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  1. I can mow grass, but cutting a tree may be beyond me. =) We do intend to clear the lot shortly, but we just need a two or three more weeks to get the paperwork with our architect together. Not knowing what the date on the notice doesn't give us any clue whether we have two or three more weeks. Hence my question about extending/appealing. Thanks to everyone who've replied though.
  2. My husband and I just closed on a lot this week. But we saw a violation notice on the lot after that, which had been put up 2 weeks before closing. It was for overgrown weeds/rubbish/debris. Called the inspector and she says that a notice would have gone out to the previous owners to correct the problem within 30 days. Previous owners are uncontactable. If problem is not corrected, the City will do it and put a lien on the title (now ours) for the costs, plus a fine. I understand that the notice is tied to the property, not ownership. Our fault for not driving by before closing. But, is there a way to appeal the notice or request an extension since we have not seen the notice? We are expecting to break ground on a new construction next month anyway. Could not find any information on the HPD website about this. Thank you in advance for any thoughts.
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