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  1. Yes, the thought of anyone being murdered is horrible. Barry Horn was a very creative person who made a poor decision in a relationship. We could all be victims of that. Sad, indeed.
  2. Yes, Tiko that's the house. Has a spire on the other side of it, not visible from the angle of the photo. Not sure who owns it now, but next time I'm in town, I'll try to swing by there, and check it out. Thanks for the pic!
  3. I was reading this thread with some apprehension regarding the prolific demolitions going on. I was born, and raised in the Heights, and will always remember the small town goodness that we enjoyed. I suppose all good things come to an end. I wondered if anyone knows who owns the old mansion that John Fakes, the attorney owned. He died many years ago, and lived in the mansion until his death. I'm not sure of the cross - street anymore, but it is on a corner lot, faceing the Boulevard, a few blocks down from Reagan Lodge. It was built back @ the turn of the century, and has the Nicholas Clayton flair to it with spires, etc. It has a historic plaque in front. I would really appreciate any info you have. John died with no heirs, so I'm not sure how the house was sold, or who bought it.
  4. Martin, Have you seen the photo book by Nellie Connally, "Houston, City In Motion"? She began this project with some of the best photographers around, and captured the heart and soul of Houston in the large color photos, with stories attached. I worked with her on this book, and one of my photos is in it. Beautiful lady, and great book. This work started in 1999, but I'm not sure what date the actual book was released, and as I looked through it just now, I couldn't find a date. I'm assuming it was published @ 2000 - 2001. I believe you can still find it on Amazon, etc. Check it out!!
  5. Unfortunately, I think the Dome is doomed. So many great project ideas, and no consensus. Too bad... I have been in a ton of films internationally, but also some in Texas. There is a great story wasting out there, that the international community is thirsty for. Everyone's missing the boat, and no one is listenning. Again, too bad ...
  6. Ashley did have the deal, last I heard, and were toying with remodeling plans, but not demolition. I don't think the Finger family is going to be involved, or allow the name to be used again.
  7. Niche, I'm sorry to report that my friend's wife, and family had given all his work away, or threw it out. They really didn't appreciate these topics, and after his death, they didn't care about much. I did give it the old college try though. Have you contacted the archealogical society in Ft. Bend County? I'm sure they would have some valuable collections, and stories to relate as well. Good luck, and thanks for bringing this up, I'm really enjoying reading the posts.
  8. I rolled my own, and smoked Bull Durham. Got so good at it, I could roll 'em with one hand. Later in the military, smoked @ 3 packs of Camels a day ( Non filter ), and chewed Days Work plug tobacco. That's the way I grew up in those days. I got no use for tobacco now days, and quit back in 1975. Electronic cigarettes... now I've heard it all. They shouldn't be picking on folks if they're smoking one indoors, as Red pointed out, it's not illegal, and it does no harm, just water vapor. I would respect the rights of the owner, and stop if asked, however to be bullied into it... well, the red faced bully with the foul mouth might have tripped over five, or six pieces of solid wood furniture on his way out. Can't abide a bully.
  9. Niche, I had a friend who passed away @ 2-3 years ago, who was a civil engineer all his life, and was fascinated with just what you're researching. I had earned him interviews with several of the old timers in Fort Bend County before they passed on. He had walked the old Thompson's Road, which lead to Thompson's Ferry, and across the Brazos into Sugarland. Part of the old road is still being used to go to Thompson's, but the obscure part is on private property, which slopes down to where the ferry was. This road was also a famous cattle route for several of the largest ranches driving cattle across the Brazos there at the ferry, and then onward through where BelAir is today, then all the way to Roundrock. They would join up there, and move North on the old Chisholm Trail. I knew Lightin' Autry, who rode as a cowboy on the last long drive to Kansas. He told us all about these things. There were many other old timers that I knew well - all passed on now. I'll check with my friend's wife, and see if they kept any of his historic road maps, and see if we can go over them. There are many historic, and obscure roads out there in Fort Bend County, but you'll have Hell gettin' access to see them, and also finding anyone extant that can help you really. The stories of these old roads are fascinating to me as well, from the cowboy perspective. They ( The old cowboys ) had different songs they would sing on different trails, or roads. So, if they were heading down the Line to work, they sang a song lead by Obediah ( Working cowboy ), then sang different songs for the return trip in the evening going home. They also had some pretty risque songs for the old road to Sandy Point, to visit the ladies of the night... etc. etc. etc. There's a ton of great history surrounding your topic, laced with a heavy layer of the romance of early Texas. I'll see what I can find, and get back to you.
  10. Nena, Great link! I loved the Rice, and spent a lot of time there. The other stories are great as well...good memories.
  11. Wasn't this gas station Mr. Remmert's car repair in the late 1950's? It sure looks like it.
  12. Waz, I admire your passion for this issue. I will tell you as a first-hand witness, that there are pro-active strategy meetings within combined law enforcement agencies to address, and remedy these problems that you lament. As a decision maker, I am constantly, and consistently, just as frustrated as you as I examine budget, manpower, emergency priority, case load, and the tasks at hand. Don't wait on the Government - call the meeting yourself, within your neighborhood, and prod your neighbors to decide what they want neighborhood life to be like. Then forge a strategic plan, and use that passion of yours to kick it through. Sunnyside is just another neighborhood in a giant city - but, what is it worth to you? Give it value, and you'll be surprised who will rise up to help. But partner, it takes people - not the government. Good luck, and keep us posted!
  13. Yes Niche, hear me out. The founders vision was that people are the government, as established. As owners of that responsibility to self-discipline, we become complacent - and so do politicians. Countries, cities, groups, and yes - neighborhoods, are what they are, because of the actions of the citizens therein. Some, don't like the taste of what they tolerate, and blame it on this Government boogyman that doesn't exist. A good example was... for sake of discussion, Neighborhood A: Screaming for police action against dangerous gangs of kids roaming the streets, criminal mischief running rampant, and rising burglaries. Subsequent to their complaints, a law enforcement task force was activated, and the bad guys were caught in the act. It was their own children! Allowed to roam the streets at all hours, of day, and night - not by the government - by the parents. The residents didn't like that, so they wanted to sue law enforcement, and the county, et al, magnus infinitum. [ Neighborhood A is not an anomoly ] Later, they met, and came to grips with the problem, and tackled it with community-actioned self-discipline, within the family, and on their street. It is the only way to turn it around, as there are not enough policemen, or government officials, or tax money to force a change of that scope, plus... where is the free man in a police state? I've personally witnessed this from the front line, for over 40 years. Government is the people ... I'll save you ... my class on the Constitution was just about to start. I do apologize for the length of my reply, but not the depth of my passion in regard to the law, and We The People. I'm sure that Col. Crockett would agree that we're on the same page, I just used more letters, commas, and stuff.
  14. Ex-cons are not released to any neighborhood, they choose where they live. Crime is local, and transient, it affects us all. Specifically to your discussion, the sex offender problem does not belong to us, they created their own problem, so let them solve it - or, maybe we could call a sex offender summit, headed by a new Sex Offender Czar $$$$$$. All kidding aside, the specialized perversion of these criminals, is not criminal behavior, but rather an impulsive fetish that is a crime. You're not going to rehab these folks because of that fact - and, don't believe me, believe the history they certify by their failure to evolve. Leave them alone, stay out of their way, and get them off your conscience. As for Sunnyside, the least of their worries are sex offenders - it has become what the residents will tolerate. The government is not the answer to crime - never has been.
  15. I got kissed by Kitirick the day they broke ground for the Heights Savings and Loan @ 20th & Yale. They had hay bales all around, and broke them open all over the grass. Kitirick got in a cherry picker bucket, and was raised up in the air with several bags of change. She dropped all that money into the hay & they made us all wait until Sgt. Babe Seres of HPD, blew his whistle. We jumped all in that hay finding pennies, and dimes, and quarters! I never have washed my left cheek after that kiss .....Wow.... I went to P.P. a few times, but never met Cadet Don, or Santa on the train. I was always working as a kid, and never got to go many places like that. Please post some photos, and stories. Those were mighty good days.
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