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  1. Hello, I really enjoy live piano music while eating and/or drinking, and I was wondering if anyone knows some good places in Houston that have it?
  2. Interesting, I haven't had any of those issues with the exception of the gym, which does need work. In fact I'm really loving it here. I don't have a TV though, so I can't speak to that issue.
  3. Hello Everyone, I moved into the Tennison lofts a couple of months ago and have since become really interested in the history of this building. I've done lots of searching online, but there just doesn't seem to be much. I know it was originally a hotel built in 1922 to serve the train station, and that it was abandoned sometime in the 70s. I've searched for pictures and only seem to be able to find a few. Obviously it wasn't an "important" hotel like the Rice, but it is located in an intriguing little corner of downtown, and I wish there were more about it. Like interior photos, brochures, anything like that. So I was wondering if anyone has any more info on it. Anyone ever stay here when it was hotel? Any pics or recollections? here's a link to a pic: http://sloanegallery.com/HotelTennison1.jpg
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