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  1. That was sarcasm lol. The aerial picture a few posts above is so depressing lol.
  2. Nice, surface parking is sorely needed in the area.
  3. Man off topic but what a hellish sidewalk/streetscape lol. I do like this tower's prominence in many surrounding areas.
  4. Looks really nice and I like the plaza out front too.
  5. Loving the lighting on a lot of the downtown buildings these days.
  6. Some of the lights that indicate the status of the reversible lane are faulty which creates a very dangerous situation IMO.
  7. I'm aware but thank you lol. Hopefully the 59 project will increase demand in that area and around MMP.
  8. Jeez, such a long way to go towards developing that area of downtown, still a complete sea of parking lots and empty fields lol.
  9. This building really has an impact on the skyline looking west from downtown!
  10. Railroads have always been granted eminent domain, this is nothing new or controversial.
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