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  1. TxDOT obtaining funds, what an uphill battle that must've been.
  2. I don't mind a parking garage as long as it's well engrained within the surrounding area and offers some retail or something.
  3. Part of my regret comes from the fact that I believe they did it backwards. This and the uptown corridor definitely warranted rail, while the east side lines were more suited to BRT, in my opinion. I disagree that there would be no incremental return. Substantially higher ridership and lower subsidy per passenger on an operational basis definitely qualifies in my opinion. Higher capacity is a plus too - the system can be in place for decades longer without needing capacity upgrades. And then the economic benefits with LRT outweigh BRT, although I'll grant that it's not THAT much more benefits (substantially higher benefits come from HRT which unfortunately will probably never be built in Houston).
  4. Looks cool. It is a massive disappointment that Metro is having to settle for BRT instead of at least LRT for this corridor. BRT will generate less ridership, require a higher operating subsidy per person (although with less initial capital costs) and generate less economic development/benefits for the city. Thank you Culberson. I still hope that this will be more successful than the Silver line which hasn't done well at all. Maybe after it's connected to this it'll do better.
  5. I was gonna ask that too. Seems like very little progress/news over the last year.
  6. Another Texas rail project that would have been extremely useful and popular killed by backwards politics, NIMBYism and corruption. Yay!
  7. I'd keep the buildings there and occupied until it actually proceeds.
  8. Let me guess.. gonna be replaced with a fresh parking lot. Smh.
  9. That was sarcasm lol. The aerial picture a few posts above is so depressing lol.
  10. Nice, surface parking is sorely needed in the area.
  11. Man off topic but what a hellish sidewalk/streetscape lol. I do like this tower's prominence in many surrounding areas.
  12. Looks really nice and I like the plaza out front too.
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