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  1. I don't remember a Canada Dry bldg. in the 1960's. Does anyone else?

    I remember a Canada Dry bottling plant on the south side of a newly completed portion of the Gulf Freeway in the late 1940's. It was just to the west of a newly built, or about to be built, Schlumberger plant. Houston's first Little League ballpark was built in back of the Canada Dry facility about 1948-1949. I don't know if anything was left of it as late as the '60's.

  2. There used to be a couple of trees right in the middle of Sunset Blvd just before it intersected with Main Street.

    Heights... What were doing in that part of town? That was just a few blocks from where I lived. Sorry to hear they're gone. I went around those trees many times. They did have several scars on them about bumper high.

  3. Would anybody by chance have any information about a Sunset Theater on McGowen? This would have been from sometime in the 40's. A picture would be great.

    I am not refering to the Sunset drive in, which seems to be the only result I can get for "Sunset theater".



    I went there many Saturdays, as a youngster in the early 40's, to see cowboy movies. Did take a date there in the early 50's. It was at McGowen and Chenevert. Built around 1940, if I remember correctly, by Albert Farb, father of Houston apartment developer, Harold Farb.

  4. The Coliseum & Music Hall must have been new in these days? The exact dates were mentioned somewhere in Haif. I know Mom said she saw Sinatra twice at Coliseum. Other music notables were at places like the local big dance halls, The Aragon etc. Popular names like famous drummer Gene Krupa and Trumpeter Harry James played at Coliseum and or Rice Hotel. The Shamrock also attracted famous bands and film/radio stars of course. Just think there are people out there somewhere that have interior photos or filming of these events! but where are they? Most of this generation is slowly vanishing.

    A couple of labels from my old 78 collection. Click on thumbnails.



  5. I recall it snowing 2 or 3 years earlier as well. It was about 4 inches but melted quickly. And somewhere I have some real neat pix of the show in 1949, That was a pretty big one.

    Here's a picture of my house in the snow of 1949. The picture had 1947 written on the back, but I guess that was wrong because I can't find a record of any significant snowfall for that year in Houston.


  6. I loved the first Thunderbirds and Corvettes, but couldn't afford one when they first came out in the mid 50's. They were selling for around $3000+. When I was diagnosed with a high grade prostate cancer in 1999, I was given about a 50-50 chance of surviving 2-3 years. I had my surgery, and, as soon as I was well enough, I set out to get something that I had always wanted. I guess you could say it was at the top of my "Bucket List". I went all over Texas looking at old Corvettes and T'birds. I finally found a fully restored 1957 black Thunderbird that I fell in love with, and I bought it. Needless to say, the price tag was quite a bit more than on the original sales paperwork that the owner still had. What fun I had driving it and having people wave and give me a "thumbs up" as I went by. I made many friends because of that car. It was a tremendous conversation piece. Fast forward to 2004... I am cancer-free, but having more trouble getting under, on, and in the car to maintain it, and a car like that needs lots of TLC. I decided to let it go, and I thought I would honor her by using 57Tbird as my HAIF name.

  7. I'm resurrecting an old topic here, but I think it's the best place to bring this up. For those who might be interested in the history of the Shamrock Hotel and the man behind it, there is a very good article in the October issue of Vanity Fair on the life on Glenn McCarthy. It outlines his rise and fall in the oil business and his association with the other Texas and Houston big money boys of the 20's - 50's... Jesse Jones, H.R. Cullen, Sid Richardson, H.L. Hunt, Howard Hughes, etc.

    A very interesting insight into the life of a famous figure in Houston history. It's quite long but worth the read.

  8. Was digging around in the old photos I found in a shoebox tonight. Many of my friends know I lost my father in March 2007, well my dad was a life long peace officer and life long pack rat. I found some old pictures, that I think are from Houston in the 50's Here's one of my father standing beside his State Cruiser, prior to his appointment to the Rangers in 1954, in what I think is Houston. Maybe maybe not. Anyone remember that cafe? Probably going to have to dig up T-Bird or H2B on this one. Maybe Sparky. My brain just can't pull it out of the fog.

    Rest in Peace Pop, we miss you.

    Sorry, Mark. Can't help on this location. The "Recreation Hall" next to the Cafe/Cafeteria was a PC term for Pool Hall.

  9. T-BIRD !!! What's happening Big Daddy ??? Haven't seen you around in a month of Sundays.

    Hey, TJ! I've been lurking around and jump in every once in awhile. You're a classic car expert. Is that a '55 Chevy Bel Air in front of that U-tot-em?

    NenaE... Sundries are a little bit of everything... too many things to mention. Don't see that word much anymore. I guess "miscellaneous items" would be used today. Sundries, or sundry items, was a common staple of the old drugstores.

  10. This one is from the north east corner. I'm pretty sure the colorized pic is from Main St. on the NW corner with the parking lot extending to the left toward Fannin. Notice the parking lot light poles.

    That's the color shot I made reference to. I guess you were talking about the postcard picture of Sears. That is the NW corner. Sorry about the confusion.

  11. Notice that the B&W and Colorized shots are taken from different angles/corners. The B&W appears to be the southwest side and the color, the northwest side. Therefore, the balcony would have been a wrap around. Cool.

    You're correct about the B&W photo taken of the SW corner, but I think the color shot is of the NE corner, since there was a parking area on the north side of the building between the main store and the auto repair center that was once there. That would be Fannin on the left of the store in the color picture. Locations are assuming that Main and Fannin run North-South.

  12. FYI, the Southwest Frwy was not constructed until 1969, (p. 83, AIA Guide, S. Fox, again), later than I thought. Took out the Courtlandt Place entrance gates, piers, walls on the East side. They were later rebuilt. Believe that is where that spur is that feeds into Downtown, to the left of Sears.

    Some info on the SW Fwy history that I found...

    September 27, 1957

    Frank Sharp's proposal for the routing of the freeway is adopted. Routing inside Loop 610 had probably been previously adopted.

    November 1958

    A Houston Chronicle Article dated 3-April-1959 reports that construction began in November 1958.

    July 26, 1961

    Dedication ceremony for the 10-lane freeway from the downtown split to Shepherd. The ceremony is held on the elevated freeway above Montrose.

    August 1, 1962

    Dedication ceremony for the freeway to Sharpstown Mall (Bellaire Blvd.). The ceremony is held on US 59 underneath IH-610.


    The four-level stack at IH-610 is completed. This was Houston's first four-level stack.


    Freeway completed between downtown Houston and southwest Houston. Inside I-610, freeway has 8 main lanes and 6 feeder lanes.

    Approx 1974

    Freeway completed to Sugar Land.

    Approx 1975

    Final elevated segment completed through downtown.

    Approx 1976

    4 lanes freeway completed from Sugar Land southwest to Richmond/Rosenberg

  13. Wasn't there also a place called "Ye Olde College Inn" out there somewhere on the south side? Or am I just suffering from intercranial flatulence?

    Ernie Coker's Ye Olde College Inn was just north of Bill Williams' and across S. Main from the Rice campus.

  14. I remember going to a baseball game the first year it opened, it was a thrill, nothing like it in its day......but here's a bit of trivia few people will remember, I believe it was 1966 and I watched SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) sports car road racing on the roads/parking lots surrounding the Astrodome. It was done only once.

    I had forgotten about that. I was there. After being a frequent visitor to the races at Playland and Meyer, I remember how tame it was and how careful the drivers were in avoiding any collisions in their sports cars.

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