 Jack in the Box
  7. Of course, B&N wasn't there when Lewis Black came up with his bit.
  8. gnu


    Huey's! That was it. And the Vault was of course was the Bank Draft and they had a vault. duh! Forgot about the Bay Brewery. They had a great back deck that overlooked the Bay. There was also another brewery in Galveston maybe the Galveston Brewery? It was south of the Stand on a sw corner.
  9. gnu


    It was just called The Village Brewery and it was on Dunstan in the old post office. Across the street was The Vault which was more of a brewpub. On Richmond there was Rock Bottom (chain) and the Houston Brewery. Also, Bradley's in Clear Lake There was also one on the North Freeway somewhere near Richey on the west side of the freeway. Name slips me right now. There was also a small brewpub on Highway 6. The name also slips me. May have been a few others but those are the ones I remember.
  10. There was a Tony Roma's in Webster. I thought it was pretty good at the time. I think it was only open a few years. It closed sometime in the mid/early nineties. My memory says the building was originally a Gallagher's Steakhouse in the 80s. HCAD seems to confirm this and has a 1980 build date. https://www.google.com/maps/@29.5275818,-95.1290046,3a,75y,43.15h,87.4t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s2vvK1fkomZDtI9uz-lsVww!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  11. I remember one of the original Houston El Pollo Loco locations was off the south side of the East Freeway between Lathrop and Kress. About 6670 East Freeway. https://www.google.com/maps/place/6670+East+Fwy,+Houston,+TX+77020 (embedded links option not working for me..for some reason) I would see it when commuting back then, but never stopped in. Ostioneria 7 Mares moved in not long after El Pollo Loco left and it is still there. (They have a side street address now at 826 Zoe) It was the first time I ever saw the word Ostioneria so it drew my attention! Looking at streetview, they have added on to the rear of the original building
  12. I imagine they probably did use the tunnel although I do not know for certain. I could find no photos or mention of it in Barron's Houston Streetcar book. That book mentions that the east side streetcars used the (former) Preston Ave Tunnel, eliminating a previous grade crossing with the railroad there.
  13. I think the numbering may have been messed up by the addition of the Tower Theater, when it was built in the 30s and maybe the way the two differently oriented street grids converge at Westheimer. The Tower block should probably be the 1100 block to match the numbering of the other blocks of Montrose south of Westheimer. On the north side of Westheimer, the small lot where Hay Market is, seems to have always been the entirety of the north side 1100 block. So, to me, it looks like the division between 1100 and 1200 on the south side should have really been at Mt. Vernon (Commonwealth wasn't connected to Lovett until the mid-sixties). The ~1925 Sanborn map of the block seems to concur, but there was only one small structure there at the time (on the far west, adjacent to houses fronting Mt. Vernon) with an 1101 Westheimer address. I have access to a 1936 city directory and it has the Tower Theater listed but without an address noted (It was built in that year). The directory does have Jack Roach Ford at 1201 (which is the current Tower address). From old photos of the Tower (see first link below), I see that Jack Roach Ford was in the structure adjacent to the theater that currently houses Adam and Eve (Adam and Eve currently sports the 1111 address). In 1936, the only other business on the south side of the block was at 1203, the Ritz-Carlton Beauty Salon, (see second link below). Could this beauty salon be the forerunner to P Maison? So if there is a 1201 to the east of the Tower and a 1203 to the west, there isn't any room for the Tower in that numbering system. The next Sanborn map is from ~1950 (see attached) and you can see that TWO buildings have 1117 and 1111! The ONLY 1100 addresses on that block, surrounded by 1200's on BOTH SIDES. The 1117 building also has 1203B written above it. This seems, to me, to be an address renumbering change. Old on top/New on bottom. 1203B/1117, 1213/1215, 1211/1111,1201B/1203A The 1203B/1117 building appears it could be the same as the 1101 building from 1925. It also appears that they may have squeezed in the Tower theater in 1936 as 1201B. So, sometime between the 80s and now they renumbered in order to correct the sequence, but keeping the Tower theater building as 1201 and putting the only 1100 to the east of the tower (Adam and Eve). But why did they keep 1117 and 1111 for so long?? And why did they not give Jack Roach Ford, The Tower Theater, and the Ritz-Carlton Beauty Salon 1100 numbers to begin with? https://blog.chron.com/bayoucityhistory/files/legacy/towertheatre.jpg https://blog.chron.com/bayoucityhistory/files/legacy/towertheatre1.jpg
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