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  1. I live near Zelko's and have had similar issues with AT&T's reception in the area. After about two weeks of calling every other day I finally got AT&T to give me a 3G MicroCell (http://www.att.com/shop/wireless/devices/3gmicrocell.jsp?fbid=NlF9IMxDwrx). My workaround was I paid for the MicroCell in the store ($150ish) but I had them credit my cell phone account including taxes. It took awhile to get them to comply and I even had to threaten to get lawyers involved since they were not honoring their part of the contract, i.e., I pay in good faith to receive services and they, in equally good faith, provide said services. While the MicroCell comes with its own bag 'o issues, it has been a nice solution and I am not cursing under my breath at AT&T every day... now it's only about once a week!
  2. Thanks a lot. I appreciate the feedback. Been following this community forum for awhile - good stuff. Cheers.
  3. Just purchased a bungalow that requires replacing some of the wood siding because of rot. Does anyone know where I can purchase wood siding commonly found on bungalows throughout the Heights? Love the forum. Cheers, PJ
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