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  1. Railroads have always been granted eminent domain, this is nothing new or controversial.
  2. Do we know if anything will become of those huge parking lots in front?
  3. Too good to be true. I'll believe it once construction starts.
  4. I mean, everyone was apparently fine with building highways to no end that take up way more property/homes than a rail line ever would (and continue to take up more even after they are built!), so I see it as a bit hypocritical to be staunchly opposed to a rail line for these reasons.
  5. Perfect timing with another hurricane on the way..
  6. Quick, someone go ride this thing!
  7. This man (or lady) hindesky is the MVP of HAIF. Thanks!
  8. Wait, this actually happening? Trying not to get my hopes up lol.
  9. People want alternatives. All over the world, when given the option, HSR wins against airlines for distances such as Dallas - Houston. We already invest plenty in highways.
  10. Obviously BRT in a vacuum isn't as good as light rail (and by that same token, light rail isn't nearly as good as heavy rail), but it's still an improvement over what we have and given that Metro has apparently given up on building the University Line as rail, it wouldn't make as much sense to build a rail section on Post Oak without connecting it to the network.
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