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  1. Again, are all "reports" treated with equal sincerity? I think if you want to maintain the air or impartiality, you shouldn't voice your opinion on the subject. Because what look like happened here is you tripped over yourself trying to placate a bunch of whiney snobby bjtches.
  2. Really? Weird. Because it took three mentions of this little bit of fugly to get it removed. And pretty much everything you'd deleted was a response to that. Or a response to the snob that typed that. (Except, bizarrely, an innocuous post about Chuck E Cheese - Can't be talkin' 'bout no Chuck E Cheese on Haif! We gots important Walmarts to bash!)
  3. It's certainly what you're doing. What are your opinions on the Walmart again? I forgot.... Weren't you opposed to it? Dissent squelched!
  4. So, if I were to complain about something, you would delete it without any research? Seems a reasonable way to run a website. I can't foresee any problems with that. Edit: DELETE!!
  5. This'll surely bleed over into every old suburb in town. Perhaps the councilman should be reminded that not only should he keep your thoughts in mind, but he should also keep your future votes in mind. That was such a condescending email. If I had the ability, I'd vote the bum out on principle alone. I think I may still be registered in the city...
  6. Welcome to Politics, USA. Would you like a brochure?
  7. I don't do nasal sounds too well. I'm smobby like that.
  8. You're pissing in the wind, Red. I said the same thing like 30 pages ago. I even posted a couple photos of the barren wasteland that's dividing such normally rational people like the residents of the Heights. One of the photos, a tar-covered, cracked stretch of pavement, looked like it was held together by chewing gum. When I took those photos, I sat there that day and came to a realization about Yale @ Center. Traffic only ever picks up on that road (during non-rush hour times) when a train comes through the area. Otherwise, Yale is a ghost town. Yale is more like Sawyer than I'd even realized. It's Sawyer with an underpass. All you need are some presidential heads, and you have the making of Target 2: Electric Boogaloo. With the exception of Terminator and Star Wars, the sequel is never greeted with the same enthusiasm as the original. I wonder what would have happened had Walmart come before Target.
  9. Would you feel the same if it was ? Dun-dun-DUNNNN!!
  10. Lonestar. Or, "Please stop feeding rice to my chickens."
  11. Here's some discussion. There were a few posts deleted by mods, but you get the idea.
  12. It's the perfect compromise. Now, Heights residents can take advantage of the low prices and convenience, but still not be mortally embarrassed that such a place as Walmart could be associated with their neighborhood.
  13. Did you have to delete entire posts? You should have exercised your line-item veto power instead of scrapping the entire thing.
  14. If you think this is bad, go check out the Heights Walmart thread or the thread about building apartments in Katy. This thread looks like the UN on ecstasy by comparison.
  15. It annoys me more when snobs attempt to mask their snobbery behind civic responsibility than when they're forthright with their snobbery. At least with the latter, you know what you're dealing with. For a couple months now, I've waded through eighteen pages of bilge foisted on us from one side of this argument - all of them lies, all of them designed to hide their true intentions and all designed to stir our emotions and not our sense of reason. When one filthy justification falls flat, they trot out another lie. When that one doesn't stick, they bring out another. Very little gets me worked up, but discrimination and intentional ignorance are chief among the things that do. This misguided opposition to the Walmart have clearly demonstrated both of those qualities, and I've finally lost my patience with it. They're snobs, and if karma was real, the next inner-loop Walmart to get built directly next door to their HAHC-approved houses. If all it takes is a pair of tight jeans and some pearl snaps, then I'm a semi-hipster too. And I support the building of this Walmart.
  16. It's inexpensive, not cheap. I can afford it since I got it at Walmart. And, I'd supported my opinion, so if anything, at least it's not baseless. If you're cool being a snob, so be it. Just stop trying to masquerade your quest as being something it's not.
  17. My class was taught by an octogenarian who was too vain to wear a badly needed hearing aid. Concurrently, I'd just discovered that pot mixed really well with booze and that the experience was heightened while the sun was still out. Needless to say, on the days I actually showed up to class, proper communication wasn't the norm.
  18. I didn't see this post till just now: A sex shop? In the age of the internet? Not likely to happen, but ok, I'll bite. There used to be a Zone D'Erotica near my current home, but that blasted internet drove it away years before I moved here. Now it's an Autozone, or maybe it's the Krystal next door. Either way, I don't care in the least. There's a headshop probably no more than a mile from my doorstep, but I really couldn't care less about that either. What really annoys me is having to drive through a 20 mph school zone (on a four lane road no less) in order to avoid the traffic hell that is 1960. When I'd initially located that shortcut to I-45, school wasn't in session. I MOVED HERE EXPECTING I'D NEVER HAVE TO DRIVE THROUGH A SCHOOL ZONE!!!!!! Bjtch, bjtch, moan, moan, whine, whine, etc.
  19. I remember they taught this is in high school economics class. If you charge premium prices for your widget, people will automatically assume price equals value. Target figured out the perfect formula. Slap a coat of chrome on everything, raise the prices roughly ten to twenty percent over the competition, and automatically everyone assumes the quality improves as well. And in the case of Target, hiring practices, femaile promotional opportunities, geographic manufacturing requirements and vendor relationships improve. It's amazing what a little chrome can do.
  20. Yeah, I dislike snobs. I admit it. I won't go out of my way to placate someone without a real grievance. The snobs in the Heights are useless idiots. Edit: And, typical of Heights snobbery, you neg a post where I advise your ilk to do something to help the world rather than disguise your Walmart hate as something noble. Go figure. You're a stereotype now.
  21. Is that the rubicon, whether or not you walk your own children and pets? Is that what divides snobbery from community activism? I just don't get it, with all that's wrong in the world, with all the places your non-snobbist energies could be put to use for good, you've chosen to latch onto this stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid issue to waste your time and energies on. Go volunteer at a hospice. Go build a house for someone less fortunate than you. Spend six months in the Congo helping people readjust back to normal life after decades of civil war. Rebuild a church in Chiapas. Dig a well in the Gobi. Go do something, anything, that actually benefits mankind. And please stop, stop for the love of all that's good and righteous in this world, please stop claiming that what you're against with this Walmart has some noble purpose. It's not noble, and you're not noble for pushing the agenda. It's snobbery, it's bigotry and it's vile. All these putrid moral and ethical justifications for opposing this construction make me sick. It's pathetic. You aren't helping anyone with this cause, and the very people who need help in this world are being hurt by it. Your insipid cause helps nothing but your own self-aggrandizement in your standing among your neighbors. You have no moral purpose, and you'll be first in line when the red, white and blues doors on Yale open for the first time. You're a hypocrite, and a hypocrite of the worst kind. You've rallied around a cause that you can't possibly actually feel a great conviction about unless you're a soulless snob, and it helps no one but yourself, which again, makes you a snob.
  22. Montrose is walkable. It was initially set up that way. You'd think if a typically suburban developer was to want to build a big box store there, everyone would be up in arms. But, it seems that with the HEB, built in the Montrose equivalent of 11th and Heights, blocks from the Menil and directly across the street from a competitor, people are more concerned about riding elevators with the AWP gentrification crowd. Then again, Montrose isn't as well know for its snobs as is the Heights. The Heights is full of people from the Woodlands who got tired of the long commute into town. There is little difference these days. It's just a bunch of snobbery snobnose snobs.
  23. Taste in music is possibly the single most subjective (and contentious) thing in which to have an opinion about. I won't argue the merits of the music, but I will say I frequently tuned in and would be aurally raped by the sound of fingernails on chalkboards or a continueous cacophonous sound looped without deviation or additional noises for five to ten minutes. When they played music, I typically enjoyed it, but when they used the station as a laboratory, I often changed the channel. Now, I'm hearing none of the stuff that turned me off, and I'm hearing much more of what I think they do right.
  24. This petty argument again? Do you need me to repeat myself? Prior to moving to the 'burbs just a few short months ago, I'd lived in Montrose and Greenway for a few years, and back then I sure would have liked a Walmart nearby as it was a pain in the ass and expensive to live, and I'm still concerned with what happens in the area. Regardless, I don't see how that applies to anything having to do with my input or opinion about this store. Yours is just more Heights conceit, thinking this store is all about you. It's selfish. It's petty. It's a weak argument, and it demonstrates your overinflated sense of self-importance. As a resident of the petro metro, regardless of where I live in it - past or present, I've got a vested interest in ALL things that happen here. Your myopia may not allow you to see beyond the ambiguous borders of your neighborhood, but I've got 20/20 vision, you snob.
  25. I don't see where this has happened. I think most people would like an increase in bike paths in the city core. There's an entire thread on it somewhere. Also, if this really is a concern of yours, perhaps you may find it more fruitful to communicate these concerns with the developer in order to gain some concessions rather than outright argue against the development and get nothing. Don't be an obstructionist. Learn to compromise.
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