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  1. Thanks to the internet, I now get irony. Before the internet, I thought the word was an adjective to describe the Fe content of a metal. Thanks, internet!

    1. editor


      "It's like goldy, or silvery, only made of iron" - Baldwick from The Black Adder

  2. What the heck is going on at Wimbledon?!

  3. Lockmat, it's because you're using Netscape 1.0 as your browser.

    1. lockmat


      Using the same old browser, Chrome...it was like that just for a little while.

  4. I too am a proud Laker hater.

  5. Hopping back on HAIF any time soon?

  6. I really want to know what that guy is like in person. Then again, not really.

  7. I'm insistent, if I see you on the road,I'm picking you up. I have to admit I miss your acerbicism. That was pretty fun.

  8. Even if I could, I probably wouldn't. But, I tried it just to see, and yeah, I can't. It's permanent. I'm not going to appeal to the admins either. It's not worth it. I just post on these forums to break up daily work monotony or when I'm drinking at home and the wife's bogarting the TV watching something on Lifetime.

  9. He attacked it as if it was his full-time job. Very odd.

  10. There was one mod in particular, some clown called Bowie, who followed my posts like a rabid dog. Weird guy.

  11. I got a suspension with no expiration date. Whatevs... So far I've been impressed with HAIF. People actually write in complete sentences with correct punctuation here.

  12. I knew I should stay away from the City Vs City boards. I flew too close to the sun a few too many times.

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