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  1. ps - the James Dean screenshot is from his final film Giant (1956) where he is seen as Jett Rink (loosely based on the late Glenn McCarthy) - the hotel seen in the film was based on the Shamrock where Edna Ferber met the real Glenn McCarthy which resulted in the film being made.
  2. I do recall the Shamrock 6 (formerly the Shamrock 4) where I used 2 view the following films since childhood: The Spy Who Loved Me Moonraker Airplane! The Empire Strikes Back Flash Gordon (1980 version)
  3. "Who will cry for the little boy, lost and all alone?Who will cry for the little boy, abandoned without his own?Who will cry for the little boy? He cried himself to sleep.Who will cry for the little boy? He never had for keeps.Who will cry for the little boy? He walked the burning sand.Who will cry for the little boy? The boy inside the man.Who will cry for the little boy? Who knows well hurt and pain.Who will cry for the little boy? He died and died again.Who will cry for the little boy? A g...

  4. usually used as the following - a soccer ball, stuffed in a Hefty bag and tossed out of a moving vehicle, emerging out of a mailbox, spat upon, used in a Blofeld-esque depiction (where one is usually unseen), the recipient of being sprayed with cat repellant, rubbing the UPS delivery driver, tossed in Galveston Bay, eatin leftover Tilapia, pickin fights with the pitbull, a thin line of love and hate (esp 4 therapy sessions - in the ER or those diagnosed with ailurophilia (in the case of yours...

  5. South of DFW headed 2 Dealey Plaza...

  6. UtoteM assets prior to the Circle K purchase in 1984 are now owned by Alimentation Couche-Tard (based in Montreal, Quebec, CA); Circle K is a division of said company along with ExxonMobil's On The Run located in Canada and the U.S. (the North Texas On The Runs exc. for the one in Ennis off Interstate 45 in the DFW Metroplex were acquired by 7-Eleven; the Houston-area On The Runs did not become Circle Ks - all of the locations were acquired by Landmark Industries (Timewise) with the exception of a few locations now badged as a Star Stop; some Timewise and Star Stop locations sell the ICEE)...
  7. The proposed McCarthy Center served as an influence 4 Gerald Hines - this became the genesis of The Galleria...
  8. During the past 72 hrs my block has became another Third Ward where a few evenings back 5 HPD squads pulled up 2 a parked Chrysler 300 where I pulled the video camera filming live footage. last nite, after landscaping the front yard, the pad next 2 my kitchen window had 2 HPD squads which pulled up where a possible domestic violence call went out (first the EMS showed up and 2 squads - the cop vehicles showed up when I was servicing my art rig). The 'hood I was raised in which was once middle...

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