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  1. I am moving to Houstone soon and my office is in wesklake, some one suggested me Village on Memorial, do you guys have any comment on this? e.g. safty, price... thanks a lot
  2. no matter how Houston is, what i can say by now is that the people here is so nice! : ) i will stay for 2 years, now i am looking forward my move. BTW, surprised that there's bus, i don't drive now, therefore, anothe headache for me is to get driver's license in Houston
  3. thanks : ) , some people said that I will love this city, and some said it's too boring. as a resident of Houston, what are u going to say?
  4. I will move to Houston from China this Aug, actually i know nothing about Houston. My company is in Westlake park. I would like to rent an 2-bedroom apartment near both office and supermarket, the safety is important to me, can anyone give me some advice? thanks in advance
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