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  1. What does the base look like? That's really the most important issue regarding downtown's urban fabric. It is a shame that this couldn't have been built another block over instead of wasting such a unique parcel on such a boring and cheap design. Hopefully this gets torn down in the long run and we get something unique relative to it's site like the Flatiron building in NY. /wishful thinking
  2. It looks like a composite manufactured stone and the stucco is EFIS. Nothing wrong with trying to fit in with Houston as we don't take kindly to architectural stand outs and will punish accordingly.
  3. ^Thanks for the positive comments. A contextual thread is definitely in the works, I just need a little time to get some visually interesting case study examples together. I was also in town for Des Cours research, hopefully my project will be ready for 2011.
  4. You can thank law firm's like Mostyn for your rates going up. Most insurance companies are too cheap to properly defend themselves against lawsuits and try to quickly settle. In many cases the damages are mostly due to homeowner's neglect to properly maintain their homes &/or have little to nothing to do with real damage caused by natural acts. The insurance companies are literally push-overs and the plaintiff billboard's metastasize the scale of fraud.
  5. I am honestly am out of my depth here and am generally hoping your handle-sake of a niche market exists city-wide for this type of office space. Even if this particular project doesn't get off the ground, this site will likely spawn another project of similar height/size later in time. LOL,not trying to dog pile with the rest of the posters, but what time do you eat lunch? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Another thing I was thinking in terms of the site is that it will close a cul-de-sac street, meaning less city maintenance and more so that the city will get more taxable property sqft'd in the exchange. I would take the next logical step by closing Woodrow Ave's T-interesection with Montrose, but realistically they will employ HPD to let office workers out. Highway access is a beautifully veiled cinch, with the Richmond exit off the Spur northbound and the Fannin exit off US59 southbound. I'm just glad Ewald didn't get to design this! J/K, Also if anyone's been to the site recently there's a nice quiet niche behind the art gallery with a lofty cantilevered concrete flat roof with 20' bamboo's underneath. I want to say Peter Zweig designed it.. my memory's a little fuzzy but the tactile nature of that space is worth checking out.
  6. I can't wait till they declare the turbines "job" as done and eventually abort the top of this building in some heavy handed haircut job. That's Houston architecture. LOL @ building crowns as PR, seems like a narrow tightrope to walk.
  7. @theNiche: A Shepard/59 site would diminish the sexy allure the 59/Montrose site has from the auto-motorist's perspective. Imagine traveling down 59 and submerging as a tower rises over the freeway, that is architectural drama. Versus an exposed and oblique POV much like Greenway Plaza's towers. No drama, no value, and in effect blending in with Greenway and eastern ancillary developments. City wide identity and desirability are the long term goals at play here (which explains the bldg's height & planar slenderness), and if catching onto pedestrian/street retail perceptual inertia in an upscale enclave while providing that enclave with a freeway barrier/visual distraction is what makes this site a shoe-in. Remember how area archipiles wanted to get Santiago Calatrava to design the Montrose bridge, but TXDOT turned a deaf ear? Houston has a long long history for being bad neighbors of those who would try something different, so in this case it makes sense to "get in where you fit in," considering it's contextual neighbors are much more affluent than say Whataburger. Your right that this would not appeal to the group-think of institutional investors, this project is more akin to the wild-catter developments of Houston's former glory days. P.S. Not to mention mature oaks, hard to put a consensus valuation on shade in Houston. Shepard/59 = no shade.
  8. Here's my map Some pics from the map locations: Victory Arch United Methodist Church Holy Name of Mary Church Napoleon House There was also some interesting MCM's in context: Private Spaces in the Vieux Carre: That's all..
  9. I was in New Orleans last weekend and went to the St. Mary St. Wal-Mart in the Lower Garden District, although technically it was in the industrial waterfront. Place was packed. The area around it was blighted before and was perceivably still blighted but provides the poorer areas of Central City, the Treme, and anybody else in the city with affordable wares. I guess the opposition should ask themselves If New Orleans can do it, why can't Houston?
  10. http://www.austincon...d-addendum.html
  11. http://www.austincon...ons-matter.html
  12. They keep the grass mowed & most residents use it as a dog park. Have you seen the other side of the Spur behind the Shipley's donuts? It's a shame about the lack of affordable housing in Montrose but that's just the shadow of the beast.
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