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  1. Quick, someone go ride this thing!
  2. This man (or lady) hindesky is the MVP of HAIF. Thanks!
  3. Wait, this actually happening? Trying not to get my hopes up lol.
  4. People want alternatives. All over the world, when given the option, HSR wins against airlines for distances such as Dallas - Houston. We already invest plenty in highways.
  5. Obviously BRT in a vacuum isn't as good as light rail (and by that same token, light rail isn't nearly as good as heavy rail), but it's still an improvement over what we have and given that Metro has apparently given up on building the University Line as rail, it wouldn't make as much sense to build a rail section on Post Oak without connecting it to the network.
  6. Honestly that doesn't look too bad for a storage facility...
  7. I've long maintained that Westheimer is the most suitable corridor in Houston for rail. Too bad it won't happen in my lifetime.
  8. Amazing. Had no idea how beautiful the original facade was underneath that awful cladding. Classic Houston.
  9. Obviously not surprising. LOL at pointing to weak ridership of the new light rail lines as evidence that the system shouldn't be expanded after essentially being responsible for the 2003 vision never being completed, which crippled potential ridership. Obviously the University line was by far the highest ridership and most rail worthy corridor in Houston after the original Red Line. This plan isn't perfect and it's a bummer that they gave up on rail on the west side of town, where it actually makes sense on some level. But there's lots of good things in the plan and Houston's
  10. I thought the timeline was sliding because of NIMBYs and lawsuits?
  11. Good to hear. I see the timeline is sliding a bit, hopefully they can actually start construction in 2020, and that it is successful and inspires other projects.
  12. That is unlikely, they will run a schedule similar to LRT. Sure there are plenty of successful BRT lines and it's a fine transit solution. I'm in favor of it as I said. But BRT was better served on the east side lines with lower density and ridership potential. The west side corridors can absolutely support LRT, and it's a shame it won't get built that way because transit ridership would be greater had it been. Yup I'm aware, but was disappointed in Metro not being able to figure out a solution. Also wouldn't that law that Culberson passed still apply to BRT? I th
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