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  1. details courtesy of AllAccess: http://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/92845/cox-houston-changes-in-the-works
  2. One flips from Spanish to English (57), so two flip to Spanish. (51, and now 55) http://news.morningstar.com/all/ViewNews.aspx?article=/GNW/221237_univ.xml
  3. Irontiger is correct. There are no visible rails on North Main. The rails are under the pavement, at least from what my father told me many years ago. There are two long "cracks" in the asphalt at that intersection. They are in the center of the road as you are coming north on Studewood and head towards North Main. This is the same direction as the railcar ran, which led me to believe my father was correct in his statement that the rails were simply paved over as opposed to removal. A few years ago, I was disappointed when Studewood was reconstructed as I was hoping that there would be an ext
  4. The Kroger at West 20th in The Heights was originally a Weingarten's (the whole strip including the Walgreen's portion) then contracted to just the footprint as it is now. After Weingarten's got out of the grocery biz in '84 it was changed to a Safeway. That lasted until AppleTree and then as it is now as Kroger's. Kroger on West 43rd started off the same way, as a Weingarten's, then Safeway, then AppleTree, then Kroger, now a parking lot with the big Kroger next door to the original store. The furniture store at West Lil' York and the Northwest Fwy was indeed a Safeway originally. It became a
  5. The old SP line that basically paralleled Southwest Fwy was called the "Kenedy Line". Here is a couple of pics of the old Kenedy courtesy of abandonedrails.com. http://www.abandoned...es/ngxf0o1o.jpg http://www.abandonedrails.com/resources/pictures/nqs4djq2.jpg http://www.abandonedrails.com/resources/pictures/7wubkdlg.jpg I remember when it used to cross west of the diamond behind what now is Fox 26. I'm not sure what was back there near Greenbriar/Shepherd that the line still serviced but the tracks were still in use up to Shepherd until the late 80's and Ringling Bros. used the small section
  6. Yes there was. In the same strip as Hungry Farmer. I don't recall Shakey's though. That Alfie's location lasted up until the early 90's.
  7. Is there enough time to list all of them? I'll keep it to the top 10 in my daily travels. These would be in the north side, since I rarely travel down to the south side of Houston. 10. Gulf Bank @ Hardy Rd. Gulf Bank goes over Hardy Toll Rd. yet there is a light to stop Hardy traffic going southbound for a one lane right turn for the one car every 3 hours that doesn't cross the bridge on Gulf Bank. The other side has the poles for the lights from when the toll road was built, but never had lights placed on them. Shows how pointless these signals were from the start. 9. Yale at I-10. That one h
  8. I believe Foley's was the "Red Apple Sale" wasn't it? IIRC, Penney's was the brand featuring the "White Sale". Too many years...too few brain cells remain, I may be wrong.
  9. As most of you know, Greenspoint Mall has had plans for a few years now to re-work the mall and try to reattract people to the area. Sears announced it was closing its Greenspoint location in March, and is on its last legs as I write this. I passed Greenspoint Mall today heading to work and was surprised to see the former JC Penney's store is now demolished. I spoke with our police officer/security this morning, who is stationed at the GP substation and he indicated that the Sears store and auto center are the next one's to be demo'ed, followed by the Montgomery Ward's old store (which is curr
  10. I work in the Greenspoint area as some of you know, and have been watching the demise of GP for quite a few years now. I too remember when Greenspoint mall was the measuring stick compared to all others. Someone made the reference to Greenspoint being more like NW Mall than Sharpstown. This was true when GP first opened in 76. The first two anchors in GP were Sears and Foley's, much like NW Mall was JC Penney's and Foley's. That didn't last very long at all as it was just a couple of years later that Joske's was added to GP then Montgomery Wards, Penney's, and Lord & Taylor's. GP far surpa
  11. Best of luck to you in finding additional information on the Katy line. It holds a special place in my heart, and I'm sure others that grew up watching that train chugging along through the Heights. It's getting harder and harder to see where the MKT's ROW was with every year that passes.
  12. The Hempstead Hwy spur past Dacoma was abandoned in the 80's. Late 80's as I recall. The track remained connected to the main line until the mid 90's, but sat unused. I'm not sure exactly when the disconnected it from the main line, but it was around 1997. This is also about the time that the 11th street Katy spur was disconnected from the mainline of the Katy. Let me tell you, those wig-wags were really cool to me as a boy, especially at night. Even now in my older years, I wish I had one of them for my very own. Another relic that is slowly fading away. You are right about the closeness of t
  13. Better yet, here are several pics of the wig-wag at National St. at Washington Avenue. This is the exact type of wig-wag used all along the SP route, and the various Katy crossings. http://www.trainweb.org/dansrailpix/houston9.jpg http://www.trainweb.org/dansrailpix/houston7.jpg http://www.trainweb.org/dansrailpix/houston4.jpg http://www.trainweb.org/dansrailpix/houston3.jpg
  14. Iron Tiger: the following link illustrates the type of wig-wags that were used. Pics 1&2 are the same type, pic 5 down on the BNSF (the one in Vista, Ca.) is an exact model of the one I am thinking of that was on Witte. This type of wig-wag was also on several crossings along the SP line just south parralleling Washington. I believe the last wig-wag in Houston was located on National St. behind the metal recylcers. It was replaced sometime in the late 90's. http://www.trainweb.org/dansrailpix/WIG_WAG_photos1.htm
  15. Yep, that's the one. It had two warning lights at one time, but a few years after SP abandoned the spur someone ran into it and knocked it over. It sat on the ground in pieces for another year before someone finally came along and discarded it. The spur was dedicated to the line of warehouses just east of Hempstead Hwy, and you may be right about the brewery. I can not attest to that. Nice pic of the wig-wags. Those kind were never in Houston to the best of my knowledge. The wig wags we had here were standard cross hatches with a simple round one bulb lit wig wag swinging from beneath. No ty
  16. At least they had gates. A lot of the crossings on the Katy had nothing but the cross hatches. Others had warning lights, but no gate. Coming from Downtown, Houston Ave. was warning lights only, Taylor was lights only, every street between the two had hatches. White Oak was originally lights only, but switched to gates sometime in the early 90's after UP took over. Heights was gated, but Cortlandt, Harvard, Arlington, Columbia, and Oxford were all hatches. Yale was gated, Shepherd was gated, Kansas was lights only. 610 feeder was gated, Post Oak was too. I think all the main streets crossing 1
  17. Yep, this is true. Happened to the long bridge over White Oak Bayou on more than one occassion. Never seen the overpass of Studewood subject to any firebug, but the White Oak Bayou bridge was set on fire twice that I can recollect. Back in the 70's, a boy was trying to beat the train across Heights Blvd. and 7th street. He tripped over the grade and fell straight across the tracks. Amputated both of his legs. This, and the head on collision in '89 were the two biggest tragedies that I can remember from the Katy line. Worst train wreck involving a vehicle was in the 80's at Bingle Road and I-10
  18. The bridges in the Heights are still there. The ones that paralleled I-10, to the best of my knowledge are gone. There was a long tressel over BW8 at Town & Country (concrete) which was removed, and one just past Bingle (it was a wooden one) that is also gone. The bridges over the bayou, Studewood and under I-45 are all still the original wooden bridges used my the MKT, just updated to accomodate the hike trail.
  19. This video is crossing Waverly at 7th.
  20. Boy how I remember that MKT line running through the Heights. One of the slowest trains I have ever witnessed. They ran through the Heights at about 5mph, or at least it seemed. The Hike and Bike Trail that runs through there now is exactly the ROW for the old line from N. Shepherd to Houston Avenue. It ran parrallel with 7th until it curved at Cortlandt, at which point it ran straight ahead past White Oak and then on across the Studewood bridge. In 1989 I was there when 2 trains collided head on to each other at that very spot. I was at an old school friend's house visiting when we heard the
  21. wordgirl: My in-laws recently sold their home in Quail Valley, located in Missouri City, off of Cartwright Rd. and Murphy Rd. It is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage attached. This 2-story home was sold for $107,500. I thought that was rather cheap for the area, considering that when I first met the Mrs. Her parents lived in a well kept neighborhood in the late 70s/early 80s. The neighborhood, as well as most of Mo. City seemed to drop off into oblivion during the 90's. This very same neighborhood has went literally to hell. Their house, IMO, should have gone for well over 200k, but because of
  22. Ah yes, Cal Worthington Chevrolet. He used to be the king of the bad commercial songs, right up there with that horrible Thunderbolt Engine commercial that they have been using for the past 30 years. That's no joke. 30 years, same commercial. If you don't believe it, really watch it sometime. You can still see the big Sears across Harrisburg from it, and that Sears has been gone for somewhere near a quarter of a century. I can still here it now, (and sorry if you get this stuck in your head because of me) "If you want a car or truck, go see Cal. If you want to change your luck, go see Cal. If
  23. Sunday, I went driving across Calvalcade going towards 59 and came to Irvington. I decided that since there was ample time, I'd drive by the old Matranga's Italian Restaurant to see what the old building looks like these days. (Mr. Matranga and my father went back a good ways) The problem was that I couldn't find the building. It was on the east side of Irvington, south of Calvalcade about 1/4 mile away from the Burger King. Either the building has been changed dramatically or it has been demo'ed. Nothing seemed to look familiar along that block, with the exception of the BK. Still standing st
  24. Hwy 6 is right on the money. This was a Kroger's, and one that I was surprised lasted as long as it did. I half heartedly expected the Fairbanks Krogers to close once they bought the Weingarten's/Safeway/AppleTree building on Lil' York @ 290. Ended up that the Fairbanks Kroger outlasted the newly acquired Lil' York store by a couple of years. Speaking of the Red Lobster in that plaza, to quote the comic guy on The Simpson's, it was "the worst restaurant ever". Horrible service, subpar presentation of the food. Red Lobster at 18th and Dacoma was so much better in its heyday.
  25. sad to see this one go.... http://www.galvnews.com/story.lasso?ewcd=4e313341cbf9d47c
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