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  1. The front door to the store will be facing Austin St. according to reports, but I think that is because a restaurant is slated to move into the corner space (LaBranch & Lamar) sometime after Phoenicia finishes it's build-out. It is possible that there will be an entrance from inside the OPP lobby but it will be access controlled, for the use of the residents only.
  2. They released a "press release" to the residents last week that revealed Phoenica Specialty Foods to be the new grocery store. It said that in addition to some of their standard food offerings, they are going to focus on prepared meals (a'la Central Market/Whole Foods), and they are going to add many household goods like soap, laundry detergent, trash bags. I was told by mgmt today that after the grocery construction crews leave, a cafe style restaurant will be moving into another corner of the building, probably on the Discovery Green side. I just hope all these awesome additions don't cause my rent to go up drastically when I renew. Being able to take an elevator to go grocery shopping is going to be great.
  3. Has anybody heard anything on the grocery store that is to open on the first floor of One Park Place? I see the large section being worked on everyday.
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