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  1. Does anyone here have any information about the history of the Sherwood Patio Homes? Sherwood Patio Homes Unrecorded is a small subdivision of 19 MCM cottages, located at 4102 Sherwood Lane. They were built in 1967. Some sources say that these are located in White Oak Acres, some that they are in Brookhollow. The houses are all one story, 2-3 bedrooms. Some people claim that they were built as some kind of housing for a college, and later converted to private homes, but AFAIK there is no evidence to support this. The community has an HOA but it does not have any records on the earliest history of the houses. I'm really interested in these houses and trying to learn more about them.
  2. Thanks, sevfive! We finished moving in on Thursday and now we're sort of recovering/unpacking. So far everyone in the neighborhood has been nice, people are friendly. I like being able to open the door and hear the TSU marching band practicing at night, too I am disappointed to learn that the city doesn't offer curbside recycling here. I sent the department an email, we'll see if they respond.
  3. Woohoo! It's for real, we closed on Friday! Utilities will be turned on this week and then it's time to get moving. Can't wait to get to work on this place, to make it our own.
  4. Heh thanks for the welcome What about coffee shops & etc? I am a student and sometimes I need to get out of the house to study. We had dinner at Calliope's Po-boy the other day and were blown away
  5. Hello all. Some of you may remember that I posted here last winter, about to move to the East End. Well, that house fell through, and so did the next one... and now 9 months later, we've contracted on a house in Third Ward, which was our second choice neighborhood. I'm very excited about the new house, which is lovely, and about getting to know my new neighborhood better. So fill me in, Third Ward residents! Where do you shop? Where do you hang out? Where are the good coffee shops? I'm packing Oh and one more thing: I've been at the new place twice this week and both times my face started itching and stinging/burning. The first time I thought it was something in the house, but the second time it started when we were just walking around the neighborhood, so I am guessing a plant allergy. What is blooming over there right now to make this happen?
  6. Thank you for the advice and that HILARIOUS observation! We'll do exactly what you suggest.
  7. I'm in the process of buying a house in Mason Park and am hoping to hear from someone who lives there. The big challenge right now is the deed restrictions- people are having trouble interpreting them and one interpretation means we want this place, one means we don't. Specifically, the house we are looking at has a garage apartment, which we intend to rent out. No one can tell us if the deed restrictions prohibit renting or not. Other than that, I'd also love to hear from people who live there, about the area in general... so far we really like what we see
  8. I would like to see a retail/entertainment area spring up. I'd like the East End to have cafe culture and more "things happening", as opposed to being so retail/residential. I am moving there in the hope that this will happen.
  9. Cutting into drywall releases tiny particles into the air, hence my concern. Also, asbestos has been connected to intestinal cancers via oral ingestion. So I don't advise eating it I understand that we can test for it, it's AFTER testing I am worried about. If it comes up positive, we just cannot afford to have the remodel done professionally, and doing it ourselves could be dangerous. I suppose we could move out for a month, but that would be hard and expensive.
  10. Thanks for responding. A lot of sources I read say that asbestos was included in drywall, not just joint compound And although asbestos usually requires years of exposure to develop cancer, apparently some cases of cancer have been traced back to brief exposure from a single home improvement project I just worry. We have to live in this house, after all.
  11. We are purchasing a house in the East End, built in 1940. The house is cute and in good condition, but like many homebuyers we want to make changes. Specifically, we plan to remodel the kitchen, opening the wall between the kitchen and living room to make a more open kitchen. I have recently become aware that asbestos was sometimes used in wallboard and drywall. Some source say it was rarely used in residential construction, some say it was used regularly. I really don't know which is true. We are DIYers and plan to do most of the kitchen remodel ourselves. We may also have some other changes to make that require cutting the drywall. So my question is this: how likely is it that the drywall in a residential, single-family home, built in 1940 in Houston, contains asbestos? I know we can order a kit to test, but my greater concern is that it's illegal to remove asbestos materials ourselves, and we cannot afford to pay someone else to do our remodel. Thoughts?
  12. Prices in the Heights and Montrose are still high with no sign of drop. However, a LOT of new construction in those areas is sitting empty. I live in Shady Acres, and new construction is empty all around me. Older houses are still selling high in Montrose and Heights. Midtown and the nice parts of 3rd Ward were selling very low in summer and I wish my partner had been gung-ho about buying then. However, he didn't get in fear til fall, when the homebuyer credit was already raising enthusiasm and prices.
  13. We're still in the option period, but after some negotiation, the seller accepted our offer of 92% of asking price in Mason Park. I actually think that was a little high, but our realtor thought it was fair. We were absolutely unwilling to pay more, as the house needs work and updating.
  14. Norhill: We did look at Eastwood, and it was in our top list of neighborhoods, but actually it seems that Mason Park is nicer, at least in our price range. I do love the idea of livig in Third Ward, because of the closeness to everything, and the neighborhood is beautiful. But I am aware that some areas are hostile to non-blacks moving in, and at this moment it looks like Mason Park is the better investment. I am especially looking forward to how the East End grows after the 2010 census is in. Sevfiv: thanks for posting those old fliers, they are so cute! So funny to think that was the boonies. How our city has grown! Musicman: yeah, I saw some junky-looking apartments over there and they were definitely a concern.
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