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  1. I am a DIE HARD LOYAL HEB customer. Their store brands are excellent and I prefer to support a great Texas based company who stocks lots of local Texas products. Their prices are competitive with WM in my area also. You should know by now that when Kroger came out with their Kroger tomato card years ago they literally raised the price of everything in the store by my experience 30 to 70 percent overnight. Then you received the ORIGINAL price when you used the new "discount" card. So when you think you are "saving" money you are just getting the prices at what they should be. I immediately stopped going there and when I mention this to people all of the time they act like I am nuts. I stopped in a Randalls the other night to check out their new 1000's of "low" prices. Holy crap! EVERY single item I normally buy at WM & HEB that I checked was anywhere from 30 cents to a dollar higher STILL! If that is their new "low" prices they can have them. Selling out to Safeway was a horrible business move for what used to be the #1 rated privately held chain in the US. Ranking of the 4 largest chains in Houston area: 1. Randall's (most expensive by far) 2. Krogers 3. HEB 4. Walmart Houston is still the most competitive grocery market in the country. Most cities don't have as much a choice in competitors as we do. As least we have that to make up for our high electric rates!
  2. I'm such a pessimist I fully expect the announcement they are quitting and moving it to DALLAS...
  3. Photos are back. They were accidentally set to unlisted. Please don't DL my photos for anything other than private use.
  4. Here is my small collection of 1st time non-professional photos around and above downtown Houston. These were taken with just a digital point and shoot along with a few iPhone camera shots. Nothing spectacular just learning and shooting! Picasa Web Album: Downtown Houston
  5. Forgive my ignorance. Long story short: Are HOA's in Texas legally responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their perimeter fences in subdivisions? If so, can they be "threatened" with legal action for collecting HOA fees and failing to maintain said fencing? This is a problem for me but obviously I am afraid of and tired of messing with my HOA... Thanks
  6. I am the OP for this topic. I used to work at the El Paso bldg this past year and I took some photos of our new floor and the new lunch area on the 10th floor. I think it was pretty cool but a tad too IKEA-ish. Some of the colors in the new lunch room were a little ponderous also. All in all good so far. I hope to visit after the 2nd floor lobby and tunnel areas are remodeled. Should be nice. My Picasa Web Album El Paso Bldg Renovation Photos
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