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  1. Christie's came way before Valian's, at least it seemed that way to me. When I was a kid in the mid-40's, my folks would take me to Christie's after church on Sunday. I always got a dozen jumbo fried shrimp for $.75. Valian's came into being sometime in the early to mid-50's, I believe. I used to go there often while at Rice in that time-frame. I remember eating my first pizza there. It came with the aforementioned anchovies, and this was my first endeavor with that delicacy. Needless to say, I was not impressed with this new dish, known as pizza. In my later years, I have come to like them on my pizza, as well as taking a like to many other foods I did not care for in my youth.
  2. Not quite that much in that era. See my post on an older thread.
  3. Here's a recent photo at Wikipedia
  4. Compare the left side of this picture of Hermann with the part of the building shown in the Life photo. The Lovett Hall structure is not like that in the Life photo. Lovett would be further to the right and out of the Life picture.
  5. I think that is the top of the Chronicle Building. Here is an old picture of the downtown Woolworth store that shows Penney's in the background.
  6. I think you are correct about the building in the photo being the original Hermann Hospital. At first, I thought it was Lovett Hall, but, looking closer, the architecture doesn't match. Bellaire was not the southern border of the Rice campus. The southern border was where University Blvd is now located. In this 1921 photo, you can see in the upper right corner what was referred to as the "Toonerville Trolley", a one-car shuttle that connected with the streetcar line at Eagle Street. The large white structure in the center is the Autry House across Main St. from the Rice campus.
  7. My mother saved everything. While going through some old boxes awhile back, I came across this hospital bill from when my sister was born in 1927. Names have been deleted to protect the innocent. I thought it interesting in light of all the present discussion about healthcare costs today. When my kids were born in the early 60's, I remember the hospital bills from St. Lukes were $400-$500 and that was for a 4-5 day stay. I would be curious to know what the hospital costs for newborns have been since then, if anyone is willing to share that info.
  8. Here is a drawing of the Rice campus in 1922 that shows the rr...
  9. That car on the far left, in picture #2, sure looks like a '62 Chevy. TJones... help!
  10. I've tried cropping, lightening, and blowing up that part without too much distortion to try and see the tracks a little better. I see the horizontal part and I think I see some of the approaching tracks. I may be influenced somewhat by the map.
  11. Here's a 1921 photo that I posted in another topic earlier this year. It shows the power plant at the far right, but I can't make out any railroad tracks.
  12. You may be able to find what you're looking for in the Handbook of Texas. There is a wealth of info here about historical Texas. When you get in, just do a search on what you're interested in finding.
  13. Don't have an address, but it was at Hutchins and McGowen.
  14. Here is a 1939 railroad map of SW Houston that shows the track you refer to.
  15. The End o' Main was near the northwest corner of where 610 crosses Main. I think Sonny Look's was eventually at the same location.
  16. I didn't remember that building, so I contacted an old classmate of mine from the mid-50's, who was a physics major, and asked him. His reply... "I'm not sure. There was a small Van de Graaff accelerator in that vicinity that was used by Prof. Jack Risser and a few students when I was a grad student, but I think that it was located in the long building to the right of your mystery building. Somewhat later, Prof. Charlie Squire got a cryogenic system on a truck-trailer from the Air Force for condensing liquid nitrogen or oxygen from air (while burning lots of diesel fuel and making lots of noise), and it was put in about that location you show, but that was later, about 1958. At a guess, the building might have been a shack housing the predecessor system for producing cryogenic liquids. Another possibility: you will also recall the the Physics Building used to also house the Biology Department, and that they moved out to thir own building in about 1957. The mystery building could have been theirs, perhaps for housing small animals without having the smell permeate the main building."
  17. Possibly. I'm sure that's the date that was on my source. I believe that photo came from one of my old Rice publications. I'll check and get back, if I can find it.
  18. Here's an old one from 1921. About all that was there at the time was Lovett Hall, physics building, mechanical building with the campanile tower, and a dorm. Here's one from 1953, the year I started there.
  19. I have an aerial shot of the Med Center-Rice U. area taken in 1958 that I have cropped to show the old fire station area. I must have traveled by that place hundreds of times on my way to work in that time-frame, and I don't recall it. I know that Braeswood stopped at Main, so it does not appear in the photo. I think that part of Fannin was called Old Main or Knight Road back then.
  20. Heights..., There's a good write-up on that area in the March issue of National Geographic Traveler mag. Places to see. Things to do. Where to eat.
  21. My kids went to E. A. Jones Elementary in the Ft Bend ISD in the late 60's- early 70's. Kids from both Stafford and Missouri City went there. The only other elementary schools that I remember in the FBISD at that time were in Sugar Land and Quail Valley. I think Quail Valley Elementary came about in the early 70's. Here is some info and history on the schools in that area that may help. Does not mention a Jefferson Elemenary though. Do you know where, in Stafford, it was located? This thread probably ought to be in the Sugar Land and the Southwest forum of the Houston Metro subject.
  22. 4PROP... Second opinion here. If the HL&P facility you refer to was the one near the intersection of South Main and Hiram Clarke, I think the structure in the upper right is too far away to be it. The HL&P plant would be just above and a little bit to the right of the South Main Drive-In screen you pointed out. I don't think it's visible in that photo, but your eyes are far better than mine.
  23. Nice map, but... The South Main and McClendon Drive-In's are in the right locations but each is on the wrong side of South Main, and the Sharpstown was on the north side of Bellaire.
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