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  1. Tell me how you really feel! Oh so eloquently spoken, I might add.
  2. You're not the only one. I'd hate to have Houston's inferiority complex impress itself upon me.
  3. Nice try. I was in Houston for 10 years before I moved to Fresno. Houston is just as, if not more insecure then Fresno. That's not saying much, considering the Houston Metropolitan area is like 4X the size of Fresno's. Houston shares a feeling of inadequacy with a CMSA less then 1/4 its size. Tsk Tsk. No wonder Houston didn't get the Olympics...it can't even handle the Essence festival.
  4. Thanks for the snappy response. Mine comes in around 8%, I'm guessing due to the extra condo fees. I feel better, I was worried I might be paying something unnecessarily.
  5. I found the rate schedule at http://www.centralandtitle.com/titleinsurence_rates.html. Is title insurance generally provided to the buyer?
  6. So, I'm selling my condo, and I received the closing documentation today. I had a question about a couple of the fees on the documentation. Title Insurance fee: This fee is quite hefty, nearing $800 for an 80,000 property, and I'm wondering if it has been marked up beyond reason. Escrow Fee: This was described as the title company's payment, and it's split between the buyer and myself. Should it be? Anyone with any experience in these matters, please weigh in.
  7. I'm with you on this one. Talk about visual blight. We complain about billboards now, I can only imagine what people would say about a proliferation of personal aircraft. I think our future looks more like the fifth element then the jetsons. Unless high fuel prices expedites the use of ultra-light and strong materials like carbon fiber and nanotubes in transportation, we'll be making the switch to smaller vehicles very soon. Just think, India and China are just beginning to ramp up demand for fuel. Our consumption pattern is unsustainable when it is exported. Honestly, I'd prefer the atmosphere of Key West or Miami Beach anyway! Not everything has to be so large; 3000 sq ft, I'm not cleaning that!
  8. I'm from NYC and I spent 10 years in Houston before moving to California. Since you seem familiar with the minuses, I'll fill you in on the pluses: 1) Eateries - Houston has a large and varied ethnic community, and you'll find food representative of dozens of cultures. 2) Restaurants - Houston has lots of great places to eat out. 3) Food - There are a lots of great places to eat, to suit any budget. And that's about it. Just kidding! There's lots of culture as far as music, theatre, museums, sporting events, etc. Housing is cheap. Now I'm really done. Oh, as far as schools, just get into the richest or newest area you can afford. Pretty much any school that has a large concentration of poor, immigrant, or minority students will perform poorly. Sad, but true. *Flame suit on*
  9. People in Houston use the heat as an excuse for everything. In reality, there are places that are just as hot, if not hotter, and people get along just fine without autos and A/C. And yes, that includes the humidity. People here in Fresno complain about the weeks of 100 plus temperatures. Everywhere you go, people will find something to complain about. I moved to California, and I still can't figure out how people do it. Yes, the pay is higher, no it does not compensate for all increased expenses. Produce is waaaay cheaper here because it's ag country. The main higher expense is housing. I guess the home ownership rate is probably lower. Same in New York. I'm from there, and no one I know owns a home except my grandfather. Everyone else rents. Rent control pretty much guarantees you don't move. You know what though...I don't think people in Cali or New York are any less happy. We get caught up in thinking that happiness consists of owning stuff (including a bigger home). I think it has more to do with quality and quantity of our relationships with other people. Since I and all my friends have left Houston, I've been feeling less happy. I've got two young kids, and they couldn't care less where we live (maybe when they get older!). I'm seriously considering moving back to the East Coast, because the urban environment makes it much easier to create and nurture relationships with people.
  10. Who needs local wages when you have excess liquidity and low doc option loans!
  11. Did anyone honestly think the Westpark tollway would stay clear for any length of time? The only way to ensure it flows during rush hour is to utilize congestion pricing, which it appears is not currently the case. I do believe it is configured for it though. I've posted my responses to maxconcrete's statements below: 1. That's true for most freeways. Building for rush hour is a stupid idea, you'll never satiate demand, and end up with an underutilized facility during off peak hours. 2. It's only a matter of time before the SW Freeway resembles its former self...congested for an expanded number of hours. 3. There are lot of cities with more people and less infrastructure then Houston that get by just fine. We cannot build our way out of this mess, nor should we even try. 4. That's fine, as long as the price of driving your own car reflects the full cost. As things currently stand, the true cost is externalized. Add the sociological, economic, and environmental expenses and see how many people start shopping for alternatives. We should at least fund redevelopment in Iraq and cleaning our air with gas taxes.
  12. I moved to Fresno, California after 10 years in Houston. L.A. is all traffic, all the time and Houston should learn from its mistakes. One of the problems here is the NIMBYism driven development that limits the rate at which the city can increase density. Houston has the opposite problem, with little development restriction preventing developers from consuming land further out for housing. And before someone says anything, I'm aware that L.A. is the most densely populated city in the country. I'm also aware that density in L.A. isn't geared towards mixed use, which impedes widespread use of public transportation. The tunnel idea is stupid, it will be packed full of cars as soon as it is open, and it is in earthquake country. It may facilitate travel of vehicles, but from an individual time the end result will be a congestion increase until transit times are the same as they were before it was constructed. It just hows the extent to which people have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a new transportation paradigm. Congestion is not the problem, it is the cure to the disease that ails us.
  13. Hi, I have some pictures of the condo for sale. These are shots of the living room, and the pool directly outside the unit.
  14. Hi all, I have a spacious, 2/2 Galleria area condo for sale. The condo has a FANTASTIC location, around the corner from the Galleria. It provides < 5 minute access to a variety of locations, including retail, resturants, parks, and museums. If you are tired of spending time in traffic, this is the place for you. The MLS listing number is 904190 and you can find pictures and contact info for the realtor at www.har.com.
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