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  1. For those who might be interested - I found the name of the architect. It was Donald Reimers who, as I mentioned, recently retired from Kirksey. I don't know where he was employed at the time he designed our house, but he lived two doors down from it.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Our house is really unique. We had heard that it was designed by an architect who lived in our neighborhood for his in-laws. It's pretty much all brick facade across the front with two single-car garages facing each other across a curved driveway. As I said, the back is all glass and there is a lot of glass in all the bedrooms as well. It's not a very practical house - a bit small for the neighborhood, no attic (very low slope roof), very little storage, small bedrooms, etc., but we love it. The living areas are very open and the glass walls on the back wall overlook a
  3. Thanks much. I have received flyers from them from time to time and have the impression that they do good work in a broad range of areas. I should let them take a look at our situation.
  4. Thanks. I may take a shot at it. Cosmetically, it isn't really in that bad a shape, at least in my opinion. I've been bothered by the corrosion, but I had chalked it up to what you expect for the exposure and didn't let it bother me because I don't think it looks that bad (plus I was too lazy to do it - it's quite a lot of area to cover). My wife is the one who put her foot down, and it was more a matter of a combination of things, mostly minor, that just led her to feel we needed to either get our current doors fixed or get something new. I can't blame her and I have to confess that for some
  5. Hi all. Our house has extensive amounts of floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows - all across the entire back of the house as well as large windows in all the bedrooms. They are Arcadia brand, high-quality doors and windows - Arcadia claims to have been the originator of the sliding glass door, but in any event it is clear that these were high-end products when our house was built in 1965. We are suffering from an accumulation of minor issues that wew would like to address with the doors and windows - ranging from cracked panes of glass to damaged or missing weatherstripping to miscellaneo
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