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  1. Ah, my memory is getting fuzzy. The house was on Briarforest near Hwy 6. I think. :-)
  2. Ack! Guess I can't upload Excel files. Here's a link to anyone who would like to download the file: http://www.hallmarkoffice.com/~amanda/haif/old_houses.xls
  3. Hi from a first-time poster, long-time lurker, Just wanted to say this forum is amazing. I came here looking for info on an amusement park that was at Westpark and the Southwest Fwy and have been lurking ever since Being such a Houston history buff and a bit of data junkie, I recently stumbled across HCAD's public data site where you can download their data files in bulk. Wow! I've always been interested in old houses in the Houston area. I even remember driving around when I was a kid and being interested in who lived near Westheimer and Hwy 6 in that white old 2-story house. (Yes, I was a strange kid Anyway, I've posted (as an Excel file) a little query I made re: houses built before 1900. Of over 900,000 A1 (single, family residential) properties only about 200 were built before 1900! Keep up the good work! bees-knees
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