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  1. I thought I would share these photos with people who like buildings as much as I do. I especially like the last shot...looks like the mother ship has come to land. =) http://englishrussia.com/?p=5684
  2. Boy oh boy. Some things never change. I used to post here as 20sGirl and remember some pretty nasty arguments taking place. Then I had a baby and disappeared for a while and forgot all my login info. Looks like things are right on track where I left them...
  3. HAAAA!! I know what you mean. I really liked the Glenwood house (of course) and the Louisiana house. And the warehouse on Feagan was AWESOME!!!! I wish I had gotten some photos. I love the minimalist bedrooms! Makes me want to take a shovel to all my crap in my house. LOL!!
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