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  1. That must have been Dana . It's a small world, especially when you consider that I live in Sweden now, isn't it! We lived in the well kept pink house across the street from Dana, corner of Cool Spring and Terrydale. The street number was 9103. I have a little sister, too, she's 4 years younger than me. I was born in 66 and she was born in 70. Do you know what happened to Diane Verwold or Michelle Huey? Michelle was our next door neighbor and Diane lived across from Dana, but on Cool Spring. I have great memories from growing up there... do you remember Devil's Hill?
  2. I lived in Northline Terrace on Terrydale until I was 13. I went to Inez Carroll, the aerial photo you posted brought back a TON of memories! I had first grade in a double classroom in the new wing that connected the first and second wings. Second grade was in the first wing. Third grade was in the third wing, and fourth and fifth grade in the fourth wing. Mrs Bledsoe was the principal the entire time I was there. I remember the lunchroom, also remember when they got the new dishwasher where we would take our trays to a hole in the wall and leave them there. Ohh, I remember so much, actually, all things considering! I remember my kindergarten teacher, Mrs Schaffer, and Mrs Bennet, who was either my first or second grade teacher; being terrified of my fourth grade teacher, Mrs Crawford with the long fingernails that caused us to call her Mrs Crawdad because we were terrified she was going to pinch us, my beloved fifth grade teacher, Mrs Hall, and her co-teacher Mrs Gallagher. I remember the stupid President's physical fitness tests we had to take every year and not being able to do the one where we had to hang from the bar with our chins above it. I remember them trying to integrate the deaf kids into our classes, back then they wore their hearing aids on their chest, a box with wires that went up to their ears. I learned the basics of band and how to play a flute there, performed in plays up on the stage a number of times, and remember also watching films on the stage since it could be so dark in there! I also remember my 'first love,' Matthew Borrel, hehehe! I guess I must have gotten there after a/c was installed because I never remember having to sweat in class, although I can imagine it must have been pretty bad at times! I remember the annual Halloween carnival with its cakewalk and kiddy carnival rides and riding bus number 25, a bluebird bus. I can't remember the bus driver's name, but her face is clear in my mind! I didn't know until now that it had been torn down due to Allison. What a pity! I loved that school. It was the only time I was stable as a kid, as after that I went on to attend Stovall, Wunsche Middle school in Spring, Wells Middle school in Spring, Seton Catholic Junior High at Assumption Catholic Church in the area, Fondren Middle school in HISD, and ended up at Dulles High School for 10th grade to graduation in Sugar Land. It really does sadden me to know it's no longer there, that empty field photo just tears! Naomi Bowers Olofsson
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