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  1. Very interesting house on weber.....kind of native looking.....these houses should be preserved thru the historical societly....)) brady house on wilmer should be preseved as well.....)
  2. I do remember a ray hays cajun po bo on richmond...i used to wonder if it was the same ray hay from broiler burger in east end....thats interesting ninfa used his kitchen..... do u remember the jack in the box on dumble? it had the old clown head as the speaker!! also does anyone remember The Italian Beef House on telephone at 45? absolutely the best pizza and italian beef sandwiches i have EVER tasted....the owner was from Italy.....my mom would call in a take out every friday.....he did have a small dining area....it seems food back then was so much better....small indepenent owners...not
  3. i used to go there with my mom, sister and brother...thru the years i used to tell people about it....i do not think ive had a burger like ray hays....it seems like he also had draft root beer....the old fashioned kind in the keg! fantastic!! i sure miss it.....it was a real treat for us because we did not have a car...my mom was raising us alone and we were on a tight budget. does anyone remember a little malt shop close to ray hays on telephone rd called heap o cream? there malts were so creamy and thick....))
  4. hi eastend susan, i used to eat at dinner bell with my mother....we went there for thanksgiving dinner....i grew up in east end and graduated from SFA....did u reply to a post about ray hays broiler burger on dumble....do u know how i cld review the post....i used to go there too...their burgers were fantastic....give a shout back....love ur kitirik photo!! does anyone remember samperis deli on telephone rd?
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