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  1. FYI - the KISD zoning forum is on 1-7 at Klein Oak - more info on the KISD home page. They have also posted a second preferred zoning option.
  2. I missed the meeting last night but I noticed a new doc on the KISD web site about the different construction plans: http://www.kleinisd.net/docs/50-KISD_HS_MPLAN_12-15-09%20Abridged.pdf One thing I noticed on both the option "A" plans is that Kleb is also being leveled and rebuilt at the back of the property. Where are they going to put all the Kleb students while this is going on? At Ulrich??? Or are they going to build the new Kleb first and move them and then level the old Kleb? Was any of this discussed at the meeting last night? After the meeting, which way do you thing the administration is leaning?
  3. You must have checked out for a while. Search this link for PASA: http://www.kleinisd.net/docs/29-boardJanuary.pdf They just paid them $71,000 to update the study they did for the 2008 bond. I don't put much stock in the PASA study findings for long term projections. I do use the compiled data for current (comes from KISD data). I used 2010 projections because that is what was used in the zoning maps. My analysis of the numbers uses percentages so rather you go off current or 1 year future projections, the results don't change significantly. The AEIS data is from KISD. One number that is trending upwards is the number of kids that are signing up for the free/reduced lunch program. Another thing that could change the economically disadvantaged percentages is the 2010 census but we won't know how that affects things for a couple of years.
  4. Well, I shared how I was coming up with 40%. If you correlate the feeder schools to Ulrich, using PASA demographics and AEIS data for economically disadvantaged, you will get between 36 and 43 percent depending on how you marry the PASA and AEIS data. If you have some better insight into the demographics for Ulrich, please share it. If not then what are you basing your opinion on?
  5. Lauchable? Schools receive funds under Title 1 for economically disadvantaged kids. Priority is given to schools that have 35% or more ed kids and at 40% the school is able to implement a schoolwide program. All of Kohrville is zoned to Ulrich and it has 39% economically disadvanted students. The largest area on Boudreaux zoned to Ulrich is a trailer park. This area is all the kids zoned to Frank outsize Gleannloch and more than likely has all the low income kids from Frank. That puts the ecomomically disadvantaged percent from that area around 50%. The remaining kids zoned to Ulrich are from Krahn. Krahn has a relatively low economically disadvantaged percentage (29%) but being from that area I know that a higher percentage is coming from the neighborhoods south of Spring Cypress and east of the railroad tracks. Memorial Springs is probably saving Ulrich from being over the 40%.
  6. Wow. KISD just posted their preferred zoning plan for Ulrich on their home page http://kleinisd.net. It moves all of Gleannloch to Doerre and takes most of the low income kids off Boudreaux and moves them to Ulrich. The Brill kids east of the rr tracks will stay at Kleb. This will definitely lower the low income mix of students at Ulrich. Perhaps the district is going after the additional funds they get from having a Title 1 school.
  7. Not sure if I was at that same meeting. What I heard was that socioeconomics was not considered for elementary and intermediate schools but was considered for high schools. In any event I think the shool would be better balanced if the option that moves all of Gleannloch to Ulrich is adopted. The problem I have is that our neighborhood must be in a catchment area which I think means you can move it where ever you want. We are zoned to Hassler/Doerre/Klein and one of the options had us moving to Kleb. My backroad route to avoid traffic would have me drive down the street Doerre is on to get from my house to Kleb. Absolutely retarded but apparently, in that plan, Kleb needed another 75 kids and we fit.
  8. One of the proposals had all of Gleannloch going to Ulrich. The Gleannloch folks currently zoned to Krimmel were a little bent because Ulrich is "special". They think it is special because it is a 1-1 school (kids have tablet computers). Ulrich is NOT going to have the tablets. They were more than upset with the proposed move and requested a new option. All this was at the first zoning meeting. At the second meeting the new proposal using the railroad tracks was unveiled. I would be fine with all of Gleannloch going to Ulrich since it would balance the socioeconomic demographic. I'm not sure why the district drafted a new proposal to make Gleannloch happy. I'd bet that most of them have at least 1 computer in their home. Same cannot be said for a lot of the homes east of the railroad tracks. I asked if they considered socioeconomics and was told that they cannot take that into consideration. Anyone know of a law that precludes a district from using socioeconomics when drawing school boundaries? The Dept. of Education lists it as one tool to help with diversification.
  9. I've been going to the KISD zoning committee meetings for Ulrich Intermediate. Looks like the favored option is to use the railroad tracks as the dividing line taking everything to the west. My concern is that this creates a very low income school population. I have a feeling that Ulrich is going to start out as a Title 1 school. My neighborhood is right outside the edge of the boundary and my fear is that one day we will get moved to Ulrich (seems like we are affected any time a school anywhere close to us is rezoned). There was another option on the table which provided a very good mix (socio-economically) for Ulrich but the Krimmel folks in Gleannloch near threw a fit when they saw that option - thats when the district came back at the second meeting with the new option to use the railroad tracks. What do you think? Should I be worried about property values if Ulrich is a Title 1 school?
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