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  1. The trees along Gray St. have been fenced off for the sidewalk upgrades. The city will be fixing up the sidewalks along Gray from Brazos east down to Main and has done some preliminary surveying, sawcuts, and markings already.
  2. Today it looked like the bomb squad was getting some practice b/c they had Smith St. cordoned off with yellow crime scene tape. Also before the Cherry signs went up, the top floor windows were taken out. Now black plastic sways in the breeze from the upper floors. Any day now...
  3. Last time I was by there they were reconstructing the site drainage.
  4. Is Lonestar getting a new outdoor patio? Is the sign part of the new design?
  5. LegacyTree


    Will the bldg setbacks remain if they have to pull reconstruction permits?
  6. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattlandry/sets/72157625051115415/
  7. link Thanks to all who have contributed ideas. Still looking...
  8. From WAZ's blog: http://civcarchitect...position-1.html (which btw I abhor when people run off to their blogs b/c they feel they cannot succinctly debate their points; it's cowardice and I will be monitoring :looking at you txpropertyrights: )
  9. He was a real jerk to me, but I figured that's just the internet and the nature of Houston (aka Hate-town). RIP
  10. "Beware of those in whom the will to punish is strong." -Nietzsche
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